I only have one purpose with this site on the Hollywood Illuminati and that purpose is to disarm the sociopath and criminally insane Nazi cults that controls Hollywood and the audio,print and visual media.
I am from a small rural town in La. State (Buras located in Plaquemines Parish) and after Hurricane Katrina aka US Army Corp man made flood disaster, I discovered blogging    as a way to communicate the real issues and reality because there was a concentrated effort by the corporate owned main stream dying media to portray things in a false light, which gave way to unrest and totally destroyed the image of New Orleans, for so many people, who watched the news and read the NY Times about what was supposedly happening on the ground during the Army Corp Man Made Disaster aka Katrina.
Before blogging I was a freelance journalist, who could usual get any article that I sent to any La. Paper published but after Katrina, in an effort to put all media under a few evil doers, the press became that of Nazi Germany, where facts no longer mattered and shocking horrors of injustice and racism were routinely ignored. I am here to undo their wrongs and solve the problems that these idiots have helped to create.
Louisiana and even America has always been used as a testing ground for nuclear weapons, vaccines, theft of private property and prison enslavement by the off shore corporations, CIA, US Gov and Illuminati.
Ever since Katrina, I have seen everything from Halliburtion Corp. moving in illegal aliens, to Time Warner CNN and Hollywood promoting Klansmen into state office to even child sex slaves, as young as 13 years old being held captive by officials in my rural home parish-and even with Obama’s Fast & Furious gun running and arming of Mexican Cartels-this stufff mostly remains a secret because of a coordinated effort between the media, bankers, corporations and Hollywood.
I have lived and worked in Hollywood for over a decade and needless to say, I know these people and understand how these people or Illuminati operate and my job is to disarm these sick bastards before they completely corrupt every child and enslave every American.  I’m a reformed Illuminati. I am here to expose and I am here to fight THE NEW WORLD ORDER OF NAZIS.
Nicolas Duplessis

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  1. Joe Nrmal said:

    You’re an ass and psychotic to boot.

    • M.I.A. was born in Hounslow, London to Arul Pragasam, an engineer, writer and activist, and his wife, Kala, a seamstress, her parents are Hindu and of Sri Lankan Tamil descent. The couple had two daughters in the UK in the 1970s, Mathangi (“Maya”) and Kali, both named after two of the Mahavidyas, the ten Tantric goddess deities in Hinduism.
      Before You believe the lies on this website do some research!
      Mia is not of islamic descent. Want a great wedsite to follow, Try Vigilant Citizen, he is respectful to all religions, is brilliant in research and facts and truth. Do Your research Idoit!

    • akismet-cf9fb0dbd47b8df49809e0aa0ce162ed said:


      WE ARE AGAINST: Black Demonic Rain (an evil satanical spiritual force), Abductions, Rapes, Larcenies, Murder, and Arrests Made On Innocent Artists! These crimes have been repeatedly sequenced 3X (1983/1985/1991-2012). We are asking all of our FRIENDS to REGISTER for the ACTIVIST CENTER, and to sign our PETITION.

      @ http://WWW.THECAUSES.ORG


    • To ALL: We have all heard the phrase “Don’t believe everything you read, hear etc” But I am telling you that there is some truth to this site. Hollywood is being used as smoke & mirrors so we won’t watch the government. They are poisoning us, censoring us keeping us in the dark about a lot of stuff. DO YOUR RESEARCH! Watch thrivemovement.com, this video was done by a family member from the Proctor & Gamble family. He was bred & schooled for politics, but renounced his wealth etc for science. This video covers everything from scientific/mathematical equations that explain the way energy flows through the universe, world & us, to why we are in the economic mess we are in & how we can attempt to stop “ONE WORLD ORDER”. Believe me it will NOT be a ONE BIG HAPPY WORLD! Anotherthin, thrivemovement also talks about Illuminati, but they actually give NAMES! “OLD MONEY” families who run the world pretty much already.
      I can also tell you that I have had a weird experience, mentioned at thrivemovement. Not long ago I was on the phone to a friend on a cell phone. We were talking about the govt & the “Old Money” families, when all of the sudden it sounded like someone picked up the phone (not at my house) you know that hollow sound? Then there was all this dialing & speed dialing sounds that wouldn’t stop. I know we had said something that had triggered a computer to search us out, especially the cell phone. This stuff is true!!!! Go watch thrivemovement,t make your own “EDUCATED OPINION”. I can tell you it will not be long until the internet will be sensored too.
      The U.S. is the ONLY country holding up “One World” because we still have too many free thinkers. I would be interested to know how many people know anything about the “Federal Reserve Bank”. Take a vote, is it owned by the govt or by an Illuminati family? Is there actual $$ there or do they push numbers on a computer? I hope you all know that we all are one button push away from having NO MONEY IN OUR BANK ACCOUNTS! This is something you can believe as you read! Again, do your research!!!

    • Roger Flannery said:

      If you’re a journalist I would love to know where you were educated. your grammar is poor, your spelling terrible and your grasp of historic facts inconsistent and inaccurate.

      My humble opinion

  2. Dear Hollywoodilluminati,
    Speaking of which, I saw it playing, it was like alternative hitlist number 4 or somthing on MTV, It starts out with this guy looking at these illuminati pictures, Then he looks out his window, and theirs a bright light, then he pulls out this tape recorder or somthing and starts like singing, Sounds devilish, Then he drowns himself in the bathtub, and in the end hes like flying up in the air and he dropped the tape recorder, and theres like 2 shining lights, thanks heellp
    Good Job!

  3. in dan browns novels and movies, the priory of zion are a secret bloodline of jesus christ. i just want 2 know why they have there zion name hidden in the london 2012 olympics logo. and is this the rise of the zionists taking on the illuminati?

  4. “They say you fight the greatest Jihad in your heart and your mind. So I dream the impossible all the time. Fuck a Masonic design. America’s future is mine. Repeat that to yourself because there cultures a crime. And the numbers tatted on your arm aren’t to far behind.”

    I.T. Quote

  5. Dude, you are way off on the illuminati smokescreen..haha..plus you advocate alex jones..another hahahaha… Alex Jones is controlled opposition so obvious.. All he does is fear monger, and asks people to vote for ron paul after telling people the elections are rigged for years, that makes no sense. It is the Freemasons that have been around way before the illuminati you try to push, they created it all the jews, jseuits, and every other smokescreen put forth. Its all about Military contolled/run Media Fakery. 9-11 being all faked footage every single video clip pro or socalled amateur is FAKE!!!! LIFE/America is and has always been a scam..everyting is a lie


    • jillian_burke@yahoo.com said:

      Well..given america is asleep, aj is trying to wakeup the masses, even if the elections are rigged..it will be more transparent as time goes on..

  6. Your coverage of Madona and the Devil, are inaccurate! The Horned God was NEVER the “devil”. That is a Christian mix up! Please confirm facts before posting.

  7. I admire what you are doing. The world needs more of you & the truth. I pray that God steers your path.

    • You are all Ignorant, incompetent followers that believe in the fairy tales taught to you by the church.. Wake up ! Stop living in fear and live a life Free of the BS your believing

      • creoleguy32 said:

        While I tend to agree with you, the point that I am trying to make is that you are only thinking of religion as in Jesus, but the entire point is that many of the people in the World Government and in Hollywood view Lucifer as their lord and this Lucifer Religion is just as real and just as important to them, as Jesus is to a Protestant or a Catholic.
        Satanism is their religion. Ya know, there is such thing as religion that doesnt involve being jewish, Islamic or Christian.

  8. This is the best comedy page I have seen in ages!!! You are HI- LARIOS – I am such a fan! I laugh till I cry and choke ! How do you come up with this stuff?? You are truly a comedic genius. To be able to be so funny by “interpretating” Madonna’s pany hose and Hillary as a Blood Lesbian…I mean…to be that warped to make those kind of jokes is genius.
    You are the King of Clowns! The funniest guy I have read, maybe ever.
    Can you turn these into actual Comedy videos? The whole world can laugh then!
    And the whole Satan stuff….right out of 1980’s histeria. I am laughing so hard I can hardly type. You should do a “bit” on childcare as Satanic Recruitment !! Maybe a piece with a guy playing Satan in a costume so we can get a good visual. You could become a famous celebrity comedian and a world wide phenomenon of crazy, twisted, obviously insane humor …. Like Bobcat Goldthwaite or Gilbert Godfrey cause your act is as obviously insane as theose asts are.
    Anyway, More Satan too you and keep those “Loooosiana redneck in L.A.” comedy bits coming!…. oooo…you should wear a costume like Larry the Cable Guy to show off your stupidity in your act and post one on this page so everyone will see how funny it is to hear this hilarious shit from the most brainless of paranoid rednecks!

    • creoleguy32 said:

      They got plans for you. Sick and twisted plans.

    • creoleguy32 said:

      2012, all things will be revealed. Great evils. They got plans. Big plans. You will shake and even cease to live from the sheer horror that they will bring unto this world. Wake up! Eat from the Tree of Knowledge that I am giving you.

      • Isn’t eating from the tree of knowledge (good/evil) what got us into the mess in the 1st place? Humans trying to know as much as God(which is impossible because there is nothing God doesnt know while we dont know EVERYTHING). So please dont imply you are the tree of knowledge. You just know a lot from your first hand experience and are one of the few who know what tptb have planned for us. God is in control. It is written.
        A one world government (where the USA and Vatican will join together)is Biblically prophetic so again its nothing that hasnt already been written. Now this is a good place to get the gritty details out of Hollywood. The more I read the more I boycott that babylonian hollywood.

      • creoleguy32 said:

        I never said that I was from any Tree of Knowledge nor did I say that The Vatican and the US were joining togther. It is quite the opposite, what the Illuminati has been trying do for the past ten years,was get rid of the Vatican.

        Another thing, if we are speaking of Adam and Eve, there wasnt any apple tree in Eden, but what Eve ate and gave to Adam was a grape from a vine. This is yet another story that got lost in translation when the Kings and scribes re-wrote the Jewish Torah for the Roman Kings.

        There is also something in Kabbalah called The Tree of Knowledge, so until I know more about which translation or genre you are speaking, I am afarid that I can not really answer or debate, what ever the hell it is you are so vexed about

      • creoleguy32 said:

        Oh I see where you are coming from.You get the jist of the NWO. Its just like the Tower of Babel when man tried to build a tower to reach heaven and even sit above Gov.
        This tower was knocked down and the people were scattered about the Earth with different tongues.
        You are exactly right, we have some people (Illuminati) that have spent uneding time, teaching humans that they came from apes but the Illuminati teach themselves that they are from Lucifer the God of Light.
        They then became crazed with developing technology which fools the weak into thinking that they are god.

        The UN can manipulate the weather and create half humans and half fish men, so they think that because they have this technology that the next stage is to wipe out the world’s population with a virus,which they made in labs, like HIV and after the down sized population, they (Illuminati) will re-appear as Gods.

        These people not only want to be god but they want to be the Illuminati God which is Satan.

    • rednecks were white, deary, hence the tag. they was poor southern slaves, displaced by the brutalities of the American Civil War which was a Northern Federation invasion, an unconstitutional land-grab, backed by London on the pretext of ‘liberating black slaves’. Ever wondered why a white psychopathic elite (Wilberforce) drove abolition through Parliament whilst young children were slaving 18 hours a day in their mines and mills? Because it forced at gunpoint, the Southern States submission to The Northern Federation and a USA under CoL controls. All floundering fathers had slaves and slavery was every bit as prevalent in the North as South but the blacks were promised ‘freedom’ if they ‘liberated’ their brothers and sisters from bondage. Carnage of whites, whether slave or freed, good guardians or bad. Just prior to abolition, whites had been granted what many had died waiting for, a little bit of land and their freedom; blacks too, had just as often enjoyed the relative privilege of status in keeping other slaves in line.

      The Rednecks (in Barbados, the redlegs) never forgot the black on white carnage, the betrayal of those they slaved alongside and the loss of their lands. Little wonder that from their frustrations, the Jewsters forged the KKK. And that’s how it goes, they always come up smellin’ of roses. At the same time, the ‘black civil rights’ movements were being seeded with their equal hatred of ‘white’ masters (although many would have known they were elite bums and jews).

      So idiot, to call a black man a redneck makes you the bigger clown!

  9. You know what, I think there is no Hell, except the one we create, including you, my dear Louisiana fellow, with your superfluous blog.

  10. Purterbed Pagan said:

    after your last post ( Madonna’s satanic ritual), you need toset yourself straight on a few things the Illuminati (if there were any that managed to escape christian persecution (Ie the Spanish Inquisition, or the ‘burning times’ that the rest of the world went through where greed had many innocent people put to the torch) were about bringing about the golden age of enlightenment and wisdom, and not mworshipping some christian bugbear (she would have to be christian in the first placew to worship your lucifer/satan as that bugbear only exists in the christian pantheon of deities (both good and evil or if you like god, jesus and a whole host of angels and devils/demons). Hate and fear mongering like this, as well as the anti pagan (and by this I am meaning all non christian religions not just the umbrella branch of Paganism, which you would also in your narrow mindedness call devil worship) is more of a way of bringing chaos out of order than any non existant rituals, and in a fact causes a great deal more harm. You quote finding the goal of bringing chaos out of order in illuminati texts, but do not present said texts. All in all do some research, look closely at the video (the so called horns are actually wings as far as I can tell in a gualish style headdress – fitting the roman theme) and be sure of your facts before you jump to cvonclusions. When you do jump to conclusions then at least pick a rosier mythological figure (ie Pan Worship , easter bunny worship or santa claus worship) before jumping to the whole there is evil afoot assumption as your blog is the only source of evil I can see

    • creoleguy32 said:

      Perhaps you didnt read my other post on Madonna. I used to go to the same Kabbalah Temple with her, so I know a little something about what I saw on that Half Time Show.
      There is a Satan in Kabbalah (her religion for the past decade) and one of the main aspects of worship at the particular branch of Kabbalah where I know Madonna from those practive the worship of 72 demons, in fact one of the names of one of these demons is in one of her videos.
      So, you wanna come again and speak on something that you simply are ignorant about? Dont get upset with me because your IQ is 5 and you cant see what is right in front of your face.

    • creoleguy32 said:

      Oh excuse me Pagan. I forget that you dont think that there is a Satan or Lucifer becuase you absurd and made-up out of thin air, all over the place Wiccans or pagans, refer to him as THE HORN GOD.

      Ok, so instead of Satan, just imagine that I am speaking about your Pagan Horn God, that is half human and goat, and it just so happens that your “Horn God” has two horns coming out of his head. Yeah, emm hmm, I guess that this “Horn God” which is always in a five star pentagram is something different from Satan. And if he was so different and you pagans arent Satanist, then why do you cast a magic circle when doing your retarded rituals? You cast the cirlces because you are raising up evil and bad energy, which comes from Satan, but you think that simply standing in a circle of salt to protect you from the rituals, which you pagans call “white magic” is some how any different than black magic? Laughable.

      If its white magic and from your elementals and nature gods then why stand in a circle of protection? Because you know its demonic!

  11. Ah, I love reading all the stupidity spooging from religious fanatics mouthes and finger tips. You are wrong about everything on your blog. Referring to Hollywood as Nazis is quite obtuse since it’s mostly Jews running it and Madonna took the idea of her concert from THOR you moron. Big fat waste of time.

  12. Just so you know, the comment about the Masonic Bible on your Feb 6th blog is complete BS. My husband is a Mason and he (out of pure curiosity) checked his Masonic Bible. No mention anywhere on page 33 of Lucifer or Satan. SOOOO, Since I have my Great-Grandfather’s Masonic Bible (from 1945) I thought I would check that, too.. you know, just in case. And guess what?? No mention anywhere of Satan or Lucifer. You know, Just sayin’.

    Have a lovely day. :D

    • creoleguy32 said:

      You clearly fail to realize that I am jewish and I think I know a little something about how the Holocaust came about but I am not talking about Nazi Germany, which was funded by Henry Ford, Kind Edwards, British Royal Family and Prescot Bush-I am speaking about the nazi doctrines which are being used by the New World Order and the fact that Hollywood does the propaganda for these doctrines.

      • How does your being Jewish have anything to do with what I said? You made a comment about the Masons being a Satanic order and that there is proof on the 33rd page of the Masonic Bible. I am calling you out as being full of shit.

        And if you are Jewish, I will eat my Tichel.

      • creoleguy32 said:

        Mason Bible. Even though I am well aware of everything to do with Freemasons being that I have members of my family caught up in those idiotic lodges, I took the liberty of finding a link on youtube for you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8htL9OLbSY

  13. Wow, this has got to be the most insanely stupid site I’ve come across in a long time. Up your dosage and best of luck. The thing that scares me most is that people like this actually get to vote. Yikes!

    • creoleguy32 said:

      Get behind me thee Satan! You pawn for the Illuminati. Oh you think that this is a joke. You havent seen what I seen. You havent been in Hollywood at the stroke of midnight when someone head is chopped off, buried by the Hollywood Sign and found two days after a major award show because these people only care about their Satan worship and think that Satan is the God of Light that gives them youth, power, fame and influence. You bow down because you are weak. You are pathetic. You were likely sitting at the Super Bowl and holding up your light to Madonna’s ritual, even as she offered your soul to Satan.
      Oh the sick and sadistic things that they will do to you. The mass human sacrifice is coming very very soon.

      • kenwattadmin@msn.com said:

        I have read through your site……and I have done alot of research and it much of it ties in with biblical prophecies that were written 2000 years ago warning of the times we are in. I know what you write about is truth and I can totally see the media holding people and mesmerising them. I used to work in a youth project and when some of these music videos were on, especially young boys would be transfixed and not move from the screen. I would turn the TV off and they would almost wake up. Scary when you think how much we allow the media to destroy any values and what is right is being turned upside down and we all sit back and call people paranoid or dumb for pointing it out.

        Keep doing what you are. possibly when the anti christ comes and people have had to accept a chip in either their head or right hand they may come back to sites like this if they are allowed to remain and they might wake up then :(

    • Child of God said:


  14. Such information is a sign that we are in the end times of earth’s history..Jesus is coming soon!

  15. GonzoScience said:

    Maybe you can do a piece on the Church of Mormon and the Later Day Saints and their post death baptisms and magic underwear. I bet that would be a laugh riot. Maybe you want to spend some time studying the Vedas so you can take on the many religions that come from it as well. I can’t stop laughing as I can imagine you live deep in swamp in a shack, surrounded by alligators, performing some kind of weird masturbation ritual while whipping your back with 3 strands of barbed wire while listening to Rush Limbaugh on the AM radio. Well, that is just the image that comes to my mind. A real unibomber kind of thing.

  16. Great satire site, man. The stretching interpretations, the “sources” of information, and even the “I am a journalist” while riddling the pages with spelling and grammatical errors. This is some dedicated humor. Keep up the good work!

    • creoleguy32 said:

      My info is all first hand.

      • creole guy is right, you flamers are wrong. met a chick froman illuminati bloodline n the nineties, she told me barry setoro would be president as he is also illuminati bloodline just like bush and all the rest of the presidents plus well everything else illuminati related but then again creole guy also knows cointel pros exists and some of you are just plain ignorant…..

    • creoleguy32 said:

      Tay D. You make me laugh. Ha! Ha! Ha! With your little Earthly and petty mind.

  17. Why do you say what you do? Are you trying to help mankind? I think it’s possible you’re very superstitious. When you see things you don’t understand. You allow your imagination to fill in the blanks. Example: https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/File:Georgia_Guidestones_-_tavola_inglese_-_english_table.jpg Take a good look at this photo of The Stones in GA? It says 500,000,000 people, not 500k. We’re not even close to that figure. That’s only the beginning…

  18. Child of God said:

    C-lo Green was singing beside MaDonna and the entire choir. Cee Lo Green was born Thomas DeCarlo Callaway in Atlanta, Georgia and graduated from Benjamin E. Mays High School in Southwest Atlanta. Both of his parents were ordained ministers and he started his music career in his church.

    I doubt very seriously a man raised by two ministers & in the church would worship satan. You fear so much. If I were you. I’d fear my own imagination the most. You might want to seek professional help. Before you lose your sanity. God bless!

    • creoleguy32 said:

      If C-lo was so holy and raised in “the church” then why does he dress in drag and has sex with other men? Yeah, he was rasied in “the church”…..the CHURCH OF SATAN stated by Anton LeVey

    • creoleguy32 said:

      Yeah, C-Lo is so hooooolllllyyyyyy, then why is he in a Satanic Ritual and wearing a glitter gown that look like it came from Liza Minelli’s closet? What’s really going on?

      • Yeah, I agree. Have you not noticed that a large percentage of pastor kids often become rebellious towards Christianity, due to the constant condemnation they receive from the biblical imposed laws yet “now that faith has come we are no longer under the supervision of the law”-Galatians 3:25

  19. Child of God said:

    About the costumes: http://madonnalicious.typepad.com/madonnalicious/2012/02/madonna-in-givenchy-haute-couture-by-riccardo-tisci.html

    Riccardo Tisci of The House of Givenchy, personally designed all of Madonna’s costumes & head dress. Tisci states and I quote him, “”I am delighted to join Givenchy and very proud to be able to bring my vision to this prestigious French haute couture house, whose history inspires me.”[2] Givenchy explained his fall-winter 2010-2011 menswear collection as being influenced by his deep Catholic roots:[3] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riccardo_Tisci

    So, are you stating a devout catholic Italian man devoted his entire line of fashion to satanic rituals or his faith in God? Did it ever occur to you? His gifts are given to him by God? That it could be that we’ve lost translation from Italian to English? Perhaps he is celebrating his artistic talent by glorifying God the best way he know how?

    It matters not what you imagine. What matters is what’s in people’s hearts. Also, if I don’t believe in worshipping Satan. Which I don’t, I am a Christian…Satan has no power over me. Simply because I enjoy the celebration of entertainment and unity of our citizens in peace. That’s why you saw WORLD PEACE. We should be a nation united, not divided. Amen? Amen…

  20. So many people claiming to have ‘inside’ info on the Illuminati … all fools.

    There is no god, no satan, no magik. There are people that do believe, but they are ignorant fools and tools being used by others for one purpose that is much simpler than world domination and human sacrifice: MONEY.

    It’s not the money.

    It’s the money!

    Seems that so many of these so-called Illuminati journalists are nothing more than cowed and cowered religious zealots that have allowed their own fears and fantasies to marry into the family of corrupted ideas that religion is indoctrinated unto them.

    Crazy but fun to read for the shits and giggles.

    • creoleguy32 said:

      I bet that your blood would taste really sweet to Prince Charles and Al Gore.

      • creoleguy32 said:

        It is not my fault that you cant see what is directly in front of you. People really get really hostile, when they realize that the reality which they think is real, turns out to be utter b.s. and this is the case with so many people, who know that what I say is accurate.
        You operate in a reality that simply doesnt exist. Look at the world right now and you will see that the illusions are being stripped away, but in the mean time you can have your pick of any facts that your heart desires. Go some where else and read some bs from the NY Times, or maybe get a news letter from Yale’s Skull and Bones, or maybe go and wait for CNN or Fox News to tell you the truth. Whatever. I dont have a gun to your head & making you come onto this page nor am I begging for your approval seal.

      • I bet it would! Everyone knows Al Gore drinks human blood and eats of their flesh. It’s how he has power over the environment to further his satanic agenda.

      • creoleguy32 said:

        I am not making the Al Gore blood drinking up. Al Gore keeps human blood on hand which comes from the Illuminati founded Red Cross. I know this first hand. One time when Al Gore came out to Hollywood, I and another guy had to map his travel route for PR reasons and I know what I know. All my knowledge is first hand. AL GORE DRINKS HUMAN BLOOD.

      • KeladryMT said:

        And anyway, it’s only the blood of the innocent. Nobody wants that stuff around.

    • Your beliefs won’t change a thing. If you don’t believe a truck exists, that won’t stop it from hitting you, once you cross the road.

  21. You are stuck in the past and Lost ! Madonna has a bright light around her and she blesses many people. You sound like my old Christian teachers in school who All, one by one left the dogma and religion. Now they are Free to be themselves in every way. Wake up !

    • You are wrong about the cross it has nothing to do with satan. only thing you can do is pray for their souls. I pray for you for you are being attacked by demons so you need to save yourself first. if you believe in satan is real then you have to believe in good there is a hell then there is a heaven. Jesus is the only way to salvation.

      • creoleguy32 said:

        So you think that the cross and jewish star of David simply came about due to Christ (cross) or in the last 2000 years? The fact is that both of these symbols are way older and both started off as ways of doing ancient magic. The Bible is a dogmatic political publication that was written by Kings for the promotion of Kings, the real bible has been lost and only certain parts of the bible are even authentic, which is only the book of revelations and that was left alone because it didnt deal with the present but only deals with future events, which are now happening.
        I was touched by demons because I live in West Hollywood and I am around demonic Hollywood people all day long. The “Rain Man” doesnt want me to expose their demonic agenda and how they (demons) control the media, chruches, government and the entire system.

      • Grace, none of the disciples nor apostles carried crosses nor spoke on the importance of crosses. The symbolic attachments made to crosses, in the Bible, are usually to burdens and curses. Galatians 3:13 for example.

    • Christ came to bring freedom. Your teachers probably left because they followed the law, with the mentality that through law, they are justified. Yet the law brings death and condemnation. “You who are justified by the law have been alienated from Christ; you have fallen away from grace”-Galatians 5:4

  22. You need to cite your sources. I think your ideas are very interesting but people need proof beyond just your word. How are you a reliable source? Just saying your a journalist and former illumnitist is not enough. I’ve read other blogs similar to yours and they all touch on the idea that media uses ancient symbols we long ago forgot the meanings to. That seems credible since they can point out example after example of the same symbols being used over and over again.

    • creoleguy32 said:

      I am the source. Everything that I write about is from first hand. The entire point of this page is to show people how they are living in a Matrix Program, so there cant be any source unless someone decides to step up and shake the animals from their sleep.
      99% of all things on tv, written in books, bibles are lies and Science even fakes old scrolls and biblical texts, as I have linked to many articles which clearly show that the Illuminati has people in an illusion but that illusion will be stripped and the world cant simply slow down for barely awake, hybrid animal breeds with pea-sized brains to wake up or make an attempt to study. The time is now!

      • I have studied the Illuminati since I was a kid. I know that they are Luciferians running the world. As a reformed member, what is your current spiritual belief? If there is a devil then God must exist. Just curious. Thanks.

  23. So, where exactly do you define who the Illuminati are and what their agenda is?

    • creoleguy32 said:

      One World Government under the original royal blood line, that rule over the animal slaves (present day humans) & will demand sacrifices and cult worship, just like they have done for centuries.

      • and what’s this original royal blood line? also, what’s the scottish scar thing you mentioned?

  24. Big fan, keep up the great blogs!
    Keep those Nazis on their toes!

  25. The Illuminati (plural of Latin illuminatus, “enlightened”) is a name given to several groups, both real (historical) and fictitious. Historically the name refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776. In more modern contexts the name refers to a purported conspiratorial organization which is alleged to mastermind events and control world affairs through governments and corporations to establish a New World Order. In this context the Illuminati are usually represented as a modern version or continuation of the Bavarian Illuminati.


    The movement was founded on May 1, 1776, in Ingolstadt (Upper Bavaria) as the Order of the Illuminati, with an initial membership of five,[1] by Jesuit-taught Adam Weishaupt (d. 1830),[2] who was the first lay professor of canon law at the University of Ingolstadt.[3] It was made up of freethinkers as an offshoot of the Enlightenment and seems to have been modeled on the Freemasons.[4] The Illuminati’s members took a vow of secrecy and pledged obedience to their superiors. Members were divided into three main classes, each with several degrees, and many Illuminati chapters drew membership from existing Masonic lodges.

    Originally Weishaupt had planned the order to be named the “Perfectibilists”.[1] The group has also been called the Bavarian Illuminati and its ideology has been called “Illuminism”. Many influential intellectuals and progressive politicians counted themselves as members, including Ferdinand of Brunswick and the diplomat Xavier von Zwack, the second-in-command of the order.[5] The order had branches in most European countries: it reportedly had around 2,000 members over the span of ten years.[3] It attracted literary men such as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Johann Gottfried Herder and the reigning dukes of Gotha and Weimar.

    In 1777 Karl Theodor became ruler of Bavaria. He was a proponent of Enlightened Despotism and his government banned all secret societies including the Illuminati. Internal rupture and panic over succession preceded its downfall, which was affected by the Secular Edict made by the Bavarian government.[3] The March 2, 1785 edict “seems to have been deathblow to the Illuminati in Bavaria.” Weishaupt had fled and documents and internal correspondences, seized in 1786 and 1787, were subsequently published by the government in 1787.[6] Von Zwack’s home was searched to disclose much of the group’s literature.[5]

    Another reorganisation took place in 1780 after the Lower Saxon noble Adolph Freiherr Knigge joined the Illuminati. In 1782 he gave a structure similar to the Freemason lodges to the order that had until that point, as Weishaupt himself conceded, not actually existed anywhere but in Weishaupt’s head. Leadership of the order was given to a so-called Areopagus that consisted of Weishaupt, Knigge and others.[citation needed]

    This new organisation allowed the Illuminati to recruit numerous Freemasons and infiltrate entire lodges against the backdrop of a crisis that the higher grades of the German Freemasonry were going through after the collapse of the Order of Strict Observance in 1776.[citation needed] This relatively apolitical and romanticising movement claimed succession from the Knights Templars and had enabled Karl Gotthelf von Hund to get the German lodges under his leadership. For years he had been claiming to be in contact with “Unknown Superiors” who had let him in on the deepest secret of Freemasonry. However, after no such “Secret Superiors” contacted the lodges after Hund’s death in 1776, the lodge members were perplexed. At the great Freemasons’ Convent of the Strict Observance, that was held in Wilhelmsbad from July 16 to September 1, 1782, Knigge and Franz Dietrich von Ditfurth, the second Illuminati representative and a most radical proponent of the Enlightenment, could claim the opinion leadership for their order. The templar system was given up and the Order of the Golden and Rosy Cross, itself trying to succeed the Order of Strict Observance, remained in the minority. The two Illuminati even succeeded in winning over Johann Christoph Bode, one of the leading representatives of the Strict Observance.[citation needed]

    As a result, the disagreement between Weishaupt and Knigge intensified so much that it threatened to break the Order apart. Therefore an arbitral tribunal called a “Congress“ was convened in Weimar in February 1784. It came as a surprise for Knigge that the “Congress”, in which among others Goethe, Johann Gottfried Herder and Duke Ernst of Saxe-Gotha participated, judged that a completely new Areopagus should be created. Both heads of the Order were supposed to resign from their positions of power. This seemed to be an acceptable compromise. It meant an obvious defeat for Knigge, as the founder of the order would probably still have the same influence even without the formal chairmanship of the Aeropagus. Silence and the return of all papers was agreed upon and Knigge left the Illuminati on the first of July 1784. From this point on he turned away from the “fashionable foolishness” of trying to improve the world with secret societies. Weishaupt for his part handed over the leadership of the Order to Johann Martin Count of Stolberg-Roßla.[citation needed]

    While members of societies were quarrelling amongst themselves, secret societies had attracted the attention of the Bavarian authorities. They deemed the objectives of progressive-minded secret societies suspicious because they concentrated on changing the traditional order and on establishing a “rational state” by infiltrating public offices. On June 22, 1784, the Bavarian electoral Prince Charles Theodore consequently prohibited any “communities, societies and associations”, which had been founded without his approval as a sovereign ruler. With the insistence of Father Frank, the chancellor Baron of Krettmayr, the Rosicrucian Baron of Törring and other people at court, another edict was released on March 2, 1785, which explicitely mentioned the names Illuminati and Freemason. It banned them for reason of treason and heresy. During house searches various documents of the order that showed further circumstantial evidence for their radical objectives were confiscated. Documents which were found with a deceased courier gave away information about names of several members. In two letters to the bishop of Freising, sent within the same year (June 18 and November 12), Pope Pius VI declared membership of the order to be incompatible with the Catholic faith.[citation needed]


    The most valuable secret of the Illuminati was their own moral system of authority, which was already practiced inside the order, but was now supposed to be applied on the outside world. The deceit and patronizing of the lower-positioned members soon provoked disagreements within the order. This was caused by Weishaupt’s aim to perfect the individual by encouraging it to practice more self-discipline and covert leadership. He assumed that for the improvement of the individual the first necessary step was to know its secrets. Probably, he adopted this concept from his arch-enemy, the Jesuits, which were known for their slavish obedience and their gentle but still effective leadership by means of confession. Actually, according to Illuminati-expert Agethen, the order stayed in a dialectic entanglement with its opponents: they used Jesuit methods of investigating the conscience in order to emancipate the individual from the intellectual and spiritual domination of the church; they also used a ranking system and mystical fuss, similar to the enthusiastic irrationality of the Rosicrucians, to further the success of Enlightenment and rationality. They subjected their members to an utterly totalitarian monitoring and psychological techniques in order to ultimately free mankind of the despotism of princes and kings.


    This temporary success cannot hide the fact that the Illuminati order mainly consisted of quite subordinate academics who maybe joined the order especially in the hope of more career opportunities. Indeed their hope correlated with Weishaupt’s concept of infiltration. Of course new members were ignorant about those intentions. The order hardly achieved its actual aim, namely to form the intellectual and political elite of society. Apart from the mentioned exceptions (Goethe, Herder, Knigge), all the really important representatives of the German “Spätaufklärung” either completely absented themselves from the order (as Schiller, Kant, Lessing, but also Lavater whom Knigge unsuccessfully tried to convince of joining for a long time) or shortly afterwards quit, just as Friedrich Nicolai did, out of disappointment about the rigid structures within the order. “Bookworm Weishaupt and his companions, utopists in a good and a ridiculous way” were never considered a real threat for the state of Bavaria but “the challenge for the old regimes was of course still too strong, even in this moderate form.”

    Barruel and Robison

    Between 1797 and 1798 Augustin Barruel’s Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism and John Robison’s Proofs of a Conspiracy both publicized the theory that the Illuminati had survived and represented an ongoing international conspiracy, including the claim that it was behind the French Revolution. Both books proved to be very popular, spurring reprints and paraphrases by others[7] (a prime example is Proofs of the Real Existence, and Dangerous Tendency, Of Illuminism by Reverend Seth Payson, published in 1802).[8] Some response was critical, such as Jean-Joseph Mounier’s On the Influence Attributed to Philosophers, Free-Masons, and to the Illuminati on the Revolution of France.[citation needed]

    Robison and Barruel’s works made their way to the United States. Across New England, Reverend Jedidiah Morse and others sermonized against the Illuminati, their sermons were printed, and the matter followed in newspapers. The concern died down in the first decade of the 1800s, though had some revival during the Anti-Masonic movement of the 1820s and 30s.[1]

    Modern conspiracy theory

    Main articles: Conspiracy theory and New World Order (conspiracy theory)

    Writers such as Mark Dice,[9] David Icke, Texe Marrs, Ryan Burke, Jüri Lina and Morgan Gricar have argued that the Bavarian Illuminati survived, possibly to this day. Many of these theories propose that world events are being controlled and manipulated by a secret society calling itself the Illuminati.[10][11] Conspiracy theorists have claimed that many notable people were or are members of the Illuminati. Presidents of the United States are a common target for such claims.[12][13]

    A key figure in the conspiracy theory movement, Myron Fagan, devoted his latter years to finding evidence that a variety of historical events from Waterloo, The French Revolution, President John F. Kennedy’s assassination and an alleged communist plot to hasten the New World Order by infiltrating the Hollywood film industry, were all orchestrated by the Illuminati.[14][15]

    Modern Illuminati

    In addition to the supposed shadowy and secret organization, several modern fraternal groups claim to be the “heirs” of the Bavarian Illuminati and have openly used the name “Illuminati” in founding their own rites. Some, such as the multiple groups that call themselves by some variation on “The Illuminati Order”,[16][17] use the name directly in the name of their organization, while others, such as the Ordo Templi Orientis, use the name as a grade of initiation within their organization.

    Popular culture

    Main article: Illuminati in popular culture


    The Illuminati are often illustrated in famous novels, such as the Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson; in Foucault’s Pendulum by Umberto Eco; or Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. These authors do not rely on serious sources that provide historic information about the order, but rather on conspiracy theories which are in circulation about it. Thus the Illuminati are described as evil villains and mysterious, diabolic conspirators. However this speculative information about the Illuminati is often mistaken as the truth. Neither Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) nor Bernini (1598-1680) was a member of the Illuminati, as depicted in Brown’s novel, and neither followed the thousand-year old tradition of Celtic druids, assassins and Templers, who had the intention to find the “umbilicus telluris” (from Latin, meaning “navel of the world”).

    • creoleguy32 said:

      I understand all that you wrote, but what I am saying is that by the time the Illuminati was taught to European Aristocrats (mostly secret schools with black magic from some traveling Jews)-it gets more general and really isnt based in anything because any secret society at that time, was simply called Illuminati but this is not the roots of anything. These people were trying to copying something, which they got via 3rd parties.

  26. creoleguy32 said:

    Ya know, over 50,0000 people have read the article about the clearly Satanic Illuminati Ritual that Madonna put on display but only retards like yourself are leaving comments. I am about to stop approving you people because clearly you have the IQ’s of 2 year olds.

    • Oh dear, whatever shall I do. Mister Crazy Pants has deemed me retarded.

      • creoleguy32 said:

        Clearly you are being educated and learning something, since you appear to be addicted to HollywoodIlluminati

      • creoleguy32 said:

        Its so hard to try and educate the stupid and dumb animals. Why am I even speaking to you? Your a nobody. Your not even D-List, your more like Z-list

      • KeladryMT said:

        I just enjoy feeding the trolls. That’s my true addiction. Also, this stupid animal would like to point out that the proper usage is “You’re.” As in, “You are” as opposed to “something that you own.” Just throwing that out there.

        And Z-list, that’s for Zombie hunters right? If that’s the case, I am indeed already on that list.

    • KeladryMT said:

      Over 50,000 people have read it because a very popular person to follow on Google+ posted your website as something funny to read. But hey, at least your truth is getting out there.

      • creoleguy32 said:

        Actually not, I have been contacted by both Madonna’s People and C-Lo’s People and neither camp got anything from Google Plus (not knocking Google Plus). And trust me, neither Madonna nor C-Lo desires that I really get into what I know about them. This is not the first time that I had to call Madonna out some issues (I spoke to Madonna last year about a scam with her and Rabbi Berg of the Kabbalah Center), and she is well aware of the deal, so like I said, why in the hell am I even speaking to you low lives? Your nothing. So a very popular person can take it off his Google Plus.

  27. KeladryMT said:

    Wait, there’s MORE? What else have they done? Does Madonna sacrifice chickens in her basement? Did Ceelo trade his soul for his marvelous singing powers? That would explain how he manages to enthrall and captivate so many when he sings. Perhaps I should start wearing ear plugs around to block out the satanic death singing.

    • creoleguy32 said:

      This page is for A-List People. You are clearly sub D-List and really below any kinda of worthy level. Now go back and watch Bravo or Housewives of New Jersey or what ever it is that you sub D-List people do with your time.

    • creoleguy32 said:

      C-Lo Green is under the impression that his camp can put out the PR that his father was a Minister and he was raised in the church, so he could never be apart of any ritual but yet C-Lo wears more prom dresses than Aretha Franklin and I dont know what church he grew up in but the clearly he has a larger dress wardrobe than Sharon Stone.

      • KeladryMT said:

        Is all dress wearing satanic? Is there a list of specific dresses? Should I throw away JUST the ones with sequins or only the ones that look like prom dresses? Apparently, robes count so those I’ll have to toss.

        I know you’re super A-list, but just for your information since you’ve shared so much wonderful info on your blog, sub D-list people watch a lot of documentaries and things. Although, I bet the Real Housewives of New Jersey could be considered a documentary. Are they illuminati too? If they’re not, I’ll eat the hat I’m not wearing.

    • creoleguy32 said:

      Look this site is for people who understand Hollywood and Hollywood’s selling of Occult Narratives, this site is not for one of you “fans” of these inflated hypes or for the loosers that cant even get a place behind the velevet ropes but are instead sitting up in the stands with your silly cam-phone trying to get a peak at lifestyles of the rich and famous.

      This is for A-listers so I dont know what kind of following that person has on Google Plus, but its quite a trashy one and they really need to start linking to Bravo or American Idol because that is more of their target audience.

      • KeladryMT said:

        So, all dresses then?

      • creoleguy32 said:

        Look Google Plus Sub-D Lister, you are a nobody that walks up and down Hollywood Walk of Fame in awe and kneel down while your direct to Beta Video, low budget companion snaps a photo.

        You have Housewives of Beverly Hills programmed into your TiVo and you likely watch it again and again. You read Media Take Out and Tmz.com, trying to get close to the Hollywood Elite and then once you have fully convinced yourself that you are something worthy, you then come onto my A-List Cream of the Crop Page, where I deal with A-Listers and try to act like a PR Agent?

        It is my fault that the extra casting agency didn’t put you in Madonna’s Show but yet you still pretend that you are all up in the mix, simply because you were in the stadium and Satanic Artificial Candle Light holder #103736728, sitting way at the top in the nose bleed section.

        So because you are a nobody in life, you self-appoint your self as the press agent for people who don’t even know that you exist.
        This is your life, having fantasies of being a press agent on the Internet.

      • KeladryMT said:

        You assume that i actually care about what you say about Madonna, C-Lo, or whomever. I don’t really. Those people barely exist to me, other then I occasionally like their music.

        But other then that, you apparently have me down to a “t”! I’m not really sure what Media Take Out is, but it sounds like fun. I’m not much of a dancer, but being in Madonna’s show would have been fun. I would have totally rocked the horn-crown thing.

        I wasn’t actually at the Super Bowl, but I did watch it on tv! That’s mostly the same thing. I do have a tiny Satanic Artificial Candle Holder and Shrine set in my closet. My boyfriend (who wears dresses more then I do) and I make tiny lesbian blood sacrifices to it once a week. I have to say, finding that many lesbians willing to donate blood to satanic rituals is harder then one might think! It does seem to have helped my complexion though. Completely worth the effort.

        In other news, while I’ve enjoyed our banter on your lovely Blog of Knowledge, I must totter off back to my boring real world existence. Perhaps I will visit again sometime so you can explain to me about the dress conundrum, or maybe you’ll have some new, extremely well informed, document citing article on the dangers of satanic death singing. Until then my fantastical friend, fare thee well! And stuff.

      • looks like this site is only for you!!! with your grade 2 insults, sandbox comments

    • ellucinati0n said:

      If you can’t handle this blog. WHY ARE YOU HERE WASTING YOUR TIME with your ANNOYING and WORTHLESS comments. Yes, another asleep idiot, an ideal specimen and perfect pawn in a game called REALITY that you choose not to understand or have an open mind to.. it’s really your loss so either do your own research or you may leave and proceed to your CNN dot com. You’ll feel less idiotic and lost over there since that is the only impression you are leaving here, a long with the other asleep fanatics with similar pointless comments… it’s getting very OLD!!!!!

  28. I don’t even know what to say about this blog. Someone linked it on my Facebook, and at first I thought it was satire. Now I realize it’s the ramblings of a clearly disturbed mind, and I wish I knew who this person is so they can get psychiatric care before they harm themselves or others.

    Here’s a website that might help: http://www.nmha.org/go/find_therapy

  29. I *really* want to talk to you.

  30. I’ve been reading your site with interest as I have also read Vigilant Citizen and various other sites that speak about the Illuminati symbolism and the Hollywood occult agenda. I have enjoyed reading (sadly, of course) your information. It’s heartbreaking to think that the elite feel the need to decree a reign of terror into people’s lives. However, the Bible warned us…….”what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul.”

    No matter what the naysayers may say, there has to be something to this. What other reason would there be for the consistent and repetitive hand signals, the famous devil “hand” sign (that looks like UT’s “hook em horns”), the covering of the one eye, the “6” symbol and the same symbolism (over and over) amongst most of the celebrities?

    I’m just curious…….are you familiar with the book by Cathy O’Brien called “Trance Formation of America” and the book by Brice Taylor called “Thanks for the Memories”? If you’re familiar with these books, I would be interested in knowing your opinion. In O’Brien’s books, she mentions in detail about a lot of the older country music entertainers. Some of her info was quite shocking.

    Do you think the “sellout to the Illuminati” is across the board in rock, pop, country, soul and even bluegrass music? What about big-time Gospel Music artists and evangelists? I’m a Christian, but in the last 20 years, I have watched a weird New Age theology take over a lot of the larger Charismatic Churches. Churches now paint their ceilings black, have huge spotlights, etc. A lot of the churches look more like a nightclub than they do a church building.

    Anyway…….this is a very interesting and informational blog. Thanks for taking the time to share this with us.

    • stephanie said:

      i’m not creoleguy32 but i have to say you just answered ur own question when u asked are big time gospel artists in the illuminati. do u mean like kirk franklin wearing makeup as well as other male gospel singers or how some of their videos there are the black and white checkerboard floors.alot of these vids look lk secular music vids.all u have to do is pay attention and ask God to help u.BUT I believe He only helps if ur truely seeking HIM.

  31. creoleguy32 said:

    Listen buddy, for your sake I suggest you get out of my face. I dont run ads on this site and I do not profit from this site. I am making no money off any of your “art work” and being that it is Fair Use Clause because it is related to news, I think you need to get a life and tell Google to stop making it free online. I am using it as part of a narrative and no one is knocking down my door to buy your silly “art”

  32. Yu is dat truth

  33. crimsontide said:

    you say youve had first hand accounts and experience as proof of what you say and im just guessing that enough was enough for you witnessing and experiencing what you have, walked away from it and created this site we see today. my question to you is why didnt you collect physical proof before departing? and im talking the kind of proof that only a person who was there would have.

    • creoleguy32 said:

      Wait to see what I publish in the book coming out this year, one can only put so much on a WordPress site. I am not here to convince anyone of anything but most people, with decent IQ’s can clearly already see that something is going on & its nothing nice.
      Most people that keep sticking their heads in the closet are only doing so because they are ashamed to admit that they have been blind and stupid and now they wanna save face because all of this mess was happening right under their noses.
      No one wants to feel like a dummy or a sucker and while I understand this urge, it still doesnt change the fact that people no longer live in an organic reality but only live in a Matrix created by the Illuminati.

      • jillian_burke@yahoo.com said:

        Dude, I believe u.

      • crimsonzilla said:

        whats the name of the book? since then being my last post ive learned you dont necessarily need proof. take jay z for example wether hes an illuminati pawn or just does it 4 the attention at the end of the day he still uses satanic symbols. ppl no matter how you slice it, no matter how much you’ve told yourself or let them tell u that a pinky and index finger pointed upwards means ” rock on” if that symbol originated in devil worshipping, is a powerful symbol and or summons demons then thats what it is no matter how u sugar coat it. another reason y proof isnt necessarily needed is because of the end result and that is burning in the lake of fire for eternity with the devil. u see the devil already knows how this is gonna play out so hes gonna take all that he can with him. how by offering wealth, riches and false promises to those who employs others such as musicians and actors who in turn trick us or try to trick us n2 devil worshipping with various tatics and disguises as mentioned with the “rock on” si

  34. This is one of the best spoof and satire sites on the web. Kudos.

  35. Hi. I just found this site. Whitney Houston death has truly saddened me. I watch the media reports but I know in my spirit that there is something wrong with the events leading up to her death. I read your article about,her bobby brown and I’m truly shocked by it. I did not know Hollywood was this dark of a place. I have a feeling that there is a whole lot about Whitney that we don’t know. When I heard she died my spirit dropped.

    • creoleguy32 said:

      While Whitney Houston was a talented singer, likely the best of her time with a voice that was like a finely tuned Bach Stradivarius, there so much more that goes into having a career in Hollywood than just talent.
      Even if we look at Gospel Singer Kirk Franklin or Pimp Daddy, Garbage Man turned mega pimp daddy preacher, TD Jakes, he is only looking out for his Hollywood Distribution Money and not really in the business of Christianity.
      While, every blue moon, one may hear the word “Jesus” pop up, but in fact most of these gospel acts and Ministers turned Hollywood Film Producers are using lines like “praise him” and “the lord” but notice that they cannot really push or say Jesus. When you say “praise him” in a gospel act that is signed to a major Hollywood Label, it is because they have sworn to sing praise to Lucifer and not to Jesus.
      You have to be very very careful about these Protestant Acts that are in Hollywood as singers and film makers, becuase they often are some of the most evil people walking around.

    • that is the intention of making it so public and that is the trap of following any idol or hero presented via media. we are our own heros, if we would but realise it. they play their vision for and of us back to us and we become what we see. a perfect reflection of a monster which we keep on feeding and feeding our children to. as they play the puppets, they are pulling our strings.

  36. Ie all of your story is true then they surely suggest the end of the world. I knw it will come sometime!

  37. This is vital work – thank you so much!

    Just look at the over-arching meaning of the ritual that began during Superbowl halftime and runs through the Oscars.



    Sex Magick Mind Control

    What do they have in common?

    People underestimate the importance of semenancy and other sex magick to the “Illuminated”. Our best defense is to educate ourselves. Thank you.

  38. No Shit Simple Talk(N.S.T) said:

    Look am not going to argue with you,am not going to tell you what you believe in is wrong but I think you improvise on things that you can not comprehend. You look at the masons and illuminati as devil worshippers, simply because there motives/methods you dont understand so you justify this as a act of evil. You live in a shadow of what they do and so whatever small trails you can collect of there previous movements you justify under the devils doing.I am Christian, I believe in the Lord and Jesus Christ but with all the research I have done it simply seems that this two secret society’s do believe in God,they do fear him and with the whole “new world order” is not to bring evil amongst us but to vanquish it(well not necessarily ^^). The problem that we all have INCLUDING YOU is there method of doing so, I do agree with you that they kill under their motives and that some things contradict with religions (Christianity,Muslims..). Then yet again why talk so much, hey maybe they do know the so called “Truth”/ “Secrets” of the world. Bloggin about like this is not going to change anything, yes people will be aware and then what? stop them,like the way great people have tried and died in failing to do so.

    Just sayin :/ Happy 2012 ;)

    • My brother, if you are a Christian (as I am), then you should be well aware of the power of prayer. By people becoming aware of this, they are able to pray for a change. Have faith brother :)

  39. Why have you still not explained who you “Nicholas Duplessis” is & what your family name is regarding the “Illuminati”?

    You seem to avoid this question…IF you are trying to “pull back the curtain” so to speak, why not speak about EVERYTHING & leave nothing in the shadows?

  40. I really need to talk to you… it is super important…!

  41. This is subliminal messaging. I find that its purpose is not mainly to inform but to feed the mind with satanic words and sexual suggestions. Is this one of the tactics Illuminati is now using these days? People searching for truth about the conspiracies fall for one of the traps of the Illuminati. Yes it may expose some of the truths out there but the fact that the author of this site is luring people by using obscene language is a warning alert.

    Truth seekers out there, be careful with what you feed your mind. Instead of knowing more of the truth, you may fall to one of these catch traps. Jesus is the truth.

  42. Understand why comments are closed. However, you mentioned that the kaballah is not taught to anyone who is under 40 and unmarried and that there was a good reason for this. Read the article (excellent) but couldn’t find explanation as promised?

    • creoleguy32 said:

      Kabbalah is not supposed to be taught to non-jewish males, that arent married or under the age of 40 because Kabbalah by its very nature, deals with manifesting physical realities by using Hebrew Magic and many Jewish Elders think that only mature, married and Jewish Males should know this secrets.

      • yes but why? there must be (for there always is) a deeper significance to a man having to be heterosexual and virile, having to be at or beyond the age of 40. Specifically. we know about the internal conflicts of the various orthodox and liberal Kabbalists (zionists) those who are faithfull to the covenant and those who have not been. Their ‘thinking’ behind this stipulation must be rooted in magkical knowledge.
        What does it mean that the Kabbalah is now as common as icecream? What are the consequences to the force of the rituals and spells caste by fools?

  43. Hello, I came upon your website by chance while watching old Whitney interviews. I thought some of the things she said pointed to the dark forces of the illuminati. I too am from Louisiana and I think its awesome that you’re from here and yet have a vast knowledge of these matters. I found some of your points to be interesting and very plausible yet some were hard to swallow considering there was nothing to state how or why you’d have this info. But regardless, I’ll continue to read this blog because I am the mother of a 5 year old and sometimes I really get nervous about the things I’m essentially exposing her to on tv and what she sees in the world. Id love it if I could ask a few questions from time to time. Thanks!

  44. I Believe You..Thank You..I hope IM right about You..2 e it is either Evil or Not Evil..ID love 2 sit down and have coffee with You 4 about 4 hours..Pick Your Brilliant Brain..

  45. I just am wondering why you aren’t terrified of getting assassinated by these guys as they seem to have so much power. That Madonna half time show creeped me out and I believe what you are saying. The question is what is good to believe in, what is honest and pure? What religion is real and honest? As everything I believed in is shaken to the core it is hard to know what to believe in from here. Any advice?

    Why are they letting you post any of this, aren’t you scared?

    • creoleguy32 said:

      Because I am speaking mostly about the occult religion of the Illuminati, which is something that I was taught by Illuminati at school in Louisiana State and the second reason is because I mostly talk about Hollywood and Politicians-which arent really at the top of the Illuminati Pyramid Food Chain.

      • BS Creole is part of the problem not the solution. The reason why you are still alive is because you work for them by spreading disinformation to those seeking the truth.Otherwise you would be a dead hero like Rik Clay. Just admit it Creole you are another David Icke conforming to the illuminati agenda to confuse and paralyse individuals so they dont know what to believe anymore. Giving away secrets of their rituals to desensitise violence and perverse sexual acts is a great way of pushing their immoral way of life. In return you get paid by them in some way and also aquire a fan base online (yipee!) And now your writing a book to get paid huh?

        One question? what do you propose to do now you have outed these politicians and celebrities? You say Satan exists but religion is manmade so who will deliver us from the evil they do? Ahh… you I guess with your wonderful book, which will b available to buy online to further brainwash the masses to accept the new world order ,because a God from the abrahmic religions does not exist. The illuminati made him up right? LOLx

        If you dont stand for something you will fall for anything. Malcolm X

  46. This business of white european races being stinking bigfoots … the link provided shows a reconstruction of what very clearly is or was a negroid-featured hirsuit human. Seems to me that as we have all been given different versions of history, there was one circulating that negroid man lacked higher reasoning capacities by virtue of the shape of his skull. My understanding is that the science of phrenology was launched in an attempt to justify superiority of the Asiatic Elites and domination of other races. As no rank or faction is immune to specialist education according to rank and function, it tickles me to read this account of how horribly stinking the wild savage beasts were in Europe. Kind of allegorical, like calling the target enemy ‘vipers’ or vermin.

    I know you are utterly convinced that this information is factually accurate. Yet if you were ruthless in applying that maxim to sources of information, there are alternative reports on IC and KONY: i.e. infowars is not the only or even most reliable or trusted source of journalism, reportage or analysis. As for delivery, ranging from hysterical/funny to extremely unlistenable; a turn off to many novice investigators.

    The Elites have always sought for the ways in which they could ‘big’ themselves up and this false demonisation of one tribe to another or one class or race regards the ‘other’ is an old game. Add to this the sheer vanity of man’s ego in wanting to be acknowledged as ‘special’ or rather selected, and before we knew it, everyone wants to claim top victim status awards, everyone want’s to be that winner as the biggest loser.

    So the Blacks were groomed to cover the original official winners of World Wide Victim Status, the Jew-Ish Elites agenda for marxist revolutionary ends. Same with the white women. Now it’s with the children against parents and elders. All are ‘special’, all are ‘winners’ and all are part of a legally defined ‘group’ under Equality, Diversity and Sutainability regulaitons.

    But few are questioning the ‘given’ new and emerging norms as factionalised groupings under one control, are played off via the media.

    I’ve hung out with enough graduates of the private education system to know that a more expensive education is just as compartmentalised and limited according to designated function in society as any other. The level and style of indoctrination differs according to breeding. But leaders, those Rhodes Scholars, for example obtain grants to be educated in the business of leadership, the art of rhetoric, law, economics. Surely they are convinced, that the general population are little more than beasts to be manipulated and disposed of at will through cunning and deception.

    Some factions of ‘white’ populaiton were being told the story of the savage bestial blacks in Africa and Australia prone to cannibalism and demonic witch craft at the time of British colonisation. The victors rewriting history. In my generation, we were culturally entrained with the ‘black is beautiful’ meme with all the musical paraphanalia and false tales of slavery as being ‘exclusive’ to blacks and how we, the people benefitted from their suffering but we were never told that whites were the first to be enslaved by these Asiatic pyrates.

    So my point being that the notion of Europe being inhabited with no other human form other than stinking yeti neanderthals is quite funny and possibly just the trick to alienate one race, colour, sex, class from another.

    You sound sincerely convinced. I wonder about you.

    Yet, upon examination we discover that these chinless wonders and psychopaths generate from lines of retards, imbeciles, degenerates and

  47. jillian_burke@yahoo.com said:

    Cool shizz dude!

  48. thanks but you know what i think about these phoney race wars trending, is how it’s really just inter-colonial conflict amongst the slaves, as civil war. At least when slavery was ‘official’ for any colour other than white, all slaves knew who the colonist and traders were and how power corrupted even the lowliest, when granted. History depends on which group is being indoctrinated in which which perception of history. Even the manipulators are themselves, hopelessly manipulated.

    these phoney racial tensions through inter-racial media manipulation and ‘special needs’ education keeps the slaves eyes off the ‘birdie’ – blinded by colour, mislead by vacous, useless ideologies they cannot see those pulling their strings. Insanely, plenty just don’t care, as long as pays the way, makes the slavery a little easier by demoting others, demonising them and providing a target for misdirected rage.

  49. rainbowsherbert said:

    So much information here! You clearly know a lot, but I’m left wondering if there is any evidence (or links for us to look at?) for TMZ getting CIA funds, and how you know Whitney was injected (or whatever you’re able to say). I don’t see a way to email you. Could you email me if you’re not able to post the answers to those online?

  50. Question... said:

    In your recent post, you mentioned a black arm of the Illuminati was the created in the late 80s early 90s. Are you talking about the Boule? Thanks.

  51. An update on cracking the codes: The Mysterious Appeal of AJ

    Target Audience: Vets suffering inevitable fallout from signing up and getting spat out and allied ‘patriot movement’ drones who honour the floundering fathers, the consitution of no constiution and the bill of no rights. They do not understand their history.
    These damaged souls are comforted by the hysterical psychopathic rantings of AJ et al as this is what they were programmed into: Come to Daddy! They represent a highly masculinised (the military is sodomitic/pederastic) womb-man hating victims.
    Objective: Civil War
    Verdict: A higher level Jason Russell, forever on the brink of implosion
    Married to a Jewess and inbedded with high profile highly distasteful personages
    By Association: any one connected to or allied with AJ are tainted.
    Same with Icke, et al. By tracking associations, it’s surprising what emerges from within the so called ‘truth’ movement. Virtually all are whores and pimps for the same old. Excellent post on this subject – anyone checking out Icke’s ex wife will get the picture.

    Two brilliant books: The Pink Swastika and People Living In The Abyss most recent reads.

    • As much as I appreciate your narrative hollywood experiences and fully support your reasons for revealing the truth. I must say you sound really angry and bitter about the truth. There is no need to be since I do believe this deception is a test for us to search the truth about the real God of light because satan exists. This is difficult for those who have been hypnotised to believe that satan is a mythical creature, but for those fortunate to be raised in a religous background this cements the existence of God.

      For me I do believe the deception will eventually become so blatent that people will have to choose sides. The world’s chaos is preparing me to make that decison when that time comes so I am not afraid of their underhand tactics.

      I will say one thing which irritated me llittle, although I say this with love Creole. Stick to the facts and be respectful about people’s beliefs. I for one do not beleive the Abrahamic religions were manmade, only maniplulated by the elite to suit their agenda. The Torah were the teachings from Moses (PBUH), the bible which was known as the Injeel by the jews was from Jesus aka prophet Issa in Islam(PBUH)( and fianlly the last revelation of god’s laws came from the Quran lead by the beloved prophet Muhammed(pbuh). The themes of worship were similar worshipping one diety, giving charity, abiding to god’s moral codes in marriage,lawful foods or drink, and treating fellow human being with kindness . Basically everything the opposite to the iluminati agenda.

      Therefore you cannot discredit the Abrahamic religions, as this is what these people want you to do, so that over time people move further away from finding the truth about God. Everything the elite write about religion in the media are half truths to suggestively hypnotise people in to believing thier lies. When infact it was all made up by them, from the holy trinity, to al qaedea, to the muslim jihad to wipe out non muslims. As a muslim this breaks my heart when people are so blinded by the half truths intertwined with their satanic ideals. let me tell you that the first jihad in islam is against your own selfish desires not a holy war. Furthemore a holy war only happens if a muslim nation are under threat of being wiped out, so it only happens in self defence. However the elite will not tell you that, because the war to discredit Islam is the most difficult since muslims see the destructive nature against the truth and do not want to fall in to thier false trappings of materialsim and false gods.

      The illuminati jihad is to “do wilt thou will” The exact opposite to God’s law. This is just one example of how they manipulate the truth with lies.if anyone really wants to find out the truth about any religion dont just take on board what you hear from friends or media journals read the the religious books in its entirity and then form a conclusion. Only then can you make an informed decision lead by your heart.
      Remember this is a spiritual war so if we are divided amongst the different religions then they are winning as discord and confusion is what they aim to produce within us. We need to look at our spirtitual commonalities and come together to fight their agenda. Not fight each other by declaring these religions were made by them.

      Wassalam Creole May allah (god in english) continue to show you the light with lovex


      • Nelz, I appreciate the depth of your response, however, you are not providing me with any enlightening information which has already been explored. I don’t know what you mean by ‘bitter’ unless you feel honeypot lurve for what has arisen out of the fermented shambles of religions and warfare. I am not speaking from any selfish desires beyond the will to survive as all natural life is imbued with equally from the true source.

  52. BTW: just reporting on ‘insights’ suddenly arrived at over years of wondering why about everything that didn’t and doesn’t make sense. And the truth is that it is rather merciless in pure application of anything found to be false. My bible is The Prophet which contains more love and reason that the entire ‘great works’ of the rest.

    • Hi there Dafida
      The reply was actually to Creole the writer of this blog. I may have not been clear in my indepth blog about my point. So I’ll keep it short. People now know the truth about the evil the elite do so we should all be encouraged to seek the truth about God. Research and find the true Gospels of Jesus which is the Injeel if the copy is around in the West. I borrowed the Injeel from a friend whilst working in the Middle East and found out the differences in what is taught by the church.

      The difference is clear jesus is not a god or the son of god as he is known to christians. This is what I mean when I say that the elite have manipulated the truth with lies. This is a holy war for people’s souls, we all know that but we are not searching the truth.Therefore if someone such as Creole is looking to teach people about the truth then he should learn that religion is not manmade and wars are not caused by religion. War is caused by the elite who look to destroy religion. Creole does not stiplulate this point and dimisses religion altogether in his articles, this makes me think that even he/she has given up on relgion. The Almighty does not need us we need him ,and we when we seek him we understand truly what he means about love.

      ps the anger and bitterness is his style of writing,and vitriolic responses to members who disagree with him. That is not cool make your point with respect for the other person’s opnion. Let’s not dishonour each other just to massage our own ego,Lets leave that sin for the illuminati.

  53. Thanks for explaining. Yes, I know all that about JC and more! Same with Mohammad, Same with But you are mistaken in your evaluation that this missive is not religious any more than you might believe that the elite’s arent’ either. They are the progenitors of all religions, whilst programming the flock of believers into the lie that theirs, alone, is the true religion, the one true god, the one true messiah … bollox.

    Their religion ifsSodomitic/Pederastic/Paganistic: It is the religion of Neitsch, no less or Plato; both of the same order.

    So if you think religion is the ‘saviour’ of mankind go back to the herd of billions to be led in wilfull ignorance to your fate. Wilfull, for you refuse to ask, seek or find anything beyond your programmed conditioning, no matter how far down that rabbit hole you go. Tell you what, though, as you’re here …. Many factions worship St John The Divine over JC and that’s supposed to be some big frickin’ secret (Templar lines). The Gnostic path, trail of the serpent cults …But I’ve graduated from dull, protracted theosophical (Theo – Zues Sophia – Wisdom) investigation and drawn my own conclusions.

    Even Atheism is a religion, you know. It’s all a huge set up to feed off energy and the diet they prefer is warfare, pain, misery, death. The current manifestation of the religion at this point emerging are the abundance of Pan Hellenic ‘churches’ or circles infesting all pivotal levels of social life from education through to ngo eco activism.

    You are talking about morals, common law (natural law) and common sense which has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with LIFE.

    Don’t worry your head about what Creole Guy adopts for religion; he’s on his own trip with his own perogatives (clearly enough stated) and all we’re doing is hitching a ride.

    • Naila Haitham said:

      Well my friend I think we will have to agree to disagree as I do think you are misgided by your intellect and you are giving the elite a lot more credit than they deserve. If you have read the Quran translation Surat al Imran surah 3:52 it discusses the disbelievers plans to decieve people away from god and how god will also plan to bring back morality and harmony as he is the best of all planners. So my point is religion is our way out of this chaos as the elite are preparing for thier false messiah to arrive who will be blind in one eye (right eye ). He will be the NWO leader in Israel and he will eventually declare himself as god so thatpeople will end up worshipping him. The elite are carrying out Lucifer’s promise to mislead men from every angle that they begin to question whether religion is actually the word of god. Damn! the scriptures in the bible are being changed deliberately, so that logic makes you question if something can be redefined it cannot truly be god’s word. However that does not necessarily mean it did not originate from the almighty. They are using dark powers to enable their agenda to push through and God is allowing this stage to happen so that the end can be concluded. I pray you see this friend because if you dont then the elite have succeeded to pull off the greatest trick of all… to deny god ‘s right to be worshipped and to lead you in to their darkness. Remember even the elite practice worship, they worship satan by their sacrifical rituals and those crazy sexual practices they conduct. so if you dont worship Satan who do you worship? Yourself? And if you say yes to this question then you fall under their spell to lead you away from God. Man cannot deem imself as self sufficient because we rely on nature to provide for us and nature is God. Period.



  54. Hello:

    I’m writing to you because I’man editor at Before It’s News. Our site

    is a People Powered news platform with over 2,500,000 visits a month

    and growing fast. I am striving to further educate our readers about the hollywood-illuminati connection and your blog would certainly help us accomplish this.



  55. It’s like trying to explain to someone who has never experienced it, the motive behind the apparent madness of falling in love. It’s a solitary yet universally accessible experience, albeit a rare one. I mean, talking with people caught up in the indoctrinations, then trying to fit me into a slot. Honey, the key is that i do not ‘worship’ anything or anyone, least of all my self. It is possible you know, to choose to be what you are, which is beyond ‘religion’ ‘educaton’ ‘race’ or ‘status’. You appear to be happy enough in your cage, so I’ll not distturb you with tales of a big outdoors. Go preach elsewhere, we’ve heard it all before.

    • I am sorry you feel offended by my comments. it is my opinion and not intended to injure you in anyway but merely to encourage people to review religious comments with an open mind and to ultimately research findings independently.Not through second hand infomation or television. If you have done the latter and still feel the same way then that’s ok too as the most high knows whats best for everyone.
      However, I shall leave you with an old saying by the elite which backs up yor above comment. “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”, and that people should learn to live in tune with their “Own Will” not God’s will. Extract taken from Aleister Crowley an occultist. I hope that makes sense to my previous reply terming self worship.

      Once again don’t be offended lets agree to disagree.x



  56. no worry but you may want to check out this ‘star’ WILL.I.AM. for in-your-face luciferianism – i think they are just getting silly now, to wind us up, get us at it. works, eh? there does come a time when all this is soooo boringingly predictable but the only new gadget on the market is Roxxxy, the Sexbot!


    I have read many of the comments and it really shocks me to see how people are very blind. And by the way for the people giving negative comments:

    1st. do you know that there is freedom of speech and expression, so stop showing your arrogance. If you think everything published in this blog is STUPID, so why in the hell do you poke your nose in it.

    2nd) If you are not really interested in following or rather trying to get educated on what is really happening in front of your eyes, it is better you keep away from this page nobody wants to read your many ignorant/ blinded messages here on the comment thread.


  58. are you addressing me? remind you of your 1st comment in relation to your 2nd.

    btw agree, this is going to run its course unless somehow the plug is pulled, the programme stops. we shall die for the sake of ignorance, as mankind always has as the individual is sacraficed to the group imperative which is blindly manipulated via media.


    I am addressing all the HATERS! who post negative comments.

    Daftaida, yap you have it right! it is very sad! So many people are really ignorant and brainwashed. Let’s just hope they will wake up, before it is too late or maybe it is too late.

    • This planet should have a banner reading ‘Abandon all hope, ye who enter here’ for it is truly Planet Hollywood, Planet Vegas and Planet of The Apes …. a vast experimental lab, a farm fit for 21st century civilisation. An intricate assylum run by psychopathic sodomites and pederasts hell bent on warfare.

      Any bidders? Going once, going twice …….GONE! Down the fractual labyrinth and we’ll be no more than a memory in the dust …?

      A slither of faith counts for more than an ocean of hope for hope has no foundation.

      Each must ‘get right’ with their souls, regardless of the blabbering papacy of others. For, wherever me and mine ‘come from’ to this point of realisation, this shit doesn’t happen. If there was ever a perfect example of what happens when the ‘Three Wise Monkey’s’ principle is applied, Earth is it!

      Maybe that is what this is all about. Experiencing, observing and learning the folly of misplaced trust, naivity and ignorance and the consequences over time of a ‘little thing’ being allowed to grow way outta hand, like a plague where once there was a Rat with a flea.

      As for the retarded, we need them too. By their inane ‘wisdoms’ they help us hone up our act, redefine our truths, expose our weaknesses (impatience etc) as much as they need us to to the same. Bear in mind that the devils advocates are paid to pounce on every non PC perogative. Through ridicule, emotional manipulaton etc.

      Ultimately, we all gonna die. It’s how we lived our lives that will count. Regardless of circumstances, stripped of excuses. How true have we been to ourselves/others? Have we even gotton to know who we are underneath the programmes laid by lunatics? I’ve heard every excuse under the sun (made a few myself when ‘green’) made by people as avoidance for the difficult quest for learning, knowing, experiencing such a short span of life on this planet and the state of humanity on it. They’d rather be VICTIMS because The State honours victims than empathically fuse with all suffering the same, from the same, by the same old shysters than get off their knees, raise their heads, look the beast in the eye and finish it off for one and all, for once and for all.

      But that would take stripping off all pretence, all excuse, all false pride and hypocracy. I still have work to do, as do you and all of us to reach the point of absolute clarity of who we are, what we represent and what responsibilities we have and have not. Pretty soon, with psychotronic/psychotropic bombardment in addition to the usual, those who never knew their minds or souls, won’t notice the takeover of the hive mind. We can see it.

      We’re just here to do our best with what we have (left) by at least not following those ‘Wise Monkey’s’ into the lab for a lifetime of torture. As for ‘the truth’ setting us free … like the term ‘gay’ the word ‘truth’ has been corrupted beyond recognition by those within the so-called ‘truth movement’ and especially the author of that title. Even those telling ‘a’ truth, will support it with a pack of lies either by design or default.

      There’s a simple truth for one and all: your ‘neighbour’ is another yourself, so it is both natural and very wise (nature always has these ‘coincidental’ ties) to treat them as you would yourself. But this psychopathic warrior tribe of deviants are not ‘natural’ as they lack the essential component of womb-man’s purpose on Earth within nature and just can’t ‘get that’ simplicity. Jealous of what they lack, they sought to make womb-man-kind (kind being the operative word) in their image: demented psychotics who have no place in nature and no business on Earth! All this bollox about ‘colour’ ‘culture’ is just programming by the military enemy to demoralise, weaken, fragment and destroy the enemy targets: women, men, children.

      But that’s just my perception of it.

  60. Hey it is not all doom and gloom,there is a divine source that will kick their asses. The elite have already foretold this story in a twenty four year old movie called “They Live” with actor/wrestler Rowdy Roddy Pipper (great name!). We all know they like to tell stories of what they are about and this story is so accurate from beginging to end. They lose and humanity wins because there are still good people about. You and I should continue to speak the truth til the end of our last breath. They can’t take our true light away from us because we are now awake.

    Just keep spreading the message, it takes time to wake people up but when you do its like in the movie,you have put on a special pair of glasses and can see the ugliness of the elite and their smoke screen policies. Give people a chance to wake up because they have been asleep for a while, you know “dead to the world” but when you are woken you are in shock but free from their lies..

    Don’t live in apathy or ignorance because these are the human characters they depend on achieving their aim.
    When I found out about this illusion called reality I started to work on developing myself instead of watching x factor, or catching up on latest celebrity dross on tv. I stopped watching tv , stopped spending money on things I did not need, saved more for a rainy day and got rid of unecessary debt. I am now not distracted by their puppets or caught in their world of materialism. In the past I have chased materialism and even when I ‘ve achieved some of those values, I have never been truly satisfieid and I have wanted more. Its not a way to live, its their to live, while we stay asleep.

    Their love is making money and living in excess whilst they make us pay for it. They try to brainwash us to achieve their lifestyles by hiring out puppets who have a price (cos everyone has a price in their world).

    So there you have it wake up the world and leave the rest to a greater power, Good Orderly Direction I know him as God.


    • I weep for you. Of course they pump the ‘noddies’ with tales of derring do and amazing one man can save the world memes! Having tranced the audience out into Alpha, deeper hynotic resonance through the kraft of sound and vision imprint the emotional/mental conduits, stimulated through inter action/identification with the characters roles. I value They Live! The fight scene is the funniest ever. You’re right on the spot of what I was thinking as I was writing – please it got across! I’m not apathetic, I’m outraged, at the pathetic and weak nature of those causing all this shyte and that energy will live on with others to ensure their destruction over time.

      • You shouldn’t be outraged,it’s a waste of time and energy and it can only make you ill. That’s also what the elite want, for you to be angry and in fear. It is what it is and they are already starting to realise that people are waking up. They need more propoganda to keep this charade up, so they look at ways of introducing laws online to prevent the truth from coming out. As people wake up from their slumber there will be those that will fight and speak the truth and those that just conform. The fighter’s role is to take a stand to support independent groups who look to change the world’s future for good not greed. Organisations such as Occupy London/America are doing their best to make people aware of the inequality and greed of these people. We should be getting on board to support them and particpating in the cause. We should be taking more of an intereast in homeland politics and taking a stand for change. As long as people are distracted and consume unecessarily they will continue to enslave us.
        We need to unite as a community and stop those very things that
        keep the elite alive ie stop buying into corporate marketing and supporting small comunnity businesses, stop watching air heads on tv, stop idolising idiots in sports,music and film, and most importantly stop believing everything they tell us without researching in to it.

        Benjamin Franklin A freemason himself knew the value of ignorance to their cause.

        “The only thing more expensive than education is ignorance”

        Are we willing to pay that price?

  61. Personally speaking, I think anger and outrage have had a very bad press. It is perfectly natural and appropriate to feel this way; shows we’re ‘alive’ and functioning correctly. Anger and outrage are energies which can be channelled into highly productive means. As for fear, the new age encourages us not to fear anything, not even death. Well, guess what, we wouldn’t fear it if it were not made such a degrading, painful and shameful experience. The Occupy Movement? Try Soros direct if you want to support more of the same. There is nothing to join. It is all co-opted. So, ‘we’ still need to be educated further, eh? I’m through that tunnel. You will not understand anger and outrage until you’ve checked out the whole beautiful beast of a system in all facets and well beyond the point whereby my anger/outrage can be directed or used by others for their benefit. I repeat, there is no Truth in The Truth Movement.

    Unless and until wombmankind lead themselves and stop stupidly, blindly looking for a parent figure to kiss their butt, tuck them in and tell them stories … they are doomed. Because that’s what we’ve had for 60 years of Fabian Socialism to this end.

    Psychopolitical Warfare is a subject worth exploring. I have nothing more to say on this.

    • Well you can think all you like but your WRONG!, anger and outrage is a futile emotion which is negative and won’t serve any purpose in productive thinking or trying to put things right. You are very negative and your comments are all over the place. The occupy movement is an independent movement with no affilation to any organisation. I have been to the talks in London and I am part of that movement. Your comments are not only erraneous but do not really help anyone wanting to take a positive view on this matter as you are full of negativity.

      Perhaps you should try and be more uplifted in your own life because you seem deeply unhappy and incredibly condescending about life. There is a lot of fear going on with the change partly because of people’s livilihood are lost and the doom of the press. We dont need futher negativity from individuals like yourself to corrupt peope’s mind ino believing its pointless, we need to do something.

      Have an open mind to do good and help those who are tryiing to make life better or just shut up and start something up yourself !
      if you truly have the answers to solve this problem as you seem to know everything else is futile, then do something.

      if you are like the other moaners who just cant hack it because they have been decieved then heres some good advice just stop being angry and try and improve your own life to appeciate the good with the right people around you. if you dont see any value with my advice then keep your negativity to yourself as it one thing to self destruct but its another to take others with you. some people here are trying learn and about the world goings on and what they should do. keep it positive my friend.

      Like I said you seem to know it all! so start something up yourself and make a difference to the evil in this world instead of permeating misery.

  62. hey fluffy bunny head, yeah we see great ‘change’ from your bowel movement which is completetely all over the place. but funny. in NY these dumbwits actually allowed medics to jab them with swine flu vaccines ‘coz they were free! This is typically arse in the airy fairy limpwimpwristed liberal ‘ooh pwotest’ – we are serious in the ’80s mate.
    As you occupy such a ‘wonderful world’ i’m surprised you are on this site as it is rather ‘negative’ what? i gain some satisfaction from the shock in store for you – put it down to karma. And get off my case, boxhead you don’t know jack shit. Have a nice day.

    • Yes of course you know everything my friend, but do not have the balls to do anything but moan at how crap the world is right now. Some people are doers whilst others are moaners. You fall under a moaner with verbal diarrohea. its about time you cleaned up your act!

      Maybe your purpose is the illuminati agenda just to get everyone confused and do nothing because they are so damned. Well maybe that why I am on here to weed individuals like you out. I wont get off your case as it is not your site so if the blogger wants me removed so be it. One thing I wont tolerate is BS from people like you. Infact you are worse than the elite as you dont have a clear idea about what you are. Spouting off BS in an intellectual fashion like you know so much. Yet you dont have an agenda about what to do, only that “WE ARE DOOMED!”

      Things may be airy fairy to you but there are good people out there that want to change the world for the better, whether it happens is another matter but they tried..
      So don’t knock people for trying as Bullshitters like yourself are doing nothing.

      ps do a little more research on matters before commentng on them as you are so way off topic in most of your views and you refuse to see things in any other way. How mature of you to wish bad karma on me, well karma only returns to those who wish ill will on others. Work on your own anger issues before giving anyone advice because you seem totally out of control and completley in Dafida world which is not the real world.

      Have a good night!

  63. idiot boy, i was politically active most of my life for what? bumheads like you to talk to me as if you know jack shit. Say hi to Sananda for me.

  64. Oh, would you believe it, another messiah complex nut! hahah … God (you bastard) save me from your people!

  65. one world stop talking shit and do something useful with your life. help change a world filling with evil dont be part of the problem. Or maybe you just maybe you dont have the balls eh? Nanoo nanoo earth calling Dafida to stop spreading verbal diarrohea. LOLx

    • Bigpapa said:

      Just look up Dave Chappelle interview on Oprah and “inside the Actors studio with James Lipton” He explains it all right from a guy that gave up 50 million because he didnt want to sell his soul and ass. Also I saw Dave in concert right after he stopped doin the Chappelle show and he said the reason why he gave up the 50 million was because the head of “television” as he put invited Dave over to his house and put his cock on a pile of millions of dollars sitting in the middle of his living room floor. Dave said no and left the industry for good. This is why I believe what this guy is saying, it’s a fucked up industry.

  66. nuckle head said:

    so lets say that satan really exists and the illuminati are taking over the world but why is hollywood shuting up,arent they suppose to do something about it?

  67. jbrannon said:

    I’m still confused as to what your agenda is. You want to inform people of the existing evil right? What is the alternative to this evil. Are you saying there is no creator or no god who is good? There is no clear message here other than…”your all duped, the world is ruled by satanists..the end” After satan is exposed, then what?

  68. Questions said:

    This is interesting – not totally surprising – since you could sense it if you’re spiritually discerning. Thank you for sharing. I was just wondering if people are after you (your life) for publishing this. Seems dangerous. Lastly, what kind of influence does the illuminati have in asia, places like China, Japan, and Korea? If you could reply without posting, that would be cool.

    • creoleguy32 said:

      No people are not after me but I do get angry phone calls from Hollywood Actors all the time but as far as world leaders, I simply think that everyone is trying to stay off of my radar.

  69. Kind of worried you have not posted in a while, do u have a new site?

    • creoleguy32 said:

      I have been busy with my book on Hollywood and the Illuminati but I will post up next week.

      • Connie Anna said:

        I really enjoy Your writing and insight on the Hollywood weird Garbage..4 Me its difficult 2 Believe but I do Believe YOU..ID love 2 listen 2 You talk 4 a few hours..IM not as Hip as I used 2 Be..I was really into Whitney Houstons Murder cover up..Anyway, Nicolas, THANK YOU

    Carlton Douglas, California:

    “When I first began reading about your Liberty Projects, I initially asked myself, “Why you?” But then, I realized the question I should have been asking was, “Why us?” This is as much about the 25 years your generation lost as the quarter century MY generation could lose, thus I realized the magnitude and importance of this issue. PLEASE SUPPORT THIS ISSUE!”


    Liberty Project III is a campaign and crusade+ against organize crime, a repetitive George W. Bush Jr./Richard Riordan (Micheal Campi)/Mark J. Mershon’s (aka Freddy DeMann)/Allen Riker (John Barrymore Jr.)/Chris Ciccone FBI Unit’s Crime Syndicate, which my generation, and I have become victims of. We are against the crimes that they committed, and the black
    demonic rain (a satanic evil spiritual force) that they caused upon our nation, which plighted our generation.

    WE ARE AGAINST: Black Demonic Rain (an evil satanical spiritual force), Abductions, Rapes, Larcenies, Murder, and Arrests Made On Innocent Artists! These crimes have been repeatedly sequenced 3X (1984/1985/1991-2011). We are asking all of our FRIENDS to REGISTER for the ACTIVIST CENTER, and to sign our PETITION.

    Learn all the facts, join the forum sign the petition!, and learn what we are doing to STOP THEM FROM DOING IT TO US AGAIN! “GENOCIDE was there “Coupdetat” in 1984, lets all reflect on how it affected our lives, now that the enlightenment period is here…
    In this campaign we seek to enforce/prosecute our Liberty Project III Case, and to protect the innocent, and to abolish the evil spiritual satanic force which persecuted our generation.

    Those who GOD has brought together let no man or beast put a sunder!

    -Demetrios Poulakas
    Hollywood, Ca. USA

    LP III + CASE:



  71. The “rock on” symbol as you call it is called the “Maloik” it’s an Itailian hand gesture to ward of people giving you the “evil eye” & to protect yourself against demons, so how could it be “summoning demons” if it was meant to ward them off?

    The reason people now call it “rock on” or “devil horns” is because the late Ronnie James Dio introduced it to the rock world.
    His grandmother was a superstitious Itailian woman(actually from Italy) and she is the one who explained to him it was to ward off evil & evil spirits.

    He just thought it looked cool & started doing it on stage where it caught on & became the huge “controversial” image it has become.

    Ask yourself this…
    What if there really isn’t a “Lake of Fire”, God, or a Satan. Then that makes your little superstitions mean nothing.

    This isn’t about Gods, Devils, & demons…this is about PEOPLE CONTROLING PEOPLE.
    You may not have a next life coming where you can hang out in the clouds…that could have been just another cog in the control machine to keep you ignorant to you being a SLAVE to PEOPLE & not demons.

    Look at the bigger picture…if there really isn’t a God, then there most certainly isn’t a Satan, so then you’re just left with being a pawn in someone’s grandios scheme of you being their puppet.
    Take the supernatural aspect out of it, & it doesn’t change the fact you’re still being controlled, manipulated, & duped into being whatever these PEOPLE want you to be.

    That, or it’s ALL bullshit.

  72. I don’t know if you touched upon this yet. But is the correspondence dinner really just an event where all the illuminists go to eat shit and watch the President say stupid ass jokes?. And do you have any dirt on Charlize Theron?. Ever since I saw her in that Dior Commercial, she wreaked of somebody that has taken the oath and is now part of the club as well. And that new movie she stars in “Prometheus” along with “Snow White And The Cocksmen”, both movies seem to have heavy occult undertones. And one last thing, the occult movie “The Men Who Stare At Goats”. Was this movie the initiation of all those actors into the illuminati, Clooney, Spacey, Mcgregor, and Bridges?. I mean soon after, Bridges wins best actor for “Crazy Heart”o.O

    • creoleguy32 said:

      Well if you read the “Who Killed Whitney Houston” Post on the Illuminati, I have a link from The Hollywood Reporter that tells of Hollywood Actors doing cocaine at that event, and thats only in the media because one actor ran his mouth, so if this one actor is saying that he does cocaine at the event then just imagine what everyone else there is doing. Congressman Barney Frank from Ma State would provide the children for the other congress people to molest and he was busted by the FBI but being that Congressman Barney Frank keeps the name of high up government people and their dirty deeds in his little black Satanic book, the FBI was too afraid of the Illuminati to bring charges, so our government is also involved in this mess along with the media, UN, and Hollywood.

      • Connie Anna said:

        Why the Silence on Whitney H Murder? Her Family, the Raffles Van guy, her Brother, her traitor Manager pat houston,her phony friends..IM sure You have additional Info..Everybody shut up..Nobody is talking..Why did the guy from Amsterdam get away with taking dead photos ETC?? I guess HER story is OVER right..regardless..a done deal..another assassination unsolved

      • creoleguy32 said:

        No. I plan on coming out with more details including some Illuminati Rewards that have been going to people in her life, like Bobbi Krissy. Bobbi Krissy was out and about partying the day after her mother passed.

  73. please consider even a short investigation into the enki annunaki zecheria sitchen story please. I keep running into people who try and get me to worship all kinds of gods and demons and im sick to my teeth with this bullshit they can all go straight to you know where as far as I am concerned.

    • creoleguy32 said:

      It was a total fraud. There are no annuaki. Sitchin was funded by the British Royal Family and Royal Family of the Netherlands, being that all of these people own the major four oil companies, which hatched a plan to monopolize the planet’s mineral and oil wealth. So if you notice in the Sitchin books, he make the Anuaki “Elite” Aliens all look like British or Northern Europeans, some of these fake artifacts, which were created in London were even modeled after Prince Williams.
      There are very few REAL artifacts that are being found by London or even Israel.

      Also notice that the books say that the Annuaki were the only ones allowed to have medicine that deals with DNA repair & advanced medicine, which is an Illuminati concept about everyone else being animals while the elites are of perfect DNA and also notice that the books say that Africans were created as a slave race to work in gold mines. This book only came about when the British and Norway Royal Families started to push their way into Africa and Latin America with their mining and oil companies and the book was supposed to be a bible that would be forced on Africans and Indians in Latin America to make them think that they were to be slaves to the British Royal Family, while companies like BP OIl, Chevron-Norway Oil, Dutch Royal Shell Oil were to be welcomed to steal the land in order to drill for oil or mine for gold.
      David Icke is also a part of this scam being that David Icke (the reptile alien guy) works for the British Secret Service and was also a main pusher of selling these fake Anuki Alien Agendas to Africans and others.
      The Anuaki Artifacts were created in the 1980’s and even though they are clearly fakes and brand new, the British say that they are thousands of years old. Its all one big lie

      • so where does the reptilian shapeshifter scenerio come into play since there is many videos available and also legends and stories throughout many tribes of indigenous peoples? just asking your take on the subject since it is widely connected to celebrities etc.

      • I am living in the UK. David Icke is a very nasty man and completely narcissistic. he cares very little about changing things but is concerned to sell books and put bums on seats for his lectures. I know he supports BNP and holocaust deniers.He surrounds himself with very right wing people. I believe what you say that he works for the British establishment and have thought that he publicizes the illuminate agenda for them.
        Also i saw the concert of Maddona on TV and it was obvious she was performing a Satanic ritual and fooling the crowd into being a part of it.The energy from that ritual was so strong I felt it coming into the room from my TV screen. This scares me a great deal. I have just found your site and whilst it is hard to take in that actual human sacrifices are happening in Hollywood, I do believe you. I have hated all the horrific and pornographic films that come out of Hollywood and never watch them. I am in shock and can only put my faith in God that he will help you and others on your site to defeat these devils.

  74. Thank You; knew he was a ‘stitch up’ same way as fraudulant Frueds and Frank Enstein (being a ‘genuis’ hoho).

    At the same time their collection of sun books (bibles) were being penned, thousands of white poor (98%) were being incarcerated, kidnapped and bludgeoned to supply slave labour in building the colonies in replication of the Roman/Grecian and City of London blueprint. Syphilis was rife amongst the ‘elites’ (due entirely to their habitual perversions) and the only known cure was to be found in what they called The Tree of Life (Lignum Vitae). Treatment of the ‘royal’ – meaning hybrid – curse was Mercury and or Silver which turned the infected areas and blood, blue. So I’ve discovered that Royal (as in slang for hybrid plants, animals) Blue Blood (as in syphilus treatment and almost exclusive to merchant pyrates) and the Tree of Life were fashioned into some mystical claptrap to state: We bastardised hybrid syphilitic retards have discovered a cure for our ills in The Tree of Life. This leg (500+ years) commenced with the Jesuits and Ignatius Layola although the Venetians and Phoenicians (Egypt) laid the groundwork as far as I can see.

    These ‘discovered skull’ of ancient beings stories, just make me laugh as The Pilton Down ‘man’ repeated.

    Assume you know of Greg Hallett’s work (Hitler Was a British Agent etc.) but if not, definitely worth pursuing.

  75. Donte Peace said:

    Hi, I think you have a lot of good information. I noticed that you mentioned, Jesus Christ is a copy of the Egyptian God Amenra. I find that interesting because before I stumbled on to your website, I concluded the exact same thing through my own research. I would like to interview you by email. I feel you have a lot of good information that people need to hear. So if you are interested in being interviewed by email, please let me know, because I have a lot of questions to ask you that cover many different topics.

  76. Latest take on JC is that ihe was Julias Caeser and Cleopatra’s child: hence JC moniker and fits in neatly with both the death of Caeser (15th March Easter) and the fall of the Egyptian Empire (18th Dynasty) which (ahem) had a black man on the seat, which leads into ObamaRama and the fall of America (through City of London/Crown Estates whose owner is Vat.I.Can).

  77. Question... said:

    Enjoyed the last two articles. I was wondering if you could do a write up on what really happened with Aaliyah or just respond here. For some reason, her death never really sat well with me. I’ve read rumors that suggest she was sacrificed by Dame Dash, but I don’t really believe that. He appears to be worse off than he was when she was alive. Maybe I am just reading too much into it and it really was just an accident.

    • creoleguy32 said:

      Hi. You can email me at Bayouclassic30@aol.com and I can post your article. Thanks for your interest because the more people that we have speaking up about what really goes on in Hollywood the better.

      • Question... said:

        Hi. I apologize for the way that I worded my first message. I was really just wondering if you knew of anything funny surrounding her death. The information I’ve learned is from the internet and was posted by others. I myself am not a Hollywood insider. It’s just that some of the people, things, and etc. surrounding her death seem more than just a coincidence.

      • creoleguy32 said:

        I dont undertsand the question. Is thre anything “funny” about her death? Well…..duhhhhhhhhhhh. Do you think she just happen to get into a tub of water in a hotel room and drown without any “help”?

      • Question... said:

        “Do you think she just happen to get into a tub of water in a hotel room and drown without any “help”?”

        So you’re saying Aaliyah was drowned before her plane crashed? Or are you referring to Whitney? My question was in reference to Aaliyah and if she was set up or was her death just an accident like they claim.

  78. I really enjoy reading your blog and the most recent post on Whitney Houston’s death. Do you know anything about a guy called “Raffles Van Exel?” He was floating around Whitney during her last days. He was also seen around Michael Jackson near the end of his life and did an interview with Michael’s former manager Frank Dileo. Did he have anything to do with either(or both) of their deaths?

    Speaking of Michael Jackson, you said there has to be a sacrifice to work in Hollywood. Considering the extent of his fame and success, did he wipe out an entire village or something? I’ve read on other sites that he was trying to “get out” and he was murdered because of that. Is this true?

    Thanks for the blog. I hope you’re able to keep sharing the information with us.

    • creoleguy32 said:

      Yeah, Michael Jackson said that it was his last round of tours, which is a big NO NO in the Illuminati Music Industry because now you have put the Illuminati Labels on notice that they can no longer make money off of you. So, that was his first mistake.

      Michael’s second mistake was allowing Sony and others to line up over 70 tour dates! That’s impossible! They knew that Michael nor could any other entertainer succeed in that contract, so what they did was craft a narrative that Michael Jackson was old, tired, weak and died from a drug over dose due to exhaustion.
      So, they get this Caribbean born doctor, that only went to medical school, at a late age, simply to go around Hollywood and give people drugs.
      Michael Jackson would have likely made Hollywood around 250 Million in touring and merchandising had he started his tour but the Illuminati wanted more and after they killed him via medical sabotage by that doctor, these corporations have already made over 1 billion dollars and the money is still coming in because of the rights to that film they did on Michael.
      P.S. Michael Jackson was very against the Illuminati and their plots at destroying the world and once he started doing songs about racial harmony and healing the world, they were furious! They planned at least ten years earlier that they were going to kill Jackson.

  79. Wow, I read most of the comments left by idiots, but it made my head hurt…these people really DO worship celebrities! Sad because these are all satanic murderers who would probably sacrifice these followers if given the chance. I am glad you put out this blog, as it reaffirms my disgust for the entire ‘entertainment’ industry and that most if not all movies and music are dripping with the occult.

    Thank you for showing me who / what to avoid so as to have a better conscience.

  80. 1. Did Whitney die at the time reported or did she die earlier?

    2. Did Whitney sacrifice anything for fame?

    3. Do you know anything about Prince?

    • creoleguy32 said:

      Keep in mind that the Beverly Hills PD allowed Ray J to leave the hotel moments after she was found dead but they couldn’t place him in the room and then Ray J returned about an hour later and pretended that he had never seen Whitney. The Beverly Hills PD also allowed someone else, a European Guy that works in the music industry to do the room clean up and this guy ran back to Europe and bragged about being in her room.
      Whitney Houston was never sober and if she wasn’t on cocaine, she would take lots of pills simply to make it through the film Sparkle.
      Whitney Houston is dead because she didn’t sacrifice any member of her family but she did think that her family tried to kill her which drove her to Bobby Brown. Now when Whitney H. had Bobbie Krissy, this should have been the sacrifice and she would have been back on top of the world because Hollywood Magic can hide a star’s drug use and make them look good and of course Oprah is used to give one a good media image. But this goes to show that if black artist join the Illuminati and you don’t sacrifice your kid or family, in one form or another, these kids will grow up and end up helping to sacrifice them.

      Her time of death and death report is still not accurately being reported nor has it been properly documented because they arent reporting that she had a substance, common in CIA circles, that is used to kill someone but it doesnt kill them right away but kicks in a few hours later, sometimes it kicks in a day later, and it stops your heart. But keep in mind that all of the medical and law enforcement in Beverly Hills and LA County are on payroll of mafias and Illuminati Hollywood

    • creoleguy32 said:

      OK Prince or the artist formerly known as Prince, took Warner Music to court because he said that the Illuminati tried to make him into a slave and unlike many other black artist, Prince wasn’t trying to be a slave but look at what happened to him. Prince career was ended and many people do not know that Prince lost 1 unborn kid at the hands of the Illuminati that was killed in the delivery room and another child was born with major health issues and water on the brain. So, Prince is anti-Illuminati but he is staying away from Hollywood unlike Michael Jackson who was also anti-Illuminati but Jackson was still trying to deal with the Illuminati because he was in debt and look how he ended up.
      You cant take money from the Illuminati and then not give them a blood sacrifice or not help to spread evil throughout the world.

  81. Jordan Ntoka said:

    What happened to Kesha Cole?

    • creoleguy32 said:

      I have no idea because she wasnt or isnt a big enough star to even be on my radar. Maybe she a crack head like her mother Frankie. She is not big enough to be Illuminati. Illuminati only wants people who have internation appeal and celebrities that are satanic and talented enough to bring in the New World Order of Darkness. Maybe try Media Take Out or go on youtube and ask The Skorpion Show.

  82. Interesting thought provoking stuff you have here. What i want to know is, Did Beyonce really give birth to Blue Ivy or was there a surrogate? Why are they hiding her? Are they trying to protect her from the Illuminati? I know you probably get this question alot but im curious.

    • creoleguy32 said:

      The question is…was Jay Z’s sperm the one that was used to create Blue Ivy. They were in France when she first said that she was “with child” and there is only one reason to be in France and thats is due to if you have an issue with a chronic illness and need DNA manipulation to make it ok to have a child or if you need to have a child bith outside of regular male-female sex that leads to a nine month term. So, to be honest, I 100% doubt that Blue Ivy came out of Beyonce’s pussy. France & Israel are pretty much the center of all sorts of medical DNA spookiness.

  83. Do you know which family members Whitney thought were trying to kill her?

    Thank yoy for answering my questions, and I agree with you about Beyonce’s fans.

    • creoleguy32 said:

      Her mother and father, they had a fall out for years. The father (who was her manager at one time) was taking her to court and saying that he wanted her money because Whitney Houston wasnt paying him enough money. It is always about money with the family members even the Jackson Family that helped to kill M.J. Janet Jackson was the one that went into the home in Beverly Hills and took away the evidence, so dont be fooled by this Whitney Houston tribute by her mother on BET awards

  84. Catfish said:

    Thank you very much for sharing these things.

    • creoleguy32 said:

      you are welcome Catfish! Sounds like a Louisiana or Albama screen nick name-lol.

      • Catfish said:

        Georgia actually, but I lived in Southern California and West Hollywood for years and LISTEN– I’m probably an idiot but my experience there (without being specific) educated me properly that what you say here is very real and true. So… thank you again. I look forward to reading more of what you write.

      • creoleguy32 said:

        Cool. I assume that you are back in Ga. State? If you are out of Cali, then you just missed a sinking ship because this state is so broke that at any minute everything can just shut down. I am planning to relocate either to La. State or Va. State while I finish my book and wait for citizenship to kick in for French Canada.

  85. I have been wondering about Cissy houston. Something seems very off about her. I Did not know all of that info about bobbi kris either.

    • creoleguy32 said:

      Hello! Even Whitney had issues with her mother and father and Whitney didnt like them even before she married Bobby Brown. Whitney Houston said that they wanted to use her for money, steal her money and Houston’s father was trying to take 80% of her earnings and I think that this is what drove her to Bobby Brown.
      Michael Jackson had issues with his family and said that they would sell him out for money, so these black families arent as holy as we are led to think.

      • It is just Nice to finally hear Some truth about whitney houston and bobbi kris. People say so much about whitney. Its hard to believe whats true and what isnt. Was whitney à lesbian or bisexual?

  86. Wow. I have always thought there was something off about Cissy houston. Do you know anything about pat houston? I didnt know that info about bobbi kris either. It breaks my heart that She helped to sacrifice her own mother. They seemed to be so close.

    • christ761 said:

      Don’t take such accusations to heart or be so gullible. Did Bobby Kristina or Cissy Housten tell you that themselves? Do the people making these comments live with and know the people they are accusing?

      • creoleguy32 said:

        I knew Whitney and I know Brandy and I know Ray J and I have seen Bobbi Krissy at some of these parties and seen what she does….so yes. Does that answer your question? And another thing about Bobbi Krissy, she dont go to parties that have any blacks but instead she is often the only black face at some of these drug parties because she knows where the good drugs are gonna to be.

      • creoleguy32 said:

        Think of Whitney Houston at the height of her crack use, which Whitney mostly did in isolation at her home and now take that and times it by 500% and you get Bobbi Krissy. The only difference is that Bobbi Krissy doesnt use crack….yet….so you cant really tell because she isnt 90lbs with teeth falling out.

  87. Catfish said:

    I’ll be the first to buy your book brother. Keep the truth comin’! If you come to Georgia St. give me a holler.

  88. This blog makes sense, it really does. Yes, you say you worked for these people(?) But all of this information, it is a lot and if true- (then hollywood would want to shut you up). Is it thought contacts or is it personal ”memories”?

    • creoleguy32 said:

      I dont try to pretend that I am a holy and religious person, so with that being said, I dont have to pretend to be something that I am not. People can read my writings and clearly see that I have studied the occult, illuminati, freemasons and I just so happen to be down to Earth enough to communicate very diffcult realities to every day people.
      There are too many people that on the surface pretend to be Christians or “god fearing” (actors, preachers, politicians, singers) to your face but behind closed doors they are doing something that has nothing to do with being a “god fearing” holy Christian and I think that this is what makes people upset because they do not want to think the worse of their favorite celebrity or their favorite tv network.
      People have to now accept hard and not so pleasing facts about the world they live in & how their world is one big illusion, mostly due to the agenda of the Illuminati that is destroying so many lives and minds via music, films, tv, media and government.
      No one wants to admit that they have fallen into a Satanic trap because everyone wants to think that they make their own choices in this world.

      • Natas17 said:

        So just because you .’witnessed’ all this first hand we are supposed to eat whatever you feed? I see many other blogs that show many facts supporting their details, but you say you have witnessed all this but yet fail to show proof? I can say I blew jesus and he made me young forever and expect evrybody to assume I have all the answers on the tip of my lips ha. I am a supporter of the illuminati, and I choose to talk bad about it because if you speak against god and pledge your soul to lucifer you are damned either way. But what will you suspect to happen after 2012 when nothing happens? Will you perhaps say they were to busy banging rihanna their whore? In your article about rihanna being an illuminati whore all you do is bad mouth her and don’t show any facts besides ‘chris brown escaped a sacrifice attempt and fleed to virginia’ who told you this adam weishpaut himself? Or did whitney before she was murderd? Or was it rihanna illuminati controlled pussy? Or chris brown himself who you met worshipping at some temple but have no proof of showing? People like you make me chuckle in embarrassment assuming you know about powers you cannot understand. I think I will paint myself red & gold and get some devil horns and walk umder a pyramid to perform a cheap ritual. In 2012 when the ones are chosen who side will you be on when the battle comes? Since you are not a holy man as you say wouldn’t you be hell bound? So I giess either way you are a part of lucifer already. You call others d-listers but my friend it is thosei in the background that work the fireworks at the show. And who are you? I have never heard of such a silly name until today, are you an a lister? Or somebody who just is on a personal vendetta because you long for what these a-listers have? Or are you mearly above all these people because you speak of knowledge based upon fairytells you have set forth before yourself?

      • creoleguy32 said:

        First of all, why dont you see this link: http://creoleneworleans.typepad.com/creole_folks/2012/05/rihanna-exposed-the-illuminati-.html
        Rihanna is very upfront about who she is and what she does. The girl even makes videos where she calls herself an Illuminati Slut! So, how is it that you are mad at me?

        And to the rest of you: Listen you MediaTakeOut and Wendy Williams Goons, I am not the one that is clueless about how life works. I happen to know that the average human mind thinks 3000 thoughts per day and the job of the Illuminati and their slave artist tokens are to focus your sub conscience mind on bad behavior, Satanism and to sell a demonic culture.
        This is why you are 200 lbs over weight and why you don’t know that eating McDonalds is simply a way to destroy your body or vessel from God and hand it over to Lucifer.

        I am not the one that stuffs my face with high fructose corn syrup, found in non-organic food and soda to the point that I am 10 years old with diabetes nor am I naive about the true meaning of “Christmas” which is nothing but a Lucifer pagan holiday and celebration of the light bearer which happens to be Lucifer.
        I am not the one from dumb parents and living with a generational curse that blinds me to the true nature of this world and the entertainment that pollutes this world.

        While many of you have all day to come here and TRY and I do mean only TRY to go off or debate me about fact or fiction, the Satanic show is still going on and not one of you appear to have the discipline to stop watching the videos, stop listening to the songs and stop seeing the Hollywood films.
        Your little average minds with your little sub intelligence only thinks about 3000 thoughts a day and the media have all of your thoughts on frivolous and trivial matters that really will mean nothing when your judgement day comes because ignorance is no excuse for your worship of Satan.

        So roll out Lucifer slaves, this info is for high thinkers, evolved people and those who are awake to the agenda.
        I am not hear to convince you of shit…this is not the OJ Trial and I am not Johnny “The Glove done fit you must acquit” Cochran. Take it or leave it but just know that something is up and deep down inside you fear the truth but yet most of you still know that what I and many others have warned you about is fact,

        Yes, I understand that you love Rihanna but even in her own videos she writes “Illuminati Princess….SLUT” Rhianna is very upfront about her Satanism and her agenda, so why are people TRYING to debate me on Rihanna, I simply dont know.

      • I was raised in a family against any sort of hollywood fame ”idolizing” (though I have anyway been part of that group who blindly listened to the music they handed out, but I never idolized anyone because I have dignity and the only one I idolize is myself- not in a EGO way but more in a way of freedom). And I myself have been studying both numerology and illuminati history, and understand the connection with all of this. The one thing I have not in proof (by personally seeing) is some if the content you lay out here- BUT it all makes so much sense! And your information is gold worth.
        The problem I see is that some people are ignorant, and do not see that they are unable to ”read between the lines” so to say. And yes you are right, many people dont want to abandon their ”comfort” in not knowing about the truth. Many of the todays population are blinded by the manipulation the media gives out through music and TV, and that is exactly what the gov wants. They want blind walking puppets, they want the people to think that they have a voice but actually they dont.
        Your blog is very, very good.

  89. I’m just curious.

    What EXACTLY are the Illumunati waiting for?
    How long does it take for them to actually bring in the NWO?
    If they control everything, what are they afraid of?

    I seriously want to know, because I don’t understand how people can be so powerful, yet have no power to do anything.

    The plan seems pretty straight forward, why does it take over 200 years to put it in place?

  90. Love it! Love it! Expose all evil Hollywood, but bad a lot of people already brain wash, media really got their minds along, especially woman they will do anything for fame or money and the men would get trap for pussy, but you should expose more of jay-z. No one really says much about him, but the obvious. What about the son he had with that Trinidadian model, and what happen to his best buddy before k west, you know Memphis bleek. I don’t think nicki minaj is a fake santanist, look who’s label she’s under lil Wayne and birdman, allso being that she’s the only female rap artist stood on bill boards chats with the most #1 hits and sold the most records, I think since she not on jay z team, she can’t be in front of Beyonce or Rihanna, in illuminati spot light.

    • creoleguy32 said:

      I do what I can. Hollywood is the Satanic Mind Control Propaganda Arm of Lucifer. Hollywood’s job is to get people into buying this New World Order (as hip hop artist call it & US Politicians) of Satan by making it look cool, glamorous and en vogue (in vogue)-but it also ties into the US Government, the United Nations, the bankers, the military.
      Right now in Ca. State, we have high up government officials that are operating child sacrifice and rape facilities under the city of Los Angeles. Over 109,000 people disappear in the US each year but the media never says what happens to most of these people nor do we ever hear about how the US Gov uses wars to make blood sacrifices to Lucifer.

      • Natas17 said:

        And you know all this about me because you saw me do it at a worship temple let me guess? Ha. I never said I was a supporter of rihanna, it’s just that you lack facts to support these sloppy beliefs that you run around your mind making assumptions like a blind believer. So why not tell me tgeir plans if 2012 does not fall through? What is it they will wait for next? The bringing of a new jesus or perhaps are they doing all this and I can assure you, you are simply a cockroach stain on the boot of life being trailed around like some leftovers, you my friend are an example of a peasant from the old age throwing around smoke for some acknowledgment

      • creoleguy32 said:

        Like I said Rihanna makes videos where she writes down the words “Illuminati Princess….Slut” In her own words. So really get over it

      • creoleguy32 said:

        Dont you know about the people in your “hood”? I am sure that you know something about what goes on in your area. Well, I live in Hollywood and many of these people are in my “hood” so I am just telling you what goes down with my neighbors.

      • Natas17 said:

        And like o said before I can careless about Rihanna, I am not denying her illuminati status, you have no defense. You just keep rambling on about I know this I know that. Ohh, I think I will go start a site on how I know all this fog & smoke but don’t show any sources/proof. I am not saying I deny what is going on in the background of society or our faces, but I simply saying where is your proof besides ‘i know them personally’. You simply lack proof to support your facts. I read many other articles & they all show proof of what they are pledging. What you are doing is basically trying to sell a car without a manual.

  91. HisNameIsYahuah said:

    Rev 2:9 and Rev 3:9 (read it). They know who the real Hebrew Israelites are.

  92. HisNameIsYahuah said:

    x don’t waste your energy on things you have no control of (when, where, how, etc). creoleguy have some truth but just like everything else…satan love to mix lies with the truth in order to confuse the masses. And the powers that be, who are running satanic hollywierd, the media, etc (Job 9:24) will have to answer to the Yahuah one day. Believe that!

    • creoleguy32 said:

      I dont understand how you can say that I am mixing truth with lies. Even if you dont buy everything that I am telling you, keep in mind that it really doesnt matter if YOU think that it is true or not because the people that run your life :churches, governments, media, military and bankers……THEY ALL KNOW WHAT THEY ARE UP TO AND THEY FOLLOW THE ILLUMINATI. So, in one way or another, you are also caught up into Satanism simply from living in America.
      The Statue of Liberty isnt even the face of a woman, but instead it was modeled after a Roman Drawing of Lucifer (Yes its that deep) and given to the US by France. So, case closed. I am just a messenger. I am trying to expose all of the dark and dirty nasty habits and thought systems of these people to show the brutal and honest truth, so I dont see how you can pretend that I am trying to mislead people when I talk about them (the Illuminati) so bad.
      Look at Jay Z, Beyonce, Ryan Searest, Anjie Jolie and others in Hollywood that try to make it look glamorous. I dont glam anything up.

      • Connie Anna said:

        Thank You Nickolas 4 being The Messenger..The Truth You reveal is so ugly most people cant believe it because they are very DECEIVED..How can You continue to live in Hollywood? Dont You need a break?? Hear No Evil-See no Evil-Speak No Evil..IAM Naive and I thought I was hip..IM Naive but I know You tell it Like IT Really IS

  93. HisNameIsYahuah said:

    First of all, I said “creoleguy have some truth” (pls read with understanding). I like your post and I have done my research, enough to know that most of what you’re saying is true about beyonce/witch, gayz/satanist, angelina hoelie/satanic bloodline, etc. However, some of the things that you say regarding the bible are not true. Them ZIONIST JEWS (the powers that be) are NOT the true Hebrew Israelites (as the bible mentions in Rev 2:9 & Rev 3:9), but they are of their father satan. That’s what I meant by mixing lies with the truth, but if you took ALL of what I said in a negative way, then so be it. I know all about the “statue of liberty” IDOL, I DO NOT CELEBRATE OR FOLLOW THEM PAGAN HOLIDAYS (satan claus, easter/ishtar, HELLoween, cupid day, etc). And please don’t place me in them “idol worshipping/SUN worshipping churches (I don’t follow them pork chop preaching pagan pastors or that illusional propaganda lying media) my eyes are open. No thank you! I am a Hebrew Israelite. And I’m sure you know that Israel, was created and made up in 1948 by Great Britain and United SNAKES under the ledge of nations, signed, sealed and delivered by the BALFOUR AGREEMENT is NOT the Israel that we read about in the Torah. Oh and by the way, Babylon will have her day (Rome & America). Shalom.

    • creoleguy32 said:

      Yeah, I heard what you said about some truth. Now why dont people go on Rihanna or Beyonce Sites and ask them why they are doing what they are doing as Illuminati Whores?

      • HisNameIsYahuah said:

        Yeah I don’t expect Rihanna or Beyonce dumb down delusional fluoride drinking tap water fans to ask them “why they are doing what they are doing” because they can’t see the forest for the trees. They call everything art.o_O They too deep in the rabbit hole.

      • creoleguy32 said:

        Thank you!!!!!! Its not like they really hiding anything considering Beyonce does videos where she becomes possesed and wears Lucifer on her outfits and Rihanna, I mean DAYM! That girl dresses up with Satanic Horns and calls herself an “Illuminati Princess…Slut” Why is it hard for people to read about her walking around Hollywood and going by Ashton Kutcher at midnight and calling herself an Illuminati Whore? This is who Rihanna is and notice how much the Illuminati Press loves her.
        P.S. Anyone can write a post about this stuff, if you are awake, and email to Bayouclassic30@aol.com and I will post it.

      • creoleguy32 said:

        My next post in a few days is gonna break down who this “Rain Man” person is that keeps popping up in hip hop, rap, rock and pop songs. The Rain Man Demon, which is all over music tracks is a special case and I am trying to figure out how to communicate where this Rain Man started and why he is so important to hip hop artist in the music industry

      • HisNameIsYahuah said:

        They dumb down from the fluoride water, aspartame, high fructose corn syrup, GMO foods, and the hell bound music, videos, & movies. Their brains have turned into MUSH! Rihanna could walk up to them herself and tell them she worship satan (which she does) and they still wouldn’t believe it.o_0 Deception in plain sight. You can lead a donkey to water, but you can’t make it drink.

      • HisNameIsYahuah said:

        The rain man is the name of a demon or fallen angel. Many artist pay tribute to “the rain man”. Check out this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DikoLMfnEgE

      • HisNameIsYahuah said:

        Sorry, I notice I post the same video you did before reading your post on WB. Eminem even mimic the movie rain man in his video “We Made you”. Read this: http://spiritspeakstruths.blogspot.com/2009/11/rain-man-in-music.html

    • creoleguy32 said:

      I have always claimed that the real jews were not zionist and if I look at real history they were negroid and came out of South Africa, which is why lower Africa is an illuminati strong hold

      • HisNameIsYahuah said:

        My Sentiments Exaclty!

      • SOUTH AFRICA!!?? I’m from South Africa and haven’t noticed anything relating to the satanistic/illuminati stuff. But could you at least inform me, on what to look out for?

    • stephanie said:

      i agree with the comment His name is Yahuah said. how come so many ppl who call themselves Christians celebrate KNOWN pagan holidays? also,SUN day is about sun worship. this really makes me wonder just how many ppl are really trying to have a real relationship with God. to many ppl are on the fence so much they dont realize they are worshipping celebrities and are being taught devil worshippers beliefs. these very celebrities will promote the chip that is the mark of the beast and these celebs will promote the new world order and most of their “fans”will be decieved,but this is what happens when someone looks up to a celebrity instead of the one true living God

  94. willardsmythe said:

    Thank you for your informative post today. The “rain man” you talked about could really be a factor in what happened at the movie house. Also mind control. This guy was very smart. A degree in Neuroscience. I think someone got ahold of his brain for sure. This fills in a blank for me concerning the “lone nut” who just happens to be well armed and in a murderous rage. A couple of events come to mind. Lone nut kills Democratic leader of Arkansas. Lone nut in Norway ( where guns are outlawed) paddles out to an island full of trees( I saw the picture) where the children of the higher ups are, and somehow by himself is able to kill up to 80 people. The one you gave, an innocent black man who was shot by police, for the precision murder of Ronni Cassin. When you say Hollywood needs their blood sacrifice , you are right. You said you were going ” off the air” so to speak. I was sorry to hear that. Hopefully I will be able to purchase your book when you put it out. Thank you. You have opened my eyes alot to what is happening. I. am very sorry about your friend Sage Stallone. He had alot to offer. There has to be a karma for these perpeTraitors sometime.

  95. Wide awake said:

    When and where will your book be available?

  96. When and where will you book be available?

    • creoleguy32 said:

      Around Nov 2012. I will post updates just not any full post on Hollywood Illuminati unless something really major goes down. Thanks for asking. Stay strong!

  97. Thanks,
    Patiently waiting!

  98. Connie Anna said:

    Thank You Nickolas..I really enjoy everything You have 2 say about hollywood etc..I feel sad 4 Sage and Whitney..You blew my mind with truthful info etc..I will miss Your writing..I wish I could sit down and talk 2 You 4 about 8 hours..God Bless You

  99. HisNameIsYahuah said:

    Creoleguy32, you said, “I was given a year to warn the pubic about the Hollywood Illuminati (with Illuminati Immunity)”, Hmmmm…Who gave you a year to warn the public? Oh and another thing, the only people that can grant you “immunity” is those same people that you speak about. Just askin.

  100. Well said :HisnameisYahuah.
    Reading Creole’s blog always raised suspicons he was giving too much away. Secret Socieities dont allow you to run a well groomed blog llike this one without getting their pound of flesh out of you. They’ll find every way to shut you down,especially when this info is so accurately insensitive about them. The vulgarity and explicit description is coming from an illuminati who has been hired to keep people distracted and in fear. Creole doesnt give you a solution … but just a problem. He dismisses all the abrahamic relgions as manmade scriptures from the illuminati because that’s what he has been hired to do.Lets disinform the masses away from God rather than encourgae people to find god through a religion that resonates with them. My question to you Creole is If Satan exists (which he does) Where is God in your blog? Shame on you for doing their dirty disinfo work. As Malcom X (RIP) said stand: if you dont know what you stand for you will fall for anything!

    • willardsmythe said:

      CreoleGuy has given us a solution. Stop worshipping satan by buying and listening to the music,videos,cds, hollywood movies etc. He said no one can even stop. That included buying the fast food that is worth nothing to the human body.High fructose corn syrup, aspartame and of all things, a certain brand of clothing that has feminizing hormones in the cloth to make men effeminate wimps. Most of the comments here are from those who dont believe a word Creoleguy says. Maybe that is why he was allowed to tell us these secrets. To see what the public reaction was to their dirty deeds. Thank you for this info Creoleguy.

      • creoleguy32 said:

        You are welcomed! You are the only one that understands what I am trying to do. Stop buying their demonic subliminal suggestive music, films and watching their tv. The same five corporations own all the studios, tv stations and main stream magazines and these people are apart of a Satanic High Level Cult that is deicated to bringing in a One World Order.
        Its quite simple.

      • creoleguy32 said:

        Another thing, don’t really put too much of effort in talking to people who leave comments on HollywoodIlluminatiDotCom because 35% of them are Hollywood Publicist or they are paid by the UN and working out of an office in Utah.

        Ever since I did the post about Madonna’s Half Time Show for the NFL, I have a bunch of press agents and crisis managers that work for Hollywood and come online simply to try and defend their Illuminati Actors, Illuminati Films or Illuminati Artist.

        Some of these people I know because I am familiar with their writing style. Last month I had Scientologist PR people harassing me for the photo of John Travolta kissing another man, but the issue should be is why J.T. kissing another man, on the lips in public, since L Ron Hubbard said that Scientology cures homosexuality and being that John T. is supposedly a “clear” and high level Scientologist….yet he is still being caught having sex with massage boys and kissing men.

      • creoleguy32 said:

        There are alot of people in the Illuminati that blame me because the public is waking up and now know what is really going and how the world really operates. I simply feel that it isnt my fault that some aspects of the Illuminati are obvious and stupid. If they are dumb enough to get busted in their crimes and Illuminati Scams, then they do not need to be apart of the Illuminati.

      • HisNameIsYahuah said:

        I’m not sure who these people are responding to. They may need to “learn” some online etiquacy (i.e put the name of the person you’re referring to, speaking talking to, etc). I ask CREOLEGUY a question which I’m sure he can speak for himself. Alot of people can’t read between the lines and I caught what he said along with some other things that raised a red flag. I’m entitle to my opinion (just like everyone else) and I still believe he’s apart of the occult. I’ve already said, “creoleguy have SOME truth” but he didn’t write the book on truth, the Most High God did and that’s who we should turn to, if we really wanna know the TRUTH! Creoleguy told the public what he was ALLOWED to tell them in the year he was given. And most of what he shared is available upon research.

    • Natas17 said:

      Finally somebody who is not fooled by this man!

    • HisNameIsYahuah said:

      @Nels…Yeah I believe the year he was given is a part of his initiation. creoleguy did his good deed so he can move up the ladder. he told the public what he was ALLOWED to tell them. However, in this day and time satan and his imps don’t care if we know how evil and wicked they are (they want us to know). They are ready to move into the next dimension. On the other hand, I bet they’ll never tell people about the “IDENTITY THEFT”, they are not the real “Hebrew Isrelaites”, that’s another LIE satan and his children have deceived the world with (Rev 2:9 & Rev 3:9). Oh and to piggy back on what you said, yes I notice creoleguy always mentioning satan/lucifer but never lead people to the Most High, he never glorify the Most High Elohim. But I don’t fear satan/lucifer and his imps because fear os not of God, they don’t phase me because I don’t buy nor listen to that demonic music, and I no longer spend Yahuah money on them satanic MIND CONTROL movies (everything they put out is dark & demonic, invovle some type of ritual, adultery, murder, promoting homosexuality, etc). I try my best to protect my ear and eye gate. Of course, there are somethings we can’t avoid on this wicked earth, but I KNOW WHO I WORSHIP with all my heart, mind and soul. I know who’s name I call on, I know who I pray to, I know who my SOUL cry out to and I know I am a child of the Most High Elohim!

      Job 9:24 tells us, “the earth is given into the hand of the wicked”. Sometimes I wonder if some people forget that lucifer and the rebellion angels (now demons) were kicked out of heaven. satan is the prince of this world, him and his satanic bloodline (his children) exist today. So the powers that be, who rule this wicked earth are doing just what Yahusha (Jesus) prophesied they would do.

      This is a spiritual warfare between good and evil. Them devils know they will never reign in Heaven with the Most High Elohim, their time is short…their goal is to destroy every man/woman on this earth that Believes and worship the Most High God and His Son (remember we are made in the image of Yahuah), and they hate whatever our Heavenly Father loves. Revelation 20:7-10 says, “And when the thousand years are expired, satan shall be loosed out of his prison (he is loose), And shall go out TO DECEIVE THE NATIONS which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog, and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea. And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city: and fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them. And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.” Ahhh what a wonderful ending.:-)

  101. You are a serious liar and nut job.

  102. Shurlock Ventrilquist said:

    Folks, there is no Illuminati. The whole thing is a con run by churches to gain new religious recruits and to keep other faithful people in line. This entire thing is all serious bullshit, receives its funding from religion, and is a big silly lie. This is the same ultra-right wing, religious nuttery that has been peddled now for several decades. Nothing new, same tales of gloom and doom and warnings of the forthcoming apocalypse. Then there is the little effort to tell you that the only way to be saved is through salvation with Jesus Christ.

    The people behind this blog are liars and cons. They looking to increase their roles of faithful in some crazy christian mythos.

    There is no god and there is no illunminati.

    The world is complex and not consistent. Enjoy life for what it is and don;t waste time with these mad hatter idiots.

    the biggest tell is that is what they claimed here was true they would have been silenced long time ago.

    Just apply some common sense and it becomes clear this is serious tin foil hat nuttiness and snake oil being sold here.

    • creoleguy32 said:

      If I even reply to you, it is because I think that you are a smart person who put alot of thought into your comment, which is why I have given everyone who post on here (agree with me or disagree)-access to post.
      The only time that I have denied access, is if someone is writing something idiotic and they do it with one sentence.

      I am being silenced. Like I said in my current post, I was told that I had 1 year to speak on it because the rule of the Illuminati is that people have to be warned before things are carried out and this method is known as “lower magick” and next month is the 12th month, which means that I will not write anymore on this site.

      Plus, I have documented in other post about all of the “talking to” that I have been getting from the Illuminati and all of their bitching. So, I have no idea where you get off saying that I am not having problems with free speech, the fact is that I plan to move out of Hollywood in the near future and I have already started the process of maybe relocating out of the country.
      Plus, I have always stated that even if you do not think that there is a god or an Illuminati, it doesn’t matter because it isn’t what you believe but its about what your church minister, favorite actor, sports idol, president, senator and people at the UN believe because these people affect your life.

      So, you’re irrelevant. Enjoy your life and enjoy the cancer paste which is sprayed on the meat you buy in the stores, enjoy the viruses which are spread over your head by government jets, enjoy the IQ lowering vapors of mercury which now comes off of light bulbs and enjoy your child being born with autism due to vaccines and still tell me if you can enjoy your life under the Illuminati.

      I do not run ads on this site nor am I paid for this, this is all on my own time, I do not know you yet I will take the time out to give you a thoughful reply and even post your comment.

      • Connie Anna said:

        Only the deceived dont get it..I will miss Your writing..I have never been part of the moron majority and either are You..Truth is stranger than fiction..I hope You do leave hollywood..Clear Your head – see some real BEAUTY, Nature, Decent kind compassionate People..ID like 2 ask You many questions..BEST Wishes 2 You

    • HisNameIsYahuah said:

      @Shurlock, well I hope you don’t believe in the “big bang theory”. But if you don’t believe in either one (the occult or God) then why waste your time reading a website that’s called “illuminati hollywood”.o_0 But there’s only One thing that I hope and pray you believe in soon and that is the Most High Elohim and His Son. He loves you–get to know Him.

  103. Question... said:

    Wow, some of you are harsh. Are people really questioning the existence of the Illuminati? They are a real historical group. Just wow. Go pick up some books and read.

    While I do question some of the things he writes about, there is some truth here. To be quite honest about it, he has only exposed some of Hollywood. Celebrities are very low on the totem pole in the grand scheme of things. They have no real power and are nothing more than slaves.

    I will miss his posts though because Hollywood is just one of their tools. So, if you are interested in their role, then I think this is one of a few good places to come for info. While I do not agree with this group, I think they do try to send out people at times in order to warn the masses concerning certain things that are going on or may be about to go down. They share as much as they are allowed. Just accept the info. and move on. He was very clear about who he was. He never tried to hide that. Just accept the site for what it is. Maybe these people would expose more if the public wasn’t so skeptical and judgmental whenever someone does come forward with information. I’m quite sure more of them have not come forward with what they know because there are too many sheep walking around who don’t really want to know the truth and would rather live a lie anyway and just dismiss anything they have to say, so why even try?

  104. Blueishness said:

    Your whole site is a real eye opener. I was aware of this deceit before but not to the extent to what these “celebrities” actually do to keep themselves feeling good. When I first stumbled on this site I couldn’t keep my eyes off away. I was up the whole night reading everything. Even after a week of rereading everything and taking all this information in more, it still amazes me.

    This information caused me to look and re-valuate everything that I have ever felt towards a “celebrity”. How it truly is all orchestrated, everything that we hear on the radio and watch on the television. I always wondered why just about nothing is Live anymore. Too much risk they must think. And too how everything is right in our face but no one thinks twice about it because they are mesmerized by bright lights and fast moving camera angles or by some repetitious run-of-the-mill song. How at a blink of an eye you’re let go or killed or trashed if you don’t keep going along in their plans with you or if they your just dead weight to them. Too with the rituals and sacrifices that the celebrities do…man…is that ever sick. Being that I did feel strong emotions with some celebrities, that’s what struck me the hardest. They are portrayed as loving but in actuality they are the complete opposite. As much as I felt connected to some, man did I ever let them go fast lol

    I love the history that you tell that they aren’t just any Jew and how they originally came from Southeastern Africa. And how just about all of history that is shown to us is all fabricated for their own benefit. Not that I was a sucker for history books anyway. But just to read it the way you said it, it was really moving. That makes me wonder what else has “actually” happened all over the world.

    Since discovering your insights I’ve been attracting a bunch of other information that goes along with what you talk about, as in genuine history and man is it ever interesting. So yeah, thanks for coming out with this. I much appreciate your authenticity. I hope though that you do a few more before your time is up, maybe add more to the true history part.lol I prefer yours any day. They are interesting as hell! And man, I will definitely buy your book!


  105. I believe you said:

    Thank you so much for giving out this information. I don’t understand why people won’t wake up to the fact that there IS a group of people who want to rule the world. The evidence is everywhere. I am dissappointed that you won’t be posting for much longer. I look forward to reading your book later this year, that is if “they” haven’t collapsed the US economy and I can afford to buy it!
    I also want to tell you that I am very sorry for the loss of your friend. I hope the truth comes out about his death.
    Take care.

  106. effyourdogma said:

    smh… So many sheep still suckling at the teat of a plagiarized, contrived and repetitive dogma… Nevermind that jesus/yeshua/yawheh/yhwh/et al is a retold story of osiris/horus 2500 years prior. Or that THAT was transmutated from old celtic druid folklore another 2,000 – 3,500 years prior to that. Before the celtic’s transient into ancient egypt. Even forget the khazars selling out germany to britain/us (promising the us palestine if we turned the tide in WWI). Skip the khazar boycott of all german-made products (as exports were their driving lifeblood) that would have eliminated two-thirds of germany’s population. The dogma in your KJB is subversion, luciferian misdirection. Too many sheeple subverted via politics, entertainment and religion. in ‘art if war’ one of the favorite tactics is DIVIDE and CONQUER. What better way than caste/social class, religion, political preference, race/creed, sexual orientation and onto preferred entertainment? Slight of hand in a nutshell. Don’t dismiss this blog because it bitchsmacks your primitive, inept vision of futility (read as reality). Turn off your idiot box, put down angry birds and do some soul searching.

    • creoleguy32 said:

      Jesus is a retold story, just using a different cast. Like the Whitney Houston and Deborah Cox Song..Same Script; Different Cast. But if you tell people this, they will hate you.

  107. Jacqueline said:

    Lil Wayne video “Homies Still” showing 12 skeletons in a movie theater. This video was released 3 days before the Aurora shootings. Love your site and in depth information. Wish you would keep writing past your one year timeframe. Any info on the current Jackson family drama regarding the grandmother?


  108. natalie said:

    i find your site so interesting but aren’t you afraid the illuminati will come after you for exposing all this information? x

  109. On your last post, one cannot see pictures related to the story. It says on some of the pictures- ”censored”. (25 July post about the batman shooting) Or is it supposed to present itself like that?

  110. lucy duffin said:

    This is a load of pish. Illuminati for the win.


    @ LIBERTY PROJECT III +: http://www.thecauses.org


  112. i acknowledge the truth you have been consistently writing. I’m amazed at how you are able to compile it and thank you for your time and hard work. the exposure is underway. the true and living god rewards those of us who persist past the illusions and falsity promoted relentlessly. Have you found that all of the ancient egyptian deities and teaching were luciferic or again is major discernment needed to decipher who’s who and whats what? Also what is up with the homosexual agenda being almost omnipresent?

  113. Sherita anderson said:

    i love reading ur articals theyre very educational. I tried to tell my family but they say im a satanist but I still love to study. So thank you.

  114. Can celebrities act as two différent people in real life?

  115. HisNameIsYahuah said:

    Hey creoleguy, not sure if you know this but James Holmes FATHER, Robert Holmes, was set to provide crippling info. on LIBOR & OTHER BANKING SCANDALS. According to his LinkedIn profile, James Holmes’s father, Dr. Robert Holmes, who received a PhD in Statistics in 1981 from the University of California at Berkeley, worked for San Diego-based HNC Software, Inc. from 2000 to 2002. HNC, known as a “neural network” company, and DARPA, beginning in 1998, have worked on developing “cortronic neural networks,” which would allow machines to interpret aural and visual stimuli to THINK LIKE HUMANS.

    Robert Holmes brief bio at linked in states the following: “My educational background is in Mathematics and Statistics. My experience over the last 10 years at HNC and FICO has been in developing predictive models for financial services; credit & fraud risk models, first and third party application fraud models and internet/online banking fraud models.”

    Check out Robert Holmes (james holmes father) brief bio: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/robert-holmes/4/47b/24a

    Something is very fishy! I’m not sure how it all ties in but ANY attack would be to cover up the LIBOR scandal and destroy all the bank records. READ THIS ARTICLE. http://govtslaves.info/batman-connectionsrobert-holmes-and-the-libor-scandal/

  116. US_Babylon said:

    James Holmes FATHER, Robert Holmes, was set to provide crippling info. on LIBOR & OTHER BANKING SCANDALS. According to his LinkedIn profile, James Holmes’s father, Dr. Robert Holmes, who received a PhD in Statistics in 1981 from the University of California at Berkeley, worked for San Diego-based HNC Software, Inc. from 2000 to 2002. HNC, known as a “neural network” company, and DARPA, beginning in 1998, have worked on developing “cortronic neural networks,” which would allow machines to interpret aural and visual stimuli to THINK LIKE HUMANS.

    Robert Holmes brief bio at linked in states the following: “My educational background is in Mathematics and Statistics. My experience over the last 10 years at HNC and FICO has been in developing predictive models for financial services; credit & fraud risk models, first and third party application fraud models and internet/online banking fraud models.”

    Check out Robert Holmes bio: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/robert-holmes/4/47b/24a

    I’m not sure how it all ties in but something is very fishy! READ THIS ARTICLE: http://govtslaves.info/batman-connectionsrobert-holmes-and-the-libor-scandal/

  117. Hi Nicolas,I will miss all your posts!!And yes,I think the so called celebs are people with many masks,narcissistic/psychopathic personalities.I was married to one,know all about them,and all their dirty tricks and lies!!My ex deserves an oscar too,like the Hollywoodcelebs…One day they all will get what they deserve,You will reap what you sow.God will absolutely deal with them,all of them…Wish you good luck in your future,
    I really like your writing-style!Take care now,hope you’ll survive this year ;o)

  118. PS

    Why on earth does it mention “Lucifer loves you … bitch!” on the end ????
    It should be “God loves you”.Think of this!Ofcourse,we all have to make our own choices in life,we all have the freedom to choose,everyday.

  119. stephanie said:

    may God bless you and be with you. and when i say God im talking about the one true living God in heaven. not the god most celebrities worship. thank u for all the time u have put into this blog. i just found ur blog and im glad u are not another celebrity worshipper. i have recently started calling God Yahwey as i heard years ago about the letter j. and even if someone thinks the bible has been tampered with God is real and alot of what is in the bible is true such as how to live ur life and u reap what u sow. i pray to Yahwey for wisdom often and i believe thts why i dont doubt what u speak about the entertainment industry.if there is anything u want to share PLEASE dont hesitate to email me. some of us are awake out here.some of us are NOT on the fence.

  120. **PRESS RELEASE**
    August 23, 2012





  121. Great web site you’ve got here.. It’s difficult to find high quality writing like yours nowadays.
    I seriously appreciate individuals like you! Take care!

    • creoleguy32 said:

      Thanks. I do what I can.

      I try to keep my writing style on a conversational level and I don’t have editors, so sometimes I have a typo here and there but for the most part, people really get what I am trying to say & now I have researchers from Europe, Hollywood and even international political groups using HollywoodIlluminati for some strange reason but I write for students of the occult and Hollywood and I also write for every day people that try to understand things of a spirtual nature.
      I will have a book coming in 2 months, that has the Illuminati Rituals, Illuminati Symbols, History and the Illuminati roots of Europeans, Americans, Latinos, Africans, Mixed Race and Asian Cultures.
      Plus I have alot of stories regarding rituals in Hollywood that involves alot of famous people but I dont have space on this site to write them all.

      But thanks for the comment.

    • creoleguy32 said:

      Most of the comments are from people wanting to know more about the Hollywood Occult aspects or the Illuminati in Hollywood but I do get these crazed Rihanna Fans and they get pissed at me for speaking ill of their Illuminati Queen. Rihanna makes a video, where she is writing down on a pad “Illuminati Slut” and all of a sudden the public thinks that it is my fault for what Rihanna is doing in her own videos! LMAO! People crazy!

  122. It’s really a great and useful piece of information. I am glad that you shared this useful info with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  123. HisNameIsYahuah said:

    “The James Holmes Conspiracy” (the facts they don’t want you to know about). Watch the full documentary. http://beforeitsnews.com/unexplained-phenomena/2012/08/the-james-holmes-conspiracy-full-length-documentary-learn-the-facts-they-dont-want-you-to-hear-2430192.html

  124. if everything you are saying is true why hasn’t the illuminate killed you yet? thats why i cant believe people who come out and speak about these so called “secrets” that they can get killed for exposing. if you were in the midst of these elitists and are now blogging about their shit, why are you alive? lol…i don’t think your site would have went on for over a year if that was the case. admit it, you just want hits bc you couldn’t cut it as a journalist. now you feed on fears for fun and funds. i particularly enjoyed your depiction of feeling rain falling on you head (however it want raining) during your Rain-man demond segment. funny. but not as amusing as the speculations about the warner brother’s tower AKA “spirit bottle” lol. k. this was fun. i’m going back to living my life now.
    as i see you have dedicated your life to the pointless persuit, keep doin what your doin!

    • creoleguy32 said:

      I am dead. I am Lucifer. Cant you tell?


      • creoleguy32 said:

        How can you kill what is already immortal? You have already read the words and your mind has already taken in the occult symbols. The Rain Man will be paying you a visit tonight.

      • Going to STOP The Black Rain in Hollywood. Lucifer died, why are you clamming to be he? +JVA+

      • creoleguy32 said:

        How can you stop the black rain in Hollywood? Are you gonna stand under Rihanna’s Umbrella-ella-ella like Jay Z? Ya know its 2012 and raining more than ever

      • I/We, and 125,000 supporters will STOP black rain in Hollywood with LP III +, and the Holy Lord Jesus Christ. I am not ella, I am a man, and our generations umbrella is DE’ Enterprises. – Jesse V. Ark

  125. Father Joe Ratsinger said:

    I believe what you say except I know Jesus saves. Just the name has so much power. He will make the devil and all his work look like a boyscout in a blink. You think the devil knows how to wield evil. I just pray. I prey in blessed Jesus name Yod Heh Shin Vau Heh. May all who read this be able to know the gospel and choose according their own free will without any demonic, supernatural, witchcraft, magick, mkultra, illuminati influence. In Jesus name. Jesus would have been a sacrifice to evil but he died with love and forgiveness in his heart. If he had hate and vengeance in his heart his soul would belong to hell. So challenge yourselves so that you will die with love and forgiveness in your hearts as well. Even if your being sacrificed.
    So have a good night and remember theres no business like show business.

    • creoleguy32 said:

      Arent you someone famous Father Joe Ratsinger?

      • You got me. I’m just kidding about that. I’m not the pope. Vatican is ruled by demons. But I enjoy your Hollywood perspective. I hope you write a book. I will buy one. I read other books that confirm to me what you are saying for the most part. Like Fritz Springmieir in one of his books talks about Disney and how it was set up by a mafia bank known then as the bank of Italy now its the bank of America soon it maybe the bank of Asia. Anyway he talks about the Disney mind control tunnels. How they use mkultra to program children. Disney was 33rd – 44th degree freemason depending who you ask. In the Disney name logo there are 3 sixes.
        I myself have many questions. I heard Michael Landon was against the Illuminati and was still able to put out Highway. I really do not know. What say you? And also whats up with the Marley’s? I thought maybe they were against the Illuminati but I just saw a very Illuminati looking video with Nas and I think Damian Marley. Bob Marley died under the treatment of a Nazi doctor. A guy who worked under Mengele. And Lauryn Hill God bless her.
        We do not understand what demons are mostly because hellywood. Not every demon is like the exorcist movie. They can be very smart and behave themselves like normal humans. They come disguised as your own random thoughts. They can be so subtle one may never know that they themselves are being manipulated or even possessed. In the movies I have seen demons portrayed as fun and partying. Seen them portrayed as heroes. And so we put the idea of demons into the box with all the other imaginary creatures and dismiss it as unreal.
        But when we put the demons in this box we are trivializing all the realness out of them. On the tv we witness demonic acts of murder, violence, lust, deception, pride, and we are entertained/entrained by it. So we go out and see someone bleeding on the street and do nothing. A class of school children, many laugh as they are told of a school shooting at another nearby school.
        All this and worse comes out of unholywood. And its just one tentacle of the illuminati. If you do this type www. and then type illuminati backwards and then dot com and enter into the browser address bar it will take you to the website for the NSA. Why would that be?
        Such denial. Lady Ga Ga is practically saying “I am a devil worshipper.” She could do a text book Satanic ritual on stage and her fanatics will still say oh shes just an artist shes just eccentric or she just expressing herself. So its no surprise that we can use the same mislogic to justify anything. There are people who justify Hitler even after six million are dead. Why wouldn’t I believe what you say about hollywood? Sure people sell their souls. They may not see it that way, they may see it as becoming more enlightened. Initiation rituals are blooding rituals they always reenact murders and deaths. It probably started in hunter societies to indoctrinate the young boys to the kill. It went from tribal to global. There is a lot more to it but you know what I mean.
        May God bless you protect you guide you and aid you especially with your book. I am looking forward to reading. Thank you for sharing this information. People are waking up. And when they do, they wake up more people and it becomes a big rolling snowball growing and accelerating.

      • creoleguy32 said:

        Good info in your comment. I have to re-read it because you hit on alot of points.
        My uncle’s wife has worked for Disney for 20 years and she is kinda high up.
        The head of Disney is Alan Horne, who used to be the head of Warner Bros Stuios when Heath Ledger was killed after the Dark Knight Film.
        What people do not know is that Disney and Warner Bros are the same studio.
        Disney doesnt even do its own animation. Disney animation is done at Warner Bros Studio which is only 5 minutes from Disney.
        Disney Studio and Disney Land or Disney World are UN test centers that are disguised as an amusement park.
        Disney prides itself on Nazism and pushing a Satanic agenda under the guise of “teeny pop” and buble gum Disney Shows and “family friendly” films but there is nothing “family friendly” about Disney.

  126. Christianity

    Early Christians were influenced by the association of Isaiah 14:12-15 with the Devil, which had developed in the period between the writing of the Old Testament and the New Testament.[43] Even in the New Testament itself, Sigve K Tonstad argues, the War in Heaven theme of Revelation 12:7-9, in which the dragon “who is called the devil and Satan … was thrown down to the earth”, derives from the passage in Isaiah 14.[44] Origen (184/185 – 253/254) interpreted such Old Testament passages as being about manifestations of the Devil; but of course, writing in Greek, not Latin, he did not identify the Devil with the name “Lucifer”.[45] Tertullian (c. 160 – c. 225), who wrote in Latin, also understood Isaiah 14:14 (“I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High”) as spoken by the Devil,[46] but “Lucifer” is not among the numerous names and phrases he used to describe the Devil.[47] Even at the time of the Latin writer Augustine of Hippo (354 – 430), “Lucifer” had not yet become a common name for the Devil.[45] But some time later, the metaphor of the morning star that Isaiah 14:12 applied to a king of Babylon gave rise to the general use of the Latin word for “morning star”, capitalized, as the original name of the Devil before his fall from grace, linking Isaiah 14:12 with Luke 10:18 (“I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven”) and interpreting the passage in Isaiah as an allegory of Satan’s fall from heaven.[48][49]

    However, Christians have continued to understand the mention of the morning star in Isaiah 14:12 as a metaphor referring to a king of Babylon. Theodoret of Cyrus (c. 393 – c. 457) wrote that Isaiah calls the king “morning star”, not as being the star, but as having had the illusion of being it.[50] The same understanding is shown in Christian translations of the passage, which in English generally use “morning star” rather than treating the word as a proper name, “Lucifer”. So too in other languages, such as French,[51] German,[52] Portuguese,[53] and Spanish.[54] Even the Vulgate text in Latin is printed with lower-case lucifer (morning star), not upper-case Lucifer (proper name).[55]




  127. There’s no doubt in my mind that the elite have an agenda and that it is an evil one. I’m trying to be repectful; however, there are many things you don’t explain. If a good and bad spiritual world exist, what is the point of it all? Who created evil? What makes one person choose evil and another person choose good? Why were the giants persecuted and bound to this world – it wasn’t their fault they were concieved (unless I am misunderstanding how beings come to existence). Nothing in this world makes any sense. If you have any bit of insight into these matters, please include them in your future post.
    I’m not niave. I know there’s a good chance you could be crazy. I know there’s also a strong possibility that you’re not.

    • creoleguy32 said:

      Go on Youtube and look up Book of Enoch and listen to the stories of the Fallen Angels, Demons and how evil really got upon the Earth. The Book of Enoch used to be apart of the Holy Bible but it was removed by the Catholic Church because it explained too much and they felt that if people really understood the true nature of this world, that people would not need the church.

      You ask “Who created evil?” God clearly isnt as organize as we all think. Clearly he couldnt stop Lucifer (the angel that was over art and music) from “going rogue” and clearly God couldnt stop Lucifer from raising an Army to rebel against him.
      Next God assigned these “watchers” over the Earth and they started mating with the children of man by “falling” and taking on flesh..”Fallen Angels” and even after this, God still didnt remove them from Earth but let them run wild with the power to tempt, obsess and even possess.
      I dont know what the point is but I do know that God needs to go and get a life being that he created all of this evil and let it all happen.
      So I am not too happy with God.

  128. Is the “room of tears” story true or a myth (the pope is given a letter that tells how the world is going to end, and about the Illuminati and the anti-christ)

    • creoleguy32 said:

      O.K. The Pope. You are getting into a whole other can of Illuminai Worms. When you are speaking of the Roman Catholic Church you do find plots to end the world and many of the deaths of US Presidents, like JFK, was organized by the Pope and Jesuits.
      Even when you get into the I.R.S. Tax System, which is an illegal system, you can trace that back to the Roman-Catholics.
      I will have to do a whole post on your question because when the Room of Tears and what you are speaking has to be discussed from Roman Days up into the present.

    • creoleguy32 said:

      O.k. Even when you get into Christian Revelations (Rev. 19:20) and (Rev 14:9-11) You see the talk regarding The Mark of the Beast to buy and sell.
      One of the main functions of the Pope, Vatican and Catholic Church is to help bring about a Universal “Mark of Beast”. This Mark of Beast has already been rolled out in the U.S., Europe (especially Sweden) and places like India, where everyone is recording into a bio-metric database and Sweden should be a cashless society within the next six months.
      The Pope’s job is to call this “The Mark of Progress and Peace”-so in essence The Pope will say that an electronic bar code & implant chip is needed for world peace.
      Keep in mind that this year alone, the Pope has called for a One World Banking System, One World Government System and even says that UFO’s are coming to the Earth, which is Illuminati Code Word for “mass population kill off” while these world leaders all hide out in luxury bunker system located under ground.
      I mean, I can go on and on about how The Pope will bring on the end of the world for Satan.

      • Alright, alright, i gotchu. You should post more often…I know lots of people besides myself that eagerly wait for the new hollywoodilluminati posts.


  129. Why would you put “LUCIFER LOVES YOU” ? Are you not a child of God? Or are you battling ‘demons’ of your own?

    That aside (I wll try to ignore what you wrote above comment box) I read your last article about Chris Brown and Rhianna and I thought ‘WOW’ I had to leave a comment. Ironically the same day I read this post, before I read it I was having a discussion with my mum about Rhianna. The song ‘Take Care’ that she sang with Drake was playing and I was like to my mum … ‘this woman sounds like she’s possessed… a real demon’ and then a few hours later i read the post and it was astonishing. It confirmed what I thought..
    And I used to like Rhianna…. I even bought her purfume, which I hope isn’t laced with Witchcraft??… I would love you to write more posts about what she really gets upto…. And there is no doubt in my mind of the involvement she has in the occult, How far is Chris Brown in the occult now? Are you aware of how far he is?

    I urge you not to stop writing posts, carry on only if you know you are writing these blogs with the Spirit of The Most High in you, and make sure you are not knowingly discrediting the truth in any way for you will be punished if you are by He who dwells in the heavens.
    Thankyou x

    • creoleguy32 said:

      Hi Ocean,
      Great Comment. You are one of the rare people that can understand “sub-text” or back story, and then use your own mind to actually think for yourself by adding on your own observations about Rihanna to what I expose about this Hollywood Illuminati Pop Culture Icon.
      I get alot of people that simply read Media Take Out, TMZ, Wendy Williams, PerezHilton & they buy into this pop culture, surface bullshit that really has nothing to do with who these people are in the bigger picture.
      It is very tricky to write “Jesus Loves You” or “God Loves You” because it depends on whom that person’s god is at the time that they speak or write those words.
      As I noted about Whitney Houston Film (Preacher Wife) and other black pop culture films, you will notice that they will not say “Jesus” but only say “God” or “Lord” and the reason why they do this is because the Freemasons, Illuminati and other secret societies around Hollywood actually view Lucifer as being “God”.
      So one has to be very careful when even listening to gospel music or gospel music that is used in Hollywood Film Soundtracks because many times these gospel “church” songs are really tricking you into the praising of Lucifer.
      Lucifer was the angel over art & music…people forget that.
      Bottom line, is that 90% of all music, TV, & films are projects put out to either promote the Illuminati or to praise Lucifer and that goes for people like Tyler Perry and TD Jakes.

    • creoleguy32 said:

      And as far as Rihanna and Chris Brown, you simply have a lot of racist people that are looking for any reason to hate on a young black talented male. These people dont care about any domestic violence. I mean look at what they push via media and films. Its all urban, gang violence and hollywood has sold this urban gang mess since the 1980’s & made it look sexy.
      Clearly Rihanna doesn’t give a dam what people say about her and Chris Brown, which is why she is always using some manipulations or black magic to bind Chris Brown to her.
      She will NEVER let Chris Brown go & he aint really trying to go.
      Rihanna is an evil woman backed by powerful (seen & unseen) evil people.

  130. If you were only given 12 months, than how come you are still writing?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad, just confused.

    • creoleguy32 said:

      Jonathan! How are you?
      I miscalculated the time frame. I thought that August 2012 was the last month but being that I started this site in October of 2011, this month is the yearly mark & last month. So, when I did the last two post, I was in my allowed Illuminati Time Frame. Now, I am just looking forward to getting the fuck out of Hollywood & maybe even the country.
      I can tell you one thing. You will not be living in the United States of America come 2016. There will be no U.S.A. in 2016.
      I suggest that you get your money together, make sure that your family all have pass ports and start networking in places like S. Africa, New Zealand, Switzerland, Australia, South America, so that way you can survive the apocalypse.

      • I’m just living the dream, thanks haha, New Zealand does sound nice. I just find it hard trying to leave, I am not even done with college yet. Thanks for your concern though.

        Good luck getting out.

      • and another thing, what will you do when your time on this site is gone? Just use Twitter, and the Creole site?

        I don’t think there are too many websites like this one haha

    • creoleguy32 said:

      One thing that I will give Rihanna and Jay Z (When the Dow Jones comes falling down; I will be gone. Is Jay Z talking about the crashing of society), is the fact that at least they do try to warn people in that Umbrella Track by Rihanna. One thing that I do give Britney Spears is that she did try to expose the two-face ness of people in the media with “If You Seek Amy”.
      Even the female writer of The Hunger Games is trying to warn people about the United Nations taking over the country and keeping people in either mega cities or in rural areas like zoo animals. The only thing about The Hunger Games is that she made the mega cities look WAAAAYYYYYY too nice.

      Already in places like NY (an urban mega city plantation), the cops are simply going around shooting 20 people at a time in broad day light, they want to keep people in apartments that are the size of a kitchen and in places like Boston, the government has already started releasing bio-weapons.

      We have people in Portland Oregon that are actually dying from The Black Plague, which is an extinct medieval European Disease that nearly wiped out all of Europe.
      These people are fucking insane! You got less than 4 years to leave this country!

      • If and when it comes down to it, I will have to, but who knows. Ron Paul 2016? haha

        Gotta have some hope

  131. I hope Joe Nrmal likes FEMA camps.

    • creoleguy32 said:

      There are FEMA Camps. In lower La. State (Plaquemines Parish) after Hurricane Katrina, an entire was emptied by FEMA and now if you visit, it is one big FEMA Zone and there is even a brand new FEMA jail.

  132. Hi once more,
    Thankyou for taking time to reply to my post, it is much appreciated :)
    I had to make another comment, this time surrounding the absurdity of the website MEDIATAKEOUT.
    Now, I don’t mind TMZ, Perez Hilton etc etc, but MEDIA TAKE OUT is a website that makes my stomach churn and my blood boil. They spread 99.9% misinformation, they claim they are an ‘urban’ site when infact they speak about interracial relationships, Black dysfuntionalism and relish in putting down the archetype of the BLACK WOMAN. Then they proclaim they are black people who are producing the info on the website (which I refuse to completely believe because they ARE pushing an agenda that seems to want to destroy and supress the minds of black people further)….
    And all the celebrities they mention seem to be a selected few, like I believe Rhianna is paying them to talk about her EVERY SINGLE DAMN DAY without fail. I hate the psychotic bitch now, and there is no witchcraft, no black magic that would ever bind me into liking her music again. The Devil fails in deceiving me.

    You say there will be no USA by 2016? Well there will be a lot of that happening with most of the countries. I don’t for a second believe there is any hiding place and their goal is to govern the WHOLE EARTH. There will be no place gone unturned, except probably ETHIOPIA… the sacred land. I know you in your heart believe God (The Most High) doesn’t hear your cries, or that it’s unfair all these things are happening in the world but you have to understand the power of FREE WILL, which is what we have… and misused free will equates to the horrible, diabolical things we see today. It is not God’s doing, it is MAN’s doing. And he will intervene in due time. Do not question his mystical expertise, be in awe of it. He does not ignore His Chidren, and Our suffering will last only for a moment x

  133. Does anyone believe we are on a flat earth? That there are no extraterrestrials? That every UFO/alien we see in the media are faked or holograms? That outer space is a very elaborate facade and that we are dealing more with beings from different dimensions of the same space? They travel between dimensions manipulating the earths time line through time and dimensional travel? Like a big “Truman Show” maybe? Everything else has been done and said in this thing and its all played out. This theory I’m thinking about feels right as the next logical step.

  134. RALPH PEER II USES MUSIC AND JEWISH SYNAGOGUE FOR SATANISM. @ http://www.thecauses.org/lpforum/index.php/topic,110642.msg153963.html#msg153963

  135. It may interest you to know that you are playing into the hands of the powers which set up the system as they want the involvement of the iluminati to be known so that when a savour comes after project blue beam ect after the elect take there place they will have there scapegoats and the cattle will not question the validity of there rescue . You may have been given this top special mission to reveal your previous compadres and believe yourself to be in on the trick I don’t know ? If you are real in your disgust I suggest you think !! Why would they be allowing visual and audio proof of there heavy involvement in music and flim for one reason only the so called puppet masters will find that there master turns on them quickly .

  136. Aw, is someone off his meds again? Or are you on drugs? If so tell me which so I don’t ever take. And you people supporting him? Hope you are all institutionalized like you deserve…one big happy family celebrating like together in the funny farm. Sad really.

  137. The new “Cleveland Show” season 4 episode 2, is about the secret hip-hop illuminati. It’s funny and interesting. He walks in during a ritual. Maybe worth checking out for shits and gigs.

    • Leon Mcknight said:

      People fear what they dont understand. Wake the F@#k up before its too late. Keep up the good work man. PEACE!!!!

  138. Don’t give up on your friend CB! You know who I’m on about…
    Have you seen how gaunt he’s been looking lately??
    He looks as if he’s on some hard drugs and in this deep internal conflict and not got much time left… If anyone can help him I think you can. Save him from her.

  139. Dear Author,

    I would just like to make a freindly request if you could please remove the picture of the name of God written in Arabic on the page titled “Muslims, Blacks & Jewish Hollywood Selling Mark of Cain. (Rihanna, Tyra Banks, Beyonce, Obama, Drake, King Solomon Jews)”. This is just because i find it personally offensive. Ofcourse i have no control over this and the decision is totally yours but i would greatly appreciate it if you could remove this picture which is placed amongst other evil images on the same page.



  140. Your articles have caught my attention, is there any possibility that I may contact you, in order to question you and further my understanding of what is going on?

  141. Robert Romero Ortiz Jr. said:

    Great source of information. Thanks

  142. ok so how does the fallen angels, africa, and illuminati and mark of cain and Hip hop fall in place together? doesn’t make much sense to me yet but I do feel like you have a legitimate reasons from observing posts but yet they donot all connect with each other fluently. And how is Swahili the first language? I thought Swahili is a hybrid of Bantu and Arabic, but I could be wrong. Anyways I would really like to legitimately to hear your answers and have an unbiased conversation on these subjects. Pce

  143. Hello CreoleGuy. I have been waiting to hear when your book is out and where I can get it. I hope your site doesnt die out since you arent posting like you were. Please let us know what you are doing these days. Thank you.

  144. In one of your threads you mentioned that Rhianna and Michelle Obama were the two most evil people that you know. I can understand about Rhianna but, Michelle Obama. Please explain? She does look kind of evil. Hope you respond to my question. I have really enjoyed reading your blog. Sometimes the truth can be stranger than fiction.

  145. In one of your threads you mentioned that Michelle Obama and Rhianna were two of the most evil people that you new of. I can understand about Rhianna, but, Michelle Obama. Please explain? She does kind of look evil. I really love reading your blog. Sometimes the truth can be stranger than fiction. Hope you respond to to my comment.

  146. Hi thank you for ongoing blogs,info. I’d love for you to email me jakki-ssw@live.ca I live in canada and just would like to pick that big brain of yours. Also whens the book comming out? Can you publish it online like in a paid blog?

    • creoleguy32 said:

      Well, jakki had I not published the post on my former military occupation, my book could have already been published but now on top of having Hollywood Studio Heads, like Warner Bros Barry Meyer (the King Solomon Jew), on my ass, I also have the US Government saying that my blog and or book may compromise national security since I talk about how the US Military and US Government have documentation that men & woman on Earth have a “soul” and that the US Gov does know about demons.
      Most of these tv shows, youtube videos or books on space aliens are really code word for “demons” but do not worry, I will have it out in a few months, but I will still be posting on the site.
      It will be a book but not I not more than 15.00 because times are hard right now for many people, and its alot of the hip hop fans that are really aware of the Illuminati, so I have to make sure that they can afford it.

      I learned alot about Hip Hop Music and Satanic Worship from teen agers around the U.S. I was never one to really listen to music until they started really putting the Satanic messages and Illuminati Symbols in the video without even hiding it.
      Look at Britney Spears and Will I Am New Video. My lord. They have the pyramids and are singing about Prince William aka Prince Will I Am, right in the track along with talking about turning man kind into robots

  147. Fr. Joe Ratsinger said:

    Shalom. Nice to see your still doing this. I do look forward to reading any of your books. Welcome back, I want to pray for you. God bless you. I will read your blog later. I am just happy to hear from you.

  148. Hello,
    First off, I want to say that I really love your blog. I found it when I was doing research on Whitney Houston’s death and have read every inch of it. I have learned so much and thank you for sharing your information.
    You speak a lot about Black celebrities and their involvement in the illuminati, what about Latino celebrities? Surely the fame of Jennifer Lopez did not come as a result of her being a great singer and actress (I’m being sarcastic of course). And what is your take on the recent death of Jenni Rivera? Also, what is the story on Pitbull? He came from being a somewhat obscure gangsta rapper to a P. Diddy style (music from one song, hook from another song and throwing a rap on top and thinking that is original) lounge singer with no stage presence, not particularly good looking and his “rapping” skills leave a lot to be desired (although I have to admit, his rapping skills were far better when he first came on the scene). The guy’s everywhere and I understand that he’s got a record to promote to feed his 4 out of wedlock kids but it makes me wonder if this guy is illuminati affiliated. He’s collaborated with quite a few illuminati puppets on his last two cds (Jennifer Lopez, Usher, and Chris Brown to name a few). Was Jenni Rivera his sacrifice? If not, why do I get the feeling that someone close to him who’s African American may be his sacrifice? Just a feeling I’m getting about him and it’s not good.
    Thanks for your time. Keep the info coming.

    • creoleguy32 said:

      I know alot about the Latino Illuminati in Hollywood. In fact, it is one of the most nastiest out all the Illuminati branches except for the British. Do you know that Eva Longoria, who lives like 3 minutes to the West of me and who was also married to a cousin of mine (last name is Parker and plays B-Ball), HATES Mexicans?
      This woman, doesn’t even use the word “Mexican” when speaking about Latinos but she called them “Dirty Wetbacks”. And yet she is always at these pro-immigrant latino rallies with Obama & talking about Latino Issues & Rights.
      Its the same thing with Beyonce & Jay-Z. They know that black children are used in Illuminati Sacrifice Rituals but yet they do songs to brainwash young urban youth into following Lucifer.
      I have alot of info on Latinos & I will make that my next post.

      Even if I post for another year, it still would only be about 20% of what I know-so I have to put the rest in the book, which I could have already done, had I not started talking about my time in the US Military & the US Pentagon.
      Now they want a manuscript & want me to delete everything to do with the US Military but of course I will not listen to them.

      The US Pentagon is an occult Illuminati building that was created by Satanist from the US and Northern Europe & modeled after Stone-henge (the rock formation in Europe used by Druids to do blood sacrifice) & these people view war as sacrifices to Lucifer, which is why they funded Hitler. These are the things that they say I can not publish in a book. The US Pentagon even created Lady Gaga to sell Satan. Its time that people know the truth, on what goes on behind the scenes.

  149. Good evening,
    I know all about Miss Eva Longoria. She is hated in this town (I live in San Antonio by the way). Friends of mine who are Mexican American have told me how badly she treated Mexican American fans of the Spurs if they asked for her autograph yet she was all too accommodating to the White fans. Even White friends of mine who are Spurs fans found her to be a snob. Needless to say, when she and Tony broke up, many people were on his side (even though it is speculated that he cheated) simply out of hate for her. There is no love lost here for Miss Longoria. Her co-star Antonio Carlos Chavira, who played her husband on Desperate Housewives is also from San Antonio. I think he may still have a home here and people have nothing but nice things to say about him.
    Can’t wait to read your post on Latinos and the Illuminati. Like I said in my original post, certain people and events have gotten my curiosity piqued, although I have to admit it’s something about Pitbull that gives me a bad feeling and there’s more to Jenni Rivera’s untimely death than meets the eye.
    Keep up the good work and spreading the truth.

  150. Hello,
    Sorry for so many posts but I just had an epiphany. Over the years, I have wondered why certain entertainers would start out doing one thing and end up doing something else, literally selling out, going with the flow or whatever you want to call it in order to gain fame and fortune. Why would someone who starts off as a gangsta rapper end up doing dance music? Because it is easier to control them. I think this may be the case with Pitbull. The powers that be do not want a Latino version of NWA or Public Enemy; especially with the issues regarding immigration they do not want some militant rapper(s) inciting the masses to rally and protest via a rap song. They may have seen this as a possibility with him. It’s easier to control someone with a sexualized image who raps (for lack of a better word) about parties rather than social issues. It’s a ploy to keep the masses distracted from the real issues at hand. And to think the public keeps falling for this.
    Tell me if I am on the right track or if I am full of it.

  151. Joe Six Pack said:

    Dear Mr. Duplessis:

    1. Is it to late to turn things around and release all the free energy devices, so there can be abundance for all?

    2. What do you think of the white hats that bombed the underground bases, and prevented miscellaneous false flags, that you mentioned in your previous blog posts? Are they enough to turn things around?

    3. Are we ever going to have a meritocracy form of governance, instead of a dysfunctional society where people only get rewarded for what vessels and family their souls incarnated into? It feels like the end of merit for me when people receive trillions of dollars in bailout money for failure and mediocrity, and pretend in society they advanced based on merit, when they know they did not.

    4. Your information is very interesting and unique. However, can you recommend anything that the average Joe Six Pack can do to realistically help turn things around?

    5. On your blog you have covered a lot of the bad guys. Are there any similar in strength “good guys” you can cover on your blog, so we can be educated more about the different factions? If you could cheer us up and tell us about the good guys that would be great, but if you don’t have time or don’t know much about them, that’s okay, and I’ll understand.

    • creoleguy32 said:

      I was just going over that very same thought in my head. Its complex. What we term normal governments is really nothing but a Freemason Government. America was the only country that understood that freedom comes from the Soul and God.
      This is Freemason.

      Try to associate with like mininded people, people who values the soul, god, relationships, culture, soul mates & reject all thoughts of having a cluster of people (UN) having the right to govern the world.

      If One looks though certain texts, these evil doers will head for the hills & mountains but they shall offer little comfort being that the moutains will fall on thier heads.

      The Book of Dead, there is supposed to be an awaken that brings the Jews from the woods and sticks to jill the fake jews in the urban city centers.

      Remember to be in this world but not of this world. This world is now filled by man, using technology as magic tricks, & these men (governments) will tall you and your kids that it is god. But do not believe

      I just picked something up about you
      You should know that your life is going to be o.k. You were blessed with a pleasing soul and that could be used for teaching. You ask the right questions, which means you already know all that there is to know.

  152. Re: Hollywood’s Lesbian Illuminati & Male Soul Mates of Satan

    Jodie Foster Illuminati (Part 1 of 4) – http://youtu.be/qIYXBKw6hVw

    Jodie Foster Illuminati (Part 2 of 4) – http://youtu.be/-DVu9TvE6AY

    Jodie Foster Illuminati (Part 3 of 4) – http://youtu.be/7qpaMZUkM_Q

    Jodie Foster Illuminati (Part 4 of 4) – http://youtu.be/aPoILOhIzuk

    • creoleguy32 said:

      Merci John,
      I just watched video number 1 and it seems solid. I was speaking with an associate in France and he gave the names of members involved in a magic sex demon cult that is all over France, Belgian and of course the BBC in British Royals.

  153. I just listened to Tamar Braxton’s song “Hot Sugar” and I agree that it is reminiscent of a song by one of Prince’s proteges, although his proteges lacked the vocal ability of Tamar. And dare I say it, it kind of sounds like a Beyonce knock off. It’s a good song but not radio friendly, in my opinion. Tamar has a beautiful voice, I wish her well and hope that she succeeds.
    As for the beautiful harmonies, I agree that the Braxton sisters and Boyz to Men were some of the best. I would have to throw En Vogue in the mix, those ladies could harmonize like no other.

  154. Since Hollywood is all about acting I thought I would post this site that I was introduced to last year. This is the real acting which includes making a fool of the masses. I dont believe everything on the site but a lot is explained and he goes to great lengths to prove it. Who is Jon Bennet Ransey and Amy Wine house? What really happen to Jimmi Hendrix? Maybe Morgan Freeman can tell you. Like I said, I dont believe everything but its worth a look. Some of the info will piss you off no matter what you ethnicity is.

  155. Oscar Muhammad said:

    Awesome website.Just my gut feeling that Nicolas is definately telling the truth!!! Can;t wait until the book comes out

  156. Creoleguy, Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are truly a man of your word; I asked about Latinos and the Illuminati and you said you were not only well versed in the subject but you would make it your next post and you did. I really appreciate you. Researching Hollywood Latinos in the illuminati was like looking for a needle in a haystack. Any time I did a search, two names popped up: Jennifer Lopez and a singer named Belinda. I contacted others who claim to know about show biz illuminati but to no avail. There was one person but she gave inaccurate info which makes me question how accurate is the information in her blog and youtube videos. Your post is very informative, especially about Schwarzenegger and Shakira. You are one of the few who absolutely knows what the hell is going on and isn’t afraid to share it. Regarding your cousin’s former wife Evil Longoria (oops, did I write that, yes I did), I found out about her approximately 6 months ago from colleagues about how badly she treated Mexican fans at Spurs games. Even White people were shocked at how rude she treated her own people, no word on how she treated Black fans. Usually, coconuts like her (for those who don’t know, a coconut is equivalent to what Black people refer to as “oreos”, brown on the outside but white on the inside. She’s Latina but wants to be White) marry White; I wondered why she would marry a biracial man yet in your post you explained she and Tony’s royal bloodline and it made sense. Like you, I am also Creole (my maternal grandmother was a Creole from Lafayette, La) and I am of Latin descent, I am of Mexican descent and my biological father is Brazilian. Thus, my interest in Latinos and the illuminati. And boy did you deliver. Keep doing what you do, informing the public about what is really going on. Merci beaucoup, muchas gracias, muita obrigada, thank you very much.

  157. Im concerned. You’re waking up with scratches, what are you doing to protect yourself? You dont have to answer in this forum but if your under psychic attack you should be protecting yourself. Also, the last thing we need is someone exposing trash ass people to go into retirement.

  158. Why is the Pope stepping down? Is there some scandal or is it just because he never wanted to be Pope in the first place?

    • creoleguy32 said:

      Well the Pope stepped down because there is some 500 year old Illuminati Ritual and some guy even had a prophesy about this new pope being the last pope before the End of Days and this new pope ISNT LATINO but he is from ITALY. I find it funny at how people forget that Latin America was a Euro Dumping ground for over 100 years. So, this new pope is from Rome.

  159. Insane & interesting.

    Please feel free to also check out http://ddt.lefora.com

    Take care, y’all.

  160. I have to say “thank you” for the work you have done here. I just spent the past day reading all of your posts (at the expense of my own work, but that’s alright). For what its worth, I think it is some of the most compelling writing on the topic that I have come across. And over the years I have come across a LOT on the topic.

    Now where is this book of yours? I am eager to purchase it!!!

    And don’t let any of the ridiculous detractors inspire you to quit writing. They are the same ones who, while in the midst of drowning, would reject a life-jacket because they are certain a boat is on the way.

    • creoleguy32 said:

      That will be discussed next month. I had to make some changes to the book and wait for Leon Panetta, the former head of the US Pentagon to retire, which he did.

      • creoleguy32 said:

        OK, I just approved about 60 comments and there’s yet another 100 sitting in my spam folder, which I will not read today. Now excuse me, I am about to go hiking in Hollywood Hills. I dont have the time to be reading and replying to these questions because they all require answers that are long and all tie into all kids of history but since I am A List and classy, I did answer the first few that simply were in my face.
        You can always write me.
        Hollywood Illuminati-Nicolas Duplessis
        1626 N. Wilcox St.
        Hollywood, Ca 90028-6206

        Later Bitches;) Hail Satan!

      • creoleguy32 said:

        This is whats up.
        I am no longer answering questions. Most of these “comments” are really questions that require my advanced intelligence to cross reference historical data to respond. The shit gets tiring. There are the usual haters that are mad because they cant do what I do or I see lots of comments, disguised as regular people but are really coming from tv networks, agents of celebrities or publicist attempting to get me to write about their client. If there is noting to say on someone then I really am not going to sit around a dream up some Illuminati Narrative just for entertainment promotion.
        That’s the problem with media, book authors and people that simply can’t do anything interesting because they just go on and on but cant deliver any exciting, real or original content.

        Ya know, when ever God sends down angels to “test” someone, they always appear as beggars, peasants and insignificant characters. In Jewish Kabbalah it is thought that a man’s greatest rewards from God will come from the smallest of good deeds in this life. The same with HollywoodIlluminatiDotCom. One doesn’t need a big film studio, a failed national network i.e.: ABC, CNN, Fox, MSBC, NBC, CBS but instead a little blog can move mountains and warn the world of fire balls of power falling from space near Russian Nuclear Plants.
        So, if you don’t like the way that I spread my light, then go back to watching the clowns in those Satanic IRS controlled 501-C3 fraud churches, CNN or on your evening news.
        Dont put your D-List and weak minds onto my back, because your burdens & baggage I am not willing to entertain or carry.


  161. The Ignorance is Strong Here said:

    First off this website is great so far. I’ll have to do some more research on some things but so far the things posted are not far from my assumptions any ways. To all the religious people bashing the website you need to read the book your teachings come from cause multiple times it says satan is a deceiver and find knowledge so why is it so far feteched to think that the greatest most influential world powers are evil and our trying to destroy us? Of course they’re going to come off as “good” wholesome people, why would follow something bad? I’m not saying everything on this website is 100% proof cause I haven’t researched enough to say that but so far this info is here to help

  162. Awesome website! But you should be careful…

  163. gray-stroke said:

    For those that laugh fine go read ‘Tragedy and Hope’ by Carolle Quigley……Prez Klinton’s mentor at George Town University. He was the recording sec. for the CFR. He was so enthralled with the whole NWO that he wrote the book to spread the news to the dismay of the CFR!!! So yep laff away fools and if you can read 1300 pages you will get an education that you will never unlearn and you can no longer deny the globalist plan of total UN domination of the global population…

    So laff away you fools caught up in your own importance and self educated know it alls…….it took me 29 years to piece it all together it took over 10 years to get out of denial but God has a way of opening your eyes and if you cannot see it I would be trembling with fear asking God why you are left in the dark….because you will enter the same judgment as the rest of these players…..

  164. Thank you ever so much for your eye opening blogs Sir. I have no idea what will happen in the next life (or even if I/we/anyone) is worthy of respite, but I sincerely hope that you are rewarded beyond measure because of the great service you have done to mankind. Thank you for taking the time to put this information into words so that others at least have a chance to have their eyes opened…or in my case, have the dots connected and validate what I believed on an instinctual level.. that this world is so unkind and corrupt on so many different levels (the “education” system, big pharma, blatant corruption in medicine, the increasingly amount of filth on TV, eating animals, oppressive laws in 1st world countries, mass immigration etc ) to be anything other than a deliberate all out attack on humanity and our planet . I could fully see some of the effects and be upset by them but I could never figure out exactly why and for what reason. Who would gain from such a thing? Surely, life should become more and more beautiful and we’d spend our creativity helping each other so each of us can live a nice life… Now I don’t lack knowledge or feel like a freak for not enjoying things a lot of people my age people do (20s).

    My question is, How much does our lineage effect our current destinies and capabilities? My ancestors are British. Is there such a thing as ancestral memory? Does fornication damage our soul? Are there any specific acts a person should stay away from?

    Apologies if I am bombarding you with questions, theres so much I need help in figuring out.

    I plan to continue eating a 100% organic, vegan diet, buy fair trade whenever possible, use the most eco friendly alternatives to everything (cookware, paper towels etc), staying off pharmaceuticals, enjoying nature, praying sincerely to God and hoping its the right one, staying away from big corporate chains, avoiding most mainstream media, not using mainstream banks, being utterly polite and nice to everyone I meet and keeping my cynicism towards the world. Is there anything I have missed?

    You are very much appreciated.

  165. I want to speak to CREOLEGUY, PLEEEEEASE! I read your posts from the UK. They are informative. I was wondering how you were able have such close and personal relationships to the point where you experience the lives of so many at first hand. Like with Rhianna and Ashton Kutcher? Also when detailing, it would be much better for you to not use so many obscene graphics and verbal profanities for your descriptions .i.e. why do you show an open vagina and pornographic images? What does that profit anyone? By doing this you end up proliferating what you are advocating against and pushing stuff into people faces who only have a general interest in simply reading these perspectives. For your philosophical perspectives on life. The danger and deception of researching and trying to analyze every belief is that you end up detracting – very far – from the truth by coming to your own assumptions. You don’t realize that you need the Holy Spirit to guide and reveal the truth to you. The Book of Revelation in the Bible details the past, present and end times of the world and is therefore the most comprehensive part of Gods writings. But you would not understand that by your human intelligence. Would you like to respond to me? Thanks.

  166. ADPInsight said:

    To all thoughs thinking/saying, why doesnt this get deleted if its so true, your whole thought process is backwards. It’s false stuff that gets deleted, not truth.

    Think Courtney Love for instance killing Kurt Cobain and the detective with tons of incriminating evidence against her, who has been very public about the incident, yet has never received a lawsuit from the estate. This is real life people, slander and liable are extremely common and judgeable offenses, this is not that.

    People cant sue you for speaking the truth otherwise they will be found out. Thats why they just rely on the weak minded to lead one another back to a lifetime of uncertainty. (Or taking a nigga out if it comes to that)

    What yall fail to realize is what this blog shares with us is a timeless concept only getting worse with time as the word predicted, knowledge and technology replacing simple loving faith. Any tragic celebrity you can think of from Elvis to Marilyn Monroe (So many others) was taken out from within by higher organized authorities and rewritten as a fluke or tragedy in history for NS reasons when 9/10 it was just a cold calculated assassination from the very outlet that mourned their passing.

    Its now though in our time that the truth is starting to come to the light. People have begun to speak out about what they either did not know or have held deep within themselves for years because of whatever demons, like the truth surrounding deaths of Jimi Hendrix or Jim Morrison and many others.

    All i’ll really say is this though, we have our time right now to cultivate this information and free our minds with the help of our colleagues and piers but I hope when it goes down yall remember the reason. Because I personally have a place in the realm past this life, i do not praise Satan’s Hell on Earth and all its temptations.

    I pray for those of you who build your castles here on Earth and wrest in it for eternity. Atleast these rich celebrities get to falsify their life with God-Like possesions, but whats your excuse. Being a slave to ignorance and poverty of the spirit, mind and body?

    If most of yall arent ready for this small tentacle of the world we perceive, you certainly arent ready for the whole creature.

    I swear it’s like explaining stars each have their own solar system to people and we are only one galaxy. Humans are really ants on the grande scale of spirituality and universal consciousness.

  167. Hello,
    Thank you for your newsletters. I look forward to them every Monh. You seem the most knowledgeable on the illuminati than anyone on the Internet.
    I’ve been been reading a lot about cloning lately and stumbled apon a person named Donald Marshall who claims to be an illuminati clone and talks about a cloning station. I was
    wondering if you knew anything about this
    I value your opinion d would love to hear what
    and what your thoughts are on Donald Marshall

  168. I just want to thank you for what you have brought forward. Please keep the true knowledge coming. Thanks for telling us about Swarzenegger and the hollywood hills party. I assume from your article that you participated in the Arnold Idaho house ritual. Please keep telling the people about all things and please get born again of the Spirit and of water. God Bless.

  169. devil666man said:


    It’s NOT “Priory of Zion”

    It’s “Priory of Sion”

    They have NOTHING to do with eachother.

  170. Olivia Newton-John is NOT a Satanist, you asshole.

  171. illuminati said:

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  172. HOLLYWOOD ILLUMINATI 1978-2013.

    Is there an Illuminati in Hollywood? No. It’s an FBI UNIT.

    What is deemed the NWO, Illuminati, and/or Scull and Bones in Hollywood is a myth which is unproved or false collective beliefs which was used to explain certain phenomenon and people. What the people are really referring to, is a SATANIC FBI UNIT which is concealed at 26 Federal Plaza, and a HUB of an International/National Satanic Crime Syndicate which is basically made of the Bush/Clinton/Riordan/Barrymore/Ciccone MOB Families.

    ARTICLE LINK @:http://www.therenaissancepen.net/?p=1949

  173. As I’m typing this I see your “Lucifer loves you….bitch!” my answer to that is he would love to have my soul, but that’s not happening because my love and my soul belong to God. The God who kicked Lucifer out of heaven. With that being said I did read your blogs with interest. Some things you tell about are so strange that they gave me nightmares. I pray to my God, the God who cast Lucifer out of heaven, for guidiance and when a problem in my life would occur. After reading your blog I started praying harder and talking to God like I would my BFF. So, thank-you for bringing me closer to my God. I didn’t realise how much I loved my God until I seen how much he was hated. I’m a very protective person over the people I love and I’m very protective over my God.

    I was wanting to comment on your story regarding Prince Harry and how he liked to hunt young mexican girls and either kill them or rape them when caught. I lived in Phoenix, AZ from 7th to 12th grade. I remember one young jewish boy I’ll call Andrew. Andrew was a popular, mega rich, spolied brat who could get any girl he wanted. For some reason he had this sort of sick ‘crush’ on me. I don’t know why because he only dated tall, thin, blond haired, blue eyed girls who looked like they stepped out of a magazine. I’m half Native American and half Italian brown hair/ brown eyes I wasn’t overweight I admit I had a nice figure then. I was mistaken of being from mexican orgin alot of times. You know, I don’t even know if it was a ‘crush’ Andrew had but he seemed to always stop what he was doing when he would see me and just stare. At first I was flattered, but after awhile he gave me the creeps! I remember dancing at a highschool dance with him once and he had a hard on and kept pressing against my breasts! I was an innocent virgin then and it creeped me out! He asked me to a dance and I accepted at first but I didn’t feel comfortable around him so I declined later. Andrew had a gf who I was good friends with during our sophmore year. I remember she told me a disturbing story Andrew told her. She said during certain times of the year Andrew’s father would take Andrew ‘hunting’ in mexico. It was the same scenerio you described involving Prince Harry! She told me that Andrew would rape the girls he caught then kill them! I remember laughing about that story because it seemed so absurd then! This was in the mid ’80’s. Also, when you talked about Arnold Schwarzenegger having a thing for hispanic women it reminded me of Andrew’s creepy crush on me. So, I’ll vouch that your stories are true! I do know, now, that my instinct about evil people are pretty accurate. The reason I started reading about the hollywood illuminati is that it’s obvious something sinister is going on. I always told myself that anyone could be a popstar or an actress or be famous for just being famous! It’s all about who’s arse you kiss to get there! I had no clue it was God’s fallen Angel Lucifer. Well, maybe I did but didn’t want to think about it because I was hoping I would dead by the time the antichrist came. When I was younger I remember a bible school teacher who told me everything about the second coming of Christ and we need to be prepared. That was in the mid ’70’s. Thanks for the heads up. Even if you don’t want a prayer I’ve said some for you already. When I read your blogs your personality shows thru. When you have a good day or a bad day I can tell from the way you write. You loved Sage Stallone and seemed hurt by his death. So, you still love. Another reason I started studying up about demon’s is my younger sister seems possessed. She foams at the mouth when angry and hissess in the middle of the night. I wrote her off as a pathological lying sociopath who works like the devil. She lures people in and gains their trust. The she betrays them and the ones who forgive her she uses them up until their either in jail or are left in financial ruin. I can’t say my sister was at one time a good person because she never was. Even when she was younger she seemed to thirive off of creating drama in our family by lying to get someone in trouble. I always ignored her!

    I know you have lots of emails to answer but aren’t you scared of the afterlife and the lake of fire?

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  176. Peace ncube said:

    Really sad

  177. This is quite the website you have. I read it with great interest. But i want to correct you, after reading your article about King Solomon and the so called islamic lecturer that appearently made your website a topic of talk.
    Your concept of “Jinn” is not quite accurate. If one would read up on the various islamic sources that talk about the Jinn and their origins, one would come to understand that everything that relates to the paranormal, to the topic of aliens, to EVERYTHING related to the occult, does indeed have the work of evil Jinn written all over it. They are not as you call them, nature spirits, but in fact a species that was created by God before mankind. Here is a website that explains it all, if you wish to read up on them: http://www.thejinn.net. Demons, as people call them, are non other then the evil ones of that kind. They come in all kinds of shapes and forms, and they have various ranks and spicific qualities. There are kinds that accually can shapeshift, and others are free of the concept of time.

    What I want to say is this: to understand the red thread that concists in all the posts youve blogged, you have to understand their nature, their history and ultimately, their goals… When you do that, you will see the world of today with very different eyes…

    Oh and one other thing, if there is a God, you must understand that He is the One Who created everything…and I mean that in the most litteral way, everything that has ever lived, including the most evil one alive, the devil. As All Pachino once said, his biggest trick played on mankind was to make the world think he does not exist. Think about it…

    Thanks and good luck!

  178. You have not posted in a while , hope you are well.

    I’ve read everything you have written and just want to say
    Thank you.
    Any news in regards to your Book being published ?
    Are “THEY” giving you a hard time ? Wish that you get through with it soon.

    Take Care

  179. Okay so you are not answering any more emails… It’s fine… I just wanted to know about your book . You can email me and let me know

  180. What do you mean by small chips will give an idiot the gift of telekinesis, with the use of imagination? Can you elaborate on that statement further? Where will these chips come from, and who made them? How will they be available?

  181. The reason I am asking is because I have never heard about this before, that microchips will give people telekinesis.

  182. What do you mean by the public will be entertained by Mice of Men?

  183. Where did you get all of this information for this article titled, World Prophecy for Prince William?

  184. When will all of these events spoken about in, World Prophecy for Prince William, take place?

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  187. MarioBros. said:

    Hey man, you should really check this new sensation called ANNA KENDRICK, I’ve been in touch with her over the internet, and really weird shit started to happen, no one would belive me, but it’s fucking demoniac, she never answered me directly, only with related post on her twitter, (no one seems to get it like me) cellphone started acting weird, I can say I was in contact with the devil throught my phone, with some fake girl called “Dorel”, (everything realted to Kendrick) really fucking evil, and all sudden when pressing my keyboard in automatic words, shit like “you can have the biggest house in the world” “you can be at the level of the Gods” “It would be a good idea to marketing the Gods” even shit in spanish “You can work in hollywood, you have the talent” shit like that, I started following her brother and suddently messages like “I am stalking your familly and friends” started to appear when pressing automatic hashtags……

    My cellphone started to refuse to shut down,when I turned it off, the cellphone automaticaly turned on again, holly shit!! I ended up selling my cellphone, but all sudden turned off and refused to work just in front of the buyer…….OMFG.(the cellphone was perfect before)

    I managed to make it work again, (not before thinking even throwing it to holly water and leave it there)

    I finally selled my phone, and stoped the contact with Anna Kendrick……but I tell you that little, bitchi creature who looks like ….sweet as heaven, it’s fucking evil man.

    check her out,,,,,, things are not what it seems

    I use to be an atheist, now I am a fucking believer…..

  188. If the person who writes this blog (and only this person) happens to see this comment, I would really appreciate your time in answering a few questions for me. Aside from population control, why does the Illuminati want people to be gay? Is witchcraft and/or metaphysics solely a practice for Lucifer? How can I find out my own genetic makeup? What can I do to protect my soul and keep ascending into higher dimensions? Thank you for your time and effort in what you do. You have given me clarity on many subjects I’ve come across in my own observance of reading between the lines.

    • creoleguy32 said:

      Well on top of the BPA Sex chemicals added to food products which produce female hormones in men, it also can force a male body to give off estrogen at 11 or 12 years of age instead of testosterone, which leads to sexual ID-crisis. What do not these people think of? Its no different than Nazi Germany.

      • You’re one of the very few that are on point in regards to how the World really works. I’m amazed how many Christians, Catholics etc. that just don’t get it. Ignorant Christians that listen to Satan’s music and watch tv, fools!
        I have very few friends because of the information I share like you do. Church s don’t like me because they think I’m nuts when I speak about how Satan runs the World, who is involved and the evil things that go on.

        I have one question for you…

        Why did you say Hail Satan in a reply above where you give out your address?
        “Later Bitches;) Hail Satan!”

        In my experience that is not something to joke about. Thanks for your information because you are a source for me to reference for people that say I make all this stuff up,

  189. Whoever you are you have to listen to my interview, its on this page https://www.facebook.com/Bradpittsillegitamateson. I’d like to talk to you, James.

  190. Hi, I just wanted to ask a few questions because you seem to be the most credible person to talk about the Illuminati. You confirmed a lot of my beliefs: The Khazar Jews, Reincarnation etc, and you keep your information and attitude as a kinda.. “take it or leave it” level, when other Illuminati “insiders” tend to take it over the top and lose their credibility, but still I want confirmation from you about their claims, and answers to some of my personal questions. It’ll be highly appreciated.

    1. Does Illuminati torture their babies/children to make them patient and lack for empathy, like they supposedly do to celebrities with MK ULTRA? For example other “insiders” claim that they were electrocuted as long as they accepted to snap a cats neck. Others say that they were deprived of water and then showed a picture of water glass and they got beated as long as they learned to stay quiet. There is also other claims about pedophilia, gladiator style training fights and arranged marriages between bloodlines.

    2. If the Illuminati are not the Bush’s, Kennedys and the Royal Families of Europe, who are they or from what nationalities the Illuminati primarily consists of? People always talk about Rothschilds and Rockefellers but fail to mention rest of them. I understand if you don’t want to/can’t answer, but did I got it right that Royal Families are not in it? Not in the leading positions at least? And is Vatican above the Royal Families?

    3. Are Scandinavian Royal Families part of this too like the British are?

    4. What leaders/countries of the world are not part of the Illuminati agenda or are even against it?

    5. You said that Illuminati is defined by bloodline but how the bloodline is defined?

    6. Does it make any difference if a person is a rh positive or rh negative and are everyone in Illuminati rh negative?

    7. You mentioned in some article that there is so little Illuminati blood in Hollywood that there isn’t really it at all. Are these persons part of the real Illuminati by genetics or are they just same level puppets as Bush’s etc?

    8. You say time to time that this and that celebrity was killed by the Illuminati. I’ve been trying to figure out the logic that how these people are picked but it makes no sense to me. Maybe you can shed some light to it. Some “nobody” celebrities are killed and other time some real famous are killed but at the same time other nobody’s and real stars are unharmed. For example Jackson, Lennon, Monroe etc were killed, at least that’s what I think, but then people like Eastwood, Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Pacino etc are left alone. My question is how the Illuminati chooses their victims or is it completely random? Some cases these people supposedly were going to reveal something but that can’t be the case all the time. Or can it?

    9. In some article you said that all religions are a lie or something like that. That Bible is more or less a lie and Jesus, Moses, Abraham etc didn’t exist. But at the same time you say that Lucifer/Satan is very real. How can that be because if Jesus doesn’t exist, doesn’t that mean that Lucifer doesn’t exist as well? They both came from same religion so either both of them exist or neither of them? And I also didn’t got it clear if you acknowledged God’s existence or not so what’s your take on God? Maybe I misunderstood something and you can correct me.

    10. You said that were are in hell right now and that you could only leave if you would know where to go or something like that. Can you shed some more light on that. Hinduism and Buddhism and website “godlikeproductions.com” (are you familiar with it?) are quite close to your views about reincarnation and that sort of stuff. That site also talks about fallen angels (taken from the bible) and says the same thing that all the rh negatives are not from this planet. So how close to reality these religions and that website are?

    Thank you beforehand Mr Duplessis.

  191. Do you have a list of Pastors in the US that worship Satan? Or will it be in your book?
    I’m sure the list is long…
    Thank you,

  192. are you a footballer,musica,student,bussness man,pastore,politician..join the illuminati today and get rich,power,famous…only interested persons are allow to contact us..email{illuminatimoney22@gmail.com.phone(+2348051095263).

  193. As usual, great article. Keep up the great work!

  194. you do seem like youve got insider info, so i cant help but wonder how?
    your last post on prince william was misleading…

    You say the royal bloodline is gay but youll work really hard to put prince W on the top?

    like idk you seem perhaps pro nwo. idk, i like your posts, but im gonna be cautious

  195. the-lighted-being said:

    Hi Nicolas,
    I think it’s very brave of you to expose the system, especially since you used to work in the industry. You are AWESOME. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience. You truly are a hero, and how much you have written, I’m sure you have awaken a lot of people. You rock, man.

  196. Creole Guy,
    I love your site and being a Leo I understand your arrogant matter. Never the less, you are spot on. But , you need to understand that you are not superior as a human being. I totally understand everything you talk about, simply because it totally makes sense. I take you with a grain of salt. Keep sending your articles, because after all I think outside the box. I can only speak for myself, but your soul is on the wrong side.

  197. Arabic language translation


  198. yes Illuminati control our live,our government,our job,our money..everything it’s compliacted

  199. yes Illuminati control our live,our money,our government it’s complicated…

  200. Agent Olin said:

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