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Update- The Pure White Christian Gentile Crazy Man, Mel Gibson, teaches the retarded Hollywood Jews a lesson…..AGAIN! http://www.thewrap.com/movies/article/joe-eszterhas-explodes-mel-gibson-you-hate-jews-36957
Update: The Pure White Christian Gentile Crazy Man, Mel Gibson, wants to kill his “baby mama” because she worships the Devil http://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/sns-rt-joe-eszterhas-maccabeesmt1thewrap36961-20120411,0,7294813.story
Update-Steven Spielberg donates major money to Obama & in exchange for his Satanic Hollywood Money, Obama gives him special access to the White House and parties http://m.apnews.com/ap/db_289563/contentdetail.htm?contentguid=384FgZjk
Update- Hollywood Agent, Ari Emanuel (Rahm’s bitch ass brother), taking loving & liberal calls from Obama, because Ari has to arrange a romantic date for Rahm & Obama http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/ari-emanuel-fifty-shades-grey-el-james-obama-305365
Warner Bros and Ari Emanuel Screwing People over some Superman scripts http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/warner-bros-wins-big-superman-jerry-siegel-joe-shuster-312982
Update- Rahm Emanuel says “Fuck New Yorkers…I kick their ass!” http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/chicago-mayor-rahm-emanuel-heart-york-article-1.1055684
I was going to Universal Corporate for something last week and Ron Meyers, the head of Universal Studios, had security escort me into his office and he proceeded to try and tell me off.
Ron Meyers-” You’re messing up all of our plans. You run your mouth too much and letting everyone know about too much that is going on.”
Then Ron Meyers had nerve to phone Steven Spielberg and Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel on conference call and Rahm Emanuel said, “You need to stop discussing my personal relationship with Barry (Barak Obama) on that Creole Folks Blog……..you little bitch!”
Steven Spielberg then chimed in saying, “Why don’t you relocate to Jerusalem and marry an Ethiopian Woman and go settle down?”
Next Ron Meyers started back up, “We don’t approve of that Hollywood Illuminati blog and the stuff on King Solomon’s Jews.”
 (Rahm back in his ballet dancer days.)
Then Rahm Emanuel started up again, “And you better stop talking about me on all those other blogs you write…..I kick your ass….you bitch!”
Rahm Emanuel clearly has me mistaken for his boyfriend Obama, who is someone that Rahm Emanuel slaps around and beats up in front of others.  So, since he so “vexed’ allow me to “vex” him some more.
How King Solomon Jews & Sal Alinsky Plotted to Dismantle Gentile Society.
By Nicolas Duplessis
Part 1
There is perhaps not a deadlier force on this planet, than the King Solomon Jews.  So skilled at mind control and the building up of false societies, which only exist as one big mass hallucination are these Jews that it is the founding father glue that holds Hollywood together.
Hollywood is a vast network that creates and controls everything to do with perception and how populations perceive the world around them.
When people talk about Jews owning the media or Hollywood, they usually get in trouble because this is a gross over statement and over simplification that a non-Jewish person can’t possibly get away with because they do not have the knowledge to back up such a claim.
There are no Hasidic Jews in power positions in Hollywood nor are there any Sephardic Jews but the King Solomon Jews are in positions of power and many of them have been passed down power from the King Solomon Jewish Elders.  So, on down all through the ages of time, these King Solomon Jews are just the sect that run everything and they do not liked to be talked about, but how can one talk about them if 99.9% of the world’s population don’t even know who or what they are?
We have to isolate and expose the King Solomon Occult Jews in Hollywood because they have a different evolution than other Jews.
We have Ron Meyers over Universal Studios, Barry Meyers over Warner Bros, Steven Spielberg, Jeffery Katzenberg and David Geffen at Dream Works-SKG.  Now this is just a few of the King Solomon Jews.
From Toronto to Zimbabwe, from London to Los Angeles, from Beijing to New Orleans, from Tel Aviv to India, from Australia to the United Arab Emirates; indeed Hollywood has a monopoly on creating a reality and then reflecting that made-up reality back into one’s mind, which the person’s mind believes to be real.
W.A.S.P. aka White Anglo Saxon Person have been waging a battle ever since the King Solomon Jews infiltrated the cluster of WASP neighborhoods of Old Los Angeles ie Beverly Hills, Brentwood etc etc, decades ago, which all sit on the “West Side” of Hollywood.  These areas have always been the rich neighborhoods, the wealthy neighborhoods and the elite neighborhoods.
From Sal Alinsky, a Russian Jew, that is credited by Right Wing Kooks with being behind a secret communist plot in the US to the secret Jewish Synagogues of Occult Terrorism in the 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s Los Angeles, which were mostly segregated to the downtown Los Angeles areas back in those days-to the L.A. Jewish westward march in the 1950’s & 1960’s across Central L.A., Fairfax into Beverly Hills, it was the Westside L.A. Gentiles that waged an ethnic and religious battle to not be completely taken over by the King Solomon Jews & this battle has yet to let up.
Everything that people saw going on with the late actor Marlon Brando when he was complaining about the fact that Hollywood Jews stereotyped every other ethnic group but the public has never seen “the kike” image, before he was made to crawl on all fours like a dog and kiss the feet of a Rabbi, to Mel Gibson’s drunken rants about the Jews to Charlie Sheen suggesting that his boss at CBS was a secret radical Jew on The Alex Jones Show-all of this drama stems from a hidden war between the King Solomon Jews and the Elite Gentiles in L.A.
If one looks at places like New Jersey, New York and parts of Ma. and Pa. State, there has been a gutting of wealthy WASP Society.
Many people think that they can simply stroll into a library or do a Google search and pull up what they think (because they have been told) is a creditable news source and feel secure that the information which they are reading is sound and factual.  Well, this couldn’t be further from the truth.
There’s a massive amount of misinformation out there and Hollywood is the militant arm of misinformation and Sal Alinsky was the military brain that re-formulated the occult teachings of King Solomon and crafted Jewish Infiltration of gentile tribes, which he spun into a contemporary protocol for American Society.
Part 2
When King Solomon was sending his fleets all around the world, something that is rarely documented in history because if the true history of the Earth and civilization was told, one can clearly see that Europeans played nearly no hand in the building up of any ancient civilization, in fact nearly all of the great ancient civilizations (known & hidden) on the Earth can be traced back to Non-European Jews as the Founding Fathers.  But not just any Jews….these were the King Solomon Jews.
King Solomon’s greatest desire was to colonize the white animal tribes of Europe and when I say animal, I am not just being mean, I am seriously talking about some of the most vile & dirtiest gentile animal tribes were the indigenous Europeans. 
I have said it before and I will say it again, the closest way that I can describe the indigenous European was as a Big Foot like animal that had an odor so bad, one could simply pass out from the stench. 
The white animal tribes were very hard to conquer and even when it came to the Romans and the dark hair Caucasians that flooded them and ended the Roman Empire, these Illuminati Heads all used “mobs” or what was called a “Caucasian flood”, which saw the tribes out of Eastern Europe and Asia flood past Armenian and through the Caucasus Mountains in order to over whelm the white tribes of Western Europe.
So the use of “mobs” and “floods” to overwhelm white gentiles, while the King Solomon Jewish Rulers flow in and prop themselves up as Gods is where Sal Alinsky got all of his teachings. 
Sal Alinsky taught how the King Solomon Jews could take over elite gentile America via movements, mafias, & political distractions where two sides would fight on opposing teams and never suspecting the King Solomon Jews and their agenda.
These are the real teachings of Sal Alinsky and the teachings which the Hollywood King Solomon Jews are desperately trying to hide from the world.
The Sal Alinsky-King Solomon model is currently in use in Hollywood and pretty much the entire US Media is based off of this model, which is designed to break the animals into groups and play the animals off each other while the King Solomon Jews walk neatly though the chaos and climb up into the sky, where they will sit on a throne as the Gods of the Earth. 
This King Solomon tool was seen in use, when he colonized Great Britain and even gave it a Jewish Name, which is why you see the Hebrew Word “Brit” over that county and he used the white tribes of Great Britain against each other before the Jews re-organized the tribes and made them into a monarchy. 
By the time that the Romans rolled around into Great Britain, centuries and centuries after the King Solomon Jewish Invasions, they were battling pagan tribes that only had Queen Warriors and these Queen “tangled red haired and blue eyed” Females were known for kicking ass.
When the Jews colonized the ancient Native American Tribes, they re-organized them and put in place Queen Warriors, which is why many Native American Tribes were run by the females and only the females could trigger a divorce from their husband, which was done by the woman putting the man’s moccasins outside; which let the man know that his wife no longer wanted him.  And they did this because King Solomon wanted all of these concubines from the different animal or hybrid-animal nations of the Earth.
So, even when we saw the House Nigress around the plantations of Alabama, this was a take from King Solomon because the House Nigress was always a big black woman that not only kept the African Slaves in line but many times she was used to intimidate and even beat up white men that the white elite plantation owner did not like.  This was taken from the King Solomon Method of colonization.
We even see this model being used today, when European Corporations desire to loot the natural resources of an African Nation or prohibit the African Nation from developing beyond a 3rd world status because if one notices there will usually be a propped up, western backed black African Woman that is holding the position of President in the victimized African Nation.
The “divide and conquer mobs” then turned into the British Model of colonization and Sal Alinsky was schooled and skilled on using this model in America, especially when the descendants of the King Solomon Jews were being fully assimilated into upper class WASP Gentile Society but what people hide about Sal Alinsky is not just that he spoke about using “mobs” or large groups of people to menace the majority or dominant group but after the “mobs” distract the dominant group, the King Solomon Jews could then weasel their way in, suck the dominant group dry and then they proceeded to dismantle the host with a demonic virus.
Part 3
Now how does this play into Hollywood, Sal Alinsky and Jewish history in America?
When the Jews were being shut out of country clubs in the North East, they formed and organized mafias that used people of other ethnic groups to wage crimes against the WASP.  Most of these mafia films never tell the tale of the Jews that were organizing and running the organized crime via Italians and Irish.
These films will not ever tell this story because these films are created by the King Solomon Jews of Hollywood.
They then took Southern Whites and made them look glamorous and civilized while the North East Whites were made to look like shoot-em-up animals.  So, if one closed their eyes and pictured a Southern White, you got pictures of these Big Victorian Homes and well dressed women that were oozing with Southern Hospitality & charm.
Then once the Jews dismantled WASP in the North East, they then wanted to set up the blacks as the next mob & they used Hollywood Mind Control & hidden occult spells, so that when anyone around the world thought of a black American and closed their eyes, the blacks in America were all imaged as smart, hip cool jazz musicians & Harlem was having an Illuminati Created Renaissance. 
Update: Jews taking over the North East with election wins all over New Jersey http://www.jpost.com/JewishWorld/JewishNews/Article.aspx?id=262379
Sal Alinsky was setting up the blacks to over take the whites with the civil rights movement, even though black Americans in The South were some of the wealthiest people in the word under segregation. 
There is just something about living a comfortable & wealthy life when others mind their business and notice that the more America and Great Britain “intervenes” around the world, the worse off, more violent and poorer the people, in these Mid East, Latin American and African Nations always become.
So, when Sal Alinsky (born 1909) started up in the 40’s, 50’s & 60’s and the King Solomon Jews of Hollywood Cast their mind control spell over the animals of the Earth; we saw the mass distribution of the American Population broken up into image types.
When the world now thinks of a Southern White, they close their eyes and see a slow, dumb, inbred that’s racist.  Of course you do have this prototype in The South but you have a lot more in Ca. State and the North East, plus people tend to behave in the manner which Hollywood reflects of their social group via films, music and television. 
So, what came first..the Hollywood chicken or Hollywood egg? Its funny how people never stop to think about the fact that their entire lives are being crafted and created for them by a 3rd Party and that this 3rd Party actually gives them an artificial personality, which they have picked up from Hollywood Films and TV Shows.
  • Sal Alinsky teaches that after the King Solomon Jew uses a gentile racial group as a mule, it is up to the King Solomon Jew to kill the mule and leave the host mule in a lower state than when the King Solomon Jews first found it. 
After the Civil Rights Mobs, where Hollywood had once made blacks fashionable and cool in films, we then saw the 80’s roll around and Hollywood now made blacks into crack head, gangster thugs via films and music.
  • So, during the Sal Alinsky controlled “race wars” in the 1960’s with the propaganda support from the King Solomon Jews in Hollywood, it was at this time that the Jews in Los Angeles, started to make their move & over take the elite WASP neighborhoods like Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Brentwood & Bell Air. 
While the civil rights wars were waging across the US and the Italian Mafia was running out of control and terrorizing the WASP of the North East, the King Solomon Jews rose up, out of East L.A. and Down Town L.A. Areas and the King Solomon Jews started their invasion into the Elite Westside Areas of L.A.
But like a vampire has to ask for permission to enter one’s home, so did the Jews.  The Whites wanted the King Solomon Jews to make them desired and glamorous. So, being that most whites are egotistical and want to always be secured in their “elite-hood” and never, ever wanting to be mistaken for “trailer trash” or “po white trash”-when the King Solomon Jews rolled into town, with their scripts, film production, gold shops, luxury clothing from all over the world and Illuminati Occult Secrets, like the aristocratic European Families of 1400’s and 1500’s France, the WASP Elite couldn’t resist. And they invited the King Solomon Jews into Beverly Hills.
 As the Christian Churches in elite areas, that have stood since the 1920’s in Beverly Hills (like Church of Good Shepherd http://www.goodshepherdbh.org/a-city-on-a-hill/), started to get over run with the King Solomon Jews from East L.A. & those flying in from New York, the first synagogues started popping up in the late 1950’s and 1960’s in these elite gentile areas of Beverly Hills and the Westside of L.A.
  • While Sal Alinsky is thought to have been someone that organized mobs to bring in “communism”-the real teachings of Sal Alinsky was the using of mobs to create a distraction via mobs while the King Solomon Jews infiltrated and dismantled gentile society.
This B’nai B’rith https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sinai_Temple_(Los_Angeles,_California) where Jews would worship, that used to be located in downtown L.A. back in the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, had a special place where Mexican Children were sacrificed and the King Solomon Jews, waited in the tunnel system below L.A., would lie in coffins as the Rabbi dropped the child’s blood down into the drainage pipes and these pipes would distribute the blood into the mouth of the King Solomon Jews. 
This ritual is why people like Barry Meyers at Warner Bros, Ron Meyers at Universal and Spielberg have gotten so dam powerful, to the point that they simply go around disciplining people and even killing people. 
The King Solomon Jewish hereditary line, used rituals to shape shift and many Jewish People fear them because they had the power to travel out of their human bodies and posses.  A very powerful King Solomon Jew can posses an entire group of people simply by shooting an astral substance (grayish in color) from his stomach area and sending this mist into the minds of others.
I do have the ritual for this King Solomon Jewish possession spell but it can take two years to learn this technique and one also has to eat a Kosher Diet because Kosher food works best for advanced occult training of the King Solomon Jews.
Ya see the King Solomon Jews don’t wanna be the Jews down the street or the Jews next door, but instead they want to be the Jews that own your mind & soul. Every time that you turn on your television, they are the jews sitting directly in your home.  You think that you are watching them but the King Solomon Jews have really been watching you.
They are looking for their next host….their next victim.  They will make you glamorous then they will kill you.
Update: Alex Jones talks about Kony 2012 “Public Jac-Off” Melt down http://www.infowars.com/kony-2012-masturbation-meltdown/

Update: Invisible Children (Kony 2012) Co-Founder Detained for public masturbation: SDPD | NBC San Diego http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/jason-russell-san-diego-invisible-children-kony-2012-142970255.htmlvia @nbcsandiego 

Mexican Drug Lords targeted by US Government worked for FBI http://www.alipac.us/content/%93drug-lords%94-targeted-fast-furious-worked-fbi-314/

Update: Kony 2012 is a charity of racism and nazism against black Africans http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IzchrNVF2o&feature=g-all-u&context=G278e540FAAAAAAAARAA 
Update: Uganda President slams silly, “liberal” nazi fag actors in Hollywood for their frivolous and racist propaganda about the nation of Uganda http://www.tmz.com/2012/03/17/uganda-prime-minister-amama-mbabazi-video-kony/#.T2ZgbkHvixw.twitter via @TMZ
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Human Sacrifices in Hollywood’s Music Industry http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5SwrGiS7JM&feature=player_embedded#!
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 Milk Farmer in L.A. tortured in L.A. County Jail for selling healthy organic milk instead of the feces laced, diseased corporate pasteurized milk, which is sold in stores http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkDrrKhPB7M&list=PL4EB886310EA331BF&index=1&feature=plpp_video
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