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Hollywood isn’t even trying to hide the Illuminati-Freemason Satanist Agenda but instead they are just coming out with bold and undisputed occult narrative pushing in film and TV projects.  This is some very real shit bitches!
If you watch the film, Contagion with Matt Damon, Laurence Fisburne and Gwyneth Paltrow, it is purely a CIA/US Pentagon/Eugenics film about how they plan to exterminate 1 billion people from the Earth, which keeps in line with the Illuminati Rules inscribed into the Georgia Guidestones located in Northern Georgia State.
The film paints out a blogger to be the villain (Jude Law) while the Government, Vaccine Makers, Homeland Sec and FEMA are made out to be the good guys who Americans should trust. Well, anyone that survived Katrina aka US Army Corp in La. State, knows that FEMA and the Government is anything but good and trust worthy.
If we look at the film, The Change Up, with Jason Bateman, we see that two buddies are pissing at a fountain statue and this statue switches their souls into the other’s body.  This is classic demonic possession and the female statue in that film is actually lillith or Adam’s first wife, who is considered the mother of demons according to the Jewish Mystical Tradition.
The female demon, Lillith, is a demon because when God cast her out from the Garden of Eden and transformed her into a demon, she would go around and prey on men, especially men who were away from their wives.  A way of worshipping this demon, if you are a man, is by adding your body fluids to her alters.
So in the film, Change Up, we see Jason Bateman, leave his wife & kids to go hang out with his best friend, they end up not only at a fountain statue of Lillith but they also urinate into the water, which is clearly a Satanic Ritual on film because they are making a request, in front of lillith and also giving her their body fluids.
There are two scenes in this film that show this ritual and this is a perfect example at how Hollywood and media can teach one about Satanic Worship without the viewer even knowing what they are looking at on screen.
Even if you watch The Hang Over Part 2, the one monologue in the entire film is about one of the characters having a demon inside of him. 
So, we have Warner Bros Satanic Shacks, where actors have to get initiation in order to stay relevant, we got Contagion, where anyone who is an aware person is jailed and prosecuted like the Jude Law Character and we got a comedy, The Change Up, using a demon from Jewish Kabalist Tradition along with The Hang Over Part 2, another comedy, which manages to have a demonic story line about possession.
Welcome to Hollywood!
Warner Bros paid Charlie Sheen 25 million in a settlement because Sheen knows that he was getting drugged up at the studio with drugs given to him by Warner Bros.  Hollywood Satanist do not like to deal with actors, that they can not control, which is why all of the main actors appear badly flawed, if and when Hollywood removes that glitz & glamour cloak.  I mean aint no way that Hollywood gonna let you stay on a hit show, making 100 million dollars per year without you giving them your soul in return.
Actor Heath Ledger (Brokeback Mountain, Batman’s Joker in The Dark Knight)-never had an issue with drugs until he got around that coke addict head of the Warner Independent Film Dept and all of a sudden Heath Ledger ends up dead of a prescription drug over dose in NY.
In fact when Heath Ledger got the role in The Dark Knight & was under the head of Warner Independent, I instantly knew that Ledger was in trouble. 
I know exactly why Heath Ledger was destroyed and I need to write a book because on a blog, I can only touch on these topics.
When Brad Pit was doing the character of Louie in the film Interview with a Vampire based off of a novel by New Orleans Native, Anne Rice-he was saying that the film was so dark that he was even pissing on his shoes because his mind was leaving him.  Just one thing, the film that Pit was doing, isn’t even scary nor is it a twisting horror. And that film was done by Warner Bros, so why are  all of these actors having a problem with Warner Bros? 
Ashton Kutcher starts dealing with the Warner Bros Lot for 2 and Half Men, and all of a sudden his personal life goes down the drain with endless narratives about his cheating on actress Demi Moore & she is one of the hottest women in Hollywood. 
The reason why Ashton Kutcher is in this mess is because Barry Meyers runs Warner Bros like an Illuminati-Freemason Satan Camp. He wants to control everyone and so he dirties up the actor’s image, so that the demonic Hollywood click can always have some black-mail cards to play, if these people dont wanna bow down to Lucifer.
People say, “oh but they got Bugs Bunny painted on the water tower so they wholesome,” well that’s only what they want the tourist & outside non-Hollywood world to see but lets go inside the real Warner Bros Studio.
O.K. if you are on Warner Bros Lot, of course you gonna see the little sound stages, The Friends Sitcom Shrine and the Looney Toons but what about the hidden section of Warner Bros which is far off in the Northern Area, that has these structures built dam near in the wilderness? 
There are secret areas of Warner Bros Studio. Areas that have Satanic Pentagrams painted on the floors of buildings.
For example, after you pass the recording studio, where Clint Eastwood’s son, who is a demonologist  & composer mixes  the occult  incantations into film sound tracks, you walk a couple of miles to the North, pass the back lot and you get into another section. Now, most studios only have  the front lot and the back lot but Warner Bros got a wilderness lot. On this wilderness lot (which is a term that I am giving this area of the studio) is where they hold the Satanic worship rituals. 
In fact if you look at Tom Cruise’s Last Samurai, the home for the character of Katsumoto is really a little house in an area, located in the woods at Warner Bros and this area is where many of the actors and studio heads get together to get initiation into Hollywood Satanism.  Now, when Tom Cruise didn’t want to join up because he is a Scientologist, Hollywood set out to destroy him with that Oprah Interview because we all know who Oprah is really worshipping at night. 
Tom Cruise is the biggest film star in the world, as far as box office but Oprah was positioned in such a way to where she was powerful enough to make Tom Cruise look unstable and imbalanced, which is what Hollywood loves to do to actors that they want to image assassinate if they don’t join the dark club.
Tom Cruise even did a follow up Oprah Interview and finally he took notice that Oprah had edged him on to jump up & down on a sound stage sofa, not knowing that it would be all over the world’s media for years.
So, if Tom Cruise ever comes forward and talks about Hollywood Satanism and the high profile people involved in this cult, Hollywood will simply roll the footage of Tom Cruise jumping up & down, like an unstable mad man, on Oprah’s couch.
Now that same Satanic shack on Warner Bros lot from The Last Samurai was then used in Million Dollar Baby with Clint Eastwood and Hillary Swank.  That Satanic shack house was turned into a cafe where Eastwood and Swank took a meeting in that film. Hillary Swank was also doing these Satanic Rituals, and as we can see, Hillary Swank is now an award winning actress in Hollywood.
Now if we flash forward to the present being that all of these films at that Satanic Lot were done back in 2002 and 2003, we see this same Satanic Shack doubling for a La. Bayou Restaurant on the Time Warner-HBO hit series True Blood and we all know that True Blood is all about indoctrinating viewers into the occult.
In conclusion, when ever anyone in Hollywood wants a hit film or tv show, they all appear to demand this hidden area of Warner Bros Studio, where many of Hollywood Satanist Rituals are performed.
Nicolas Duplessis
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