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Hollywood Actor Sean Penn’s Racism in New Orleans & how Mayor Mitch Landrieu Works to Keep Blacks from Buying Property in the City.
The goal of Katrina aka the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers Man Made Flooding in New Orleans was basically to break the levees in the city around working class black neighborhoods and to work an agenda of developers getting their grubby paws on homes, which they had been trying to obtain for generations.
The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, which supposedly maintains & build our levees, is like the Federal Reserve, in the fact that they aren’t a Federal Agency but instead they are a civilian group of off-shore crime mafia heads that wreck America for their own profit and the profits of their stock holders.
Regardless of what they say about Katrina being an engineering disaster, it was in fact, a mix of both shoddy and deliberately bad engineering by the US Army Corp, which is a civilian agency that is plagued with all kinds of corruption and the deliberate breaching of levees to strategically flood out black areas.  This wasn’t just done in New Orleans but instead this practice was done all down the Mississippi River(mostly in areas where blacks lived like Sunrise, a black area in Plaquemines Parish,La) and of course La. State has a track record of blowing up levees, being that it was done at least two times before in that state’s history.
So, what happened in New Orleans didn’t simply stop with former Mayor Ray Nagin & Bush but it has also carried over under the current Mayor Mitch Landrieu.
Just last month, there was a so called auction in New Orleans at UNO (University of New Orleans)-and this has been the third auction of property, mostly former black owned property in the city.  There is just one catch to all of these auctions, the city only circulates these auctions to white developers and whites that flip homes, while keeping blacks in the dark about these auctions, as a way to make sure that blacks aren’t able to participate in the auctions. 
 There have been three auctions and each time, Mayor Mitch Landrieu and City Hall, have only circulated the listing of homes to whites and no one else can find out about these auctions until about 10 days before the auction process begins, so many blacks aren’t given enough time to get the finances together because the wider circulation of these auction dates are done at last minute by City Hall.  As a result, we have 500 properties going to about 50 whites, over and over again and at every single auction that the city of New Orleans holds for properties around the area.
Now, another thing that is racist is the fact that Mitch Landrieu and his mini-me, Ann Duplessis, the city administrator, are really big on charging blacks, who they accuse of blighted properties an obscene amount of money in the way of fees & fines but whites, who also have blighted properties or who buy properties and leave these property in a blighted state, arent charged anything, in fact the whites have been getting a 1 year grace period and these grace periods appear to be breaking along racial lines.
Mitch Landrieu & Ann Duplessis aint getting shit over on me. I see all in Louisiana and I know all.
Some of these listings, for these homes, which are being sold at these Mitch Landrieu Ku Klux Klan All White Auctions, are historic New Orleans Creole Homes. They are declared to be historic and aren’t supposed to be torn down but I notice that Mitch Landrieu and City Hall are basically providing cover for developers that buy these homes, simply to tear them down & are maintaining empty lots. Many of these whites are buying the homes and keeping them in a state of blight, without any fuss from Ann Duplessis, the self-proclaimed “Blight Destroyer” who goes around, every holiday season & harasses blacks in the city, because she happens to not like the position of the lawn chairs sitting in someone’s front yard.
Sean Penn is yet another one of these drug addict racist Hollywood Actors that think his shit doesn’t stink.  The man is unstable and imbalanced like most Hollywood Actors aka Mel Gibson & Charlie Sheen. 
There’s a group of Hollywood Nazis that go around after man made crisis in black areas like New Orleans and Haiti and these Hollywood Nazi Actors work an agenda for their corporate bosses.
Former President Bush came in with these faith based incentives, which have expanded under Obama, basically took control of Christian Churches, if you actually wanna call these churches “Christian”, and directed these churches to preach politics from the pulpit, such as trust your government, trust President Bush, support the war in Iraq and other asinine issues. 
Now, when it came to New Orleans, the using of churches by Bush and sneaky developers, which sent in an army of whites from the Mid West to help traffic in those illegal alien Halliburton camps, there was a slight twist from some of those black protestant pimp daddy churches.  The sermons from black Protestant pimp daddy churches in New Orleans all had to do with giving up your land deeds. 
  • Noah Baptist Church & Sean Penn were the RING LEADERS in New Orleans when it came to the plots of stealing land from black land owners around New Orleans,La.  Frankly, I think Sean Penn should be in jail.
Sean Penn was working with Bush and Noah Baptist Church as a PR front man and at the height of Noah Baptist doing these scams, on behalf of developers, this white Hollywood drug addict actor, Sean Penn, was not only there as the face for Noah Baptist but also Penn was a main instigator in land theft around New Orleans post Katrina aka US Army Corp.
So, for these Hollywood Nazis to keep accusing certain political groups of being racist against Obama, is absurd when this really has nothing to do with Obama because Obama has his own issues that he needs to address in the black community, like his ending of SBA Programs that helped black owned businesses in New Orleans, which was a program that was the oldest of its kind in this nation’s history.
In conclusion, Sean Penn is nothing more than Hollywood racism dressed up in glitz and glamour but don’t be fooled.  He is nothing but a white Hollywood drug addict racist.
Nicolas Duplessis
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